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3. The Care of the Home.

Miss HYDE.

The fundamental principles of household economy; selection of building site; plans; sanitation; furnishing and care of the house, etc. 1 unit.

Tu Th, 2. Hearst Hall.

4. Chafing Dish Cookery.

Miss HYDE.

The preparation of salads, desserts, etc. Individual work and demonstration. 1 unit.

M W, 2-3:30. Hearst Hall.


1. On or before Wednesday, June 14th, if possible, file application with the Recorder of the Faculties.

2. Before Monday, June 26th, if possible, select lodgings in


3. Saturday, June 24th Registration. (a) Register your college Monday, June 26th address with the Recorder South Hall, first floor; (b) obtain from the Recorder a Study Card; (c) show this card to the Secretary of the Regents (next door to Recorder), (d) pay necessary fees and (e) receive a Certificate of Registration; (f) this Certificate is to be shown, on deinand, to the officers in charge of the classes, at the first meetings of the classes, or at any time during the Session.

Students who can conveniently do so are advised to register with the Recorder and pay their fees to the Secretary on Saturday, June 24th, in order to gain time for consultation with their instructors and for other preliminaries on Monday. On Saturday and on Monday fees may be paid from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. The regular class exercises will begin on Monday.

4. Monday, June 26th, 3 p.m., University Meeting. A general assembly of the Faculty and students of the Summer Session. Announcements by the Dean; addresses by two members of the Faculty.

5. Within one week after registration, your Study Card, duly filled out, should be returned to the Recorder.

6. To obtain a certificate of record, showing the courses elected during the Session and the grade attained in each, deposit a selfaddressed stamped envelope with the Recorder at the close of the Session, and a certificate will be mailed to you.


All classes meet Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, unless otherwise specified. Recitations and lectures last fifty-three minutes, with intervals of seven minutes. The periods begin at seven minutes past the hour, and end on the even hour.

8 A.M.-Education 5.

History 5

Greek 4...

Latin 1

German 2.

French 1..

Mathematics 4. Chemistry 1 Entomology 1. 9 A.M.-Philosophy 1.. Philosophy 2 Education 1....

History 6


Law 2..

Law 3.

3 Philosophy Bldg.

3 Philosophy Bldg.

1 Philosophy Bldg.

25 North Hall

19 North Hall

8 North Hall

7 North Hall
7 East Hall

11 North Hall

Mr. A. N. Sheldon (6 hrs.)..

1 and 2 East Hall

Dr. Minor and Mr. Butler (6 hrs.) 1 and 2 East Hall

Dr. Minor (6 hrs.)

4 East Hall

Dr. Hall (6 hrs.)
Prof. Boltzmann.
Dr. Maxwell
Mr. Clarke, M W F
Mr. Clarke, Tu Th

7 South Hall
14 South Hall
Physiological Lab.

Physiology 1.

2 Agricultural Bldg.

Entomology 2.
Entomology 3..
Drawing 3

2 Agricultural Bldg.

Mr. Neilson (3 hrs.).

5 East Hall

Domestic Science 1.Miss Bartlett (9-10:30)

Hearst Hall

German 1

French 1

Physics 1

Physics 2

Physics 3

Physics 4

Physics 6

10 A.M.-Education 2... History 1

Law 2.

Greek 2.

Prof. Farrington

Prof. Page

Prof. Prescott

Prof. Hale..

Mr. Demeter

Mr. Lamare
Prof. E. H. Moore.

Dr. Morgan.
Mr. Clarke

Mr. Demeter.

Mr. Dupouey

Mathematics 3..... Prof. E. H. Moore

Prof. Baldwin, M Tu W Th.

Prof. Baldwin, F (and M W, 11)...

Supt. Kendall.

Prof. Page

Prof. Jones

Prof. Prescott

1 North Hall 25 North Hall 8 North Hall 12 North Hall 7 North Hall

7 East Hall

21 North Hall.

21 Chemistry Bldg.

2 Agricultural Bldg.

Supt Kendall

Dr. Thwaites

Prof. Jones (continued)

Prof. Seymour

English 4

Mr. Dixon....

