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All classes meet Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, unless otherwise specified. Recitations and lectures last fifty-three minutes, with intervals of seven minutes. The periods begin at seven minutes past the hour, and end on the even hour.

8 a.m.Philosophy 1 Prof. Burnett

.1 Philosophy Bldg. Education 3 Prof. Rugh

110 California Hall Law 1 (2 hrs.) Prof. Boke

19 North Hall Economics 1 .Dr. Litman

.102 California Hall Latin 1 Prof. Foster

3 North Hall English 3 Prof. Phelps

.101 California Hall English 5 Dr. Kurtz

25 North Hall German 1

Mr. Pinger (continued
at 1 o'clock)

7 North Hall
French 1
Prof. Clark

15 North Hall Spanish 1 .Dr. Branshy

.17 North Hall Mathematics 1 .Prof. Putnam

4 North Hall Mathematics 4 Mr. Champreux

.14 North Hall Chemistry 4 (Tu Th) ....Prof. Biddle

.217 Chemistry Bldg. Zoology 1 .Dr. Linville

12 East Hall Agriculture 2 Mr. Johnson

2 Agricultural Bldg. 9 a.m.Philosophy 4 (MW F) ..Prof. Overstreet .1 Philosophy Bldg. Philosophy 5 (Tu Th) .... Prof. Overstreet

1 Philosophy Bldg. Economics 2 .Dr. Litman

.102 California Hall Latin 2 .Prof. Foster

3 North Hall English 1 .Prof. Herrick

101 California Hall English 6 ( MW F) Dr. Kurtz

25 North Hall German 2

.Mr. Pinger (continued
at 2 o'cock)

7 North Hall
French 2
Prof. Clark

15 North Hall Spanish 2 Dr. Bransby

17 North Hall Mathematics 2 .Prof. Putnam

4 North Hall Mathematics 5 Mr. Champreux

14 North Hall Physics 1 (6 hrs.) Mr. Cavanagh

1 and 2 East Hall Physics 2 (6 hrs) Prof. Minor

4 East Hall Physics 3 (6 hrs.) Prof. Drew

7 South Hall Astronomy 1 Dr. Aitken

1 Observatory Geography 1 (M Tu W) Dr. Fairbanks

.1 North Hall Chemistry 2 (M Th) ...... Prof. O'Neill

217 Chemistry Bldg. Chemistry 3 (Tu F) Prof. O'Neill

217 Chemistry Bldg. Chemistry 6 (W) Prof. O'Neill

217 Chemistry Bldg. Drawing 4 (3 hrs.) ........Mr. Nahl

.11 East Hall, Drawing 5 (3 hrs.) Miss Willard

11 East Hall. 10 a.m. Philosophy 2 Prof. Rieber

3 