English 5

German 3.

Mr. von Neumayer
Prof. Schilling.
Dr. Bransby.
Dr. Putnam

Spanish 1.
Mathematics 1.
Mathematics 1
Mathematics 5.
Geography 1

Prof. E. H. Moore (continued)
Mr Bunker

Prof. Holway

Physiology 2

Dr. Maxwell, Tu Th

Domestic Science 2 Miss Bartlett (10:30–12).

1 Philosophy Bldg.

1 Observatory

19 North Hall

8 North Hall

18 North Hall

10 North Hall

13 North Hall

3 North Hall

4 North Hall

21 North Hall

16 North Hall.

22 South Hall Physiological Lab. Hearst Hall

Schedule of Exercises; Office Hours of Dean. 61

Prof. Baldwin, M W (and F, 9).
Prests. Black, Burk, Dailey.
Millspaugh, and Van Liew
Dr. Thwaites

11 A.M.-Philosophy 2.

Education 6.

History 2

Greek 1

Greek 3

Latin 2.

English 6

German 4.

Spanish 2.

Mathematics 2
Astronomy 1.
Physics 5....
Geography 2.
Geography 3
1 P.M.-Philosophy
History 3.


Astronomy 2.

Mineralogy 2.

Agriculture 1

Drawing 1
Drawing 2.

Drawing 4

2 P.M.-Philosophy 4.

Education 3.

History 4

Music 1

English 1

English 2.

3 P.M.-Education 4.

Music 2
English 1
English 3
Mineralogy 1.

4 P.M.-Law 1...

Physical Cult. 1. 7-10P.M.-Astronomy 2.

Prof. Seymour, M W F
Prof. Seymour, Tu Th
Prof. Hale..

Chemistry 2
Chemistry 3

Mr. von Neumayer
Prof. Schilling ..

Dr. Bransby

Dr. Putnam

Dr. Crawford.

Dr. Hall, M Tu Th F.
Prof. Holway.

Mr. Bunker

Mr. Overstreet..
Prof. Stephens..


Dr. Crawford (3 hrs.) and
M W, 7-10 p.m.)

Prof. Eakle..
Profs. Wickson, Jaffa,
Stubenrauch, Major, Dr.
Haring, and Mr. Clarke

Mineralogy 1.
Domestic Science 3 Miss Hyde, Tu Th..
Domestic Science 4 Miss Hyde, M W, 2-3:30

Mr. Meyer (3 hrs.).
Mr. Meyer (3 hrs.)

Mr. Neilson (3 hrs.).

Dr. Wrinch

Prof. E. C. Moore.
Prof. Stephens

Prof. Stanley.

Prof. Lamont..

Prof. Bradley.

Prof. Eakle..

.Prof. E. C. Moore

Prof. Stanley

Prof. Lamont (continued)
Prof. Bradley

Prof. Eakle (continued).

Mr. Dorety
Miss Place..

Dr. Crawford (and Th, 1–4)


Dr. Morgan

Prof. Ostwald

3 Philosophy Bldg.

1 Philosophy Bldg.

1 Observatory

8 North Hall

8 North Hall

12 North Hall

10 North Hall

13 North Hall

3 North Hall

4 North Hall

1 Observatory

13 South Hall.

22 South Hall

16 North Hall

1 Philosophy Bldg.

18 North Hall

11 Observatory .34 South Hall

13 Agricultural Bldg.

22 East Hall

22 East Hall

5 East Hall

1 Philosophy Bldg.

16 North Hall

18 North Hall

1 Observatory

19 North Hall

23 North Hall
27 South Hall
Hearst Hall

Hearst Hall

3 Philosophy Bldg.

1 Observatory

19 North Hall

24 North Hall

27 South Hall

19 North Hall
Hearst Gym.

11 Observatory


The Dean of the Summer Session will keep office hours daily, except Saturday, 11-12, Recorder's Office, South Hall.

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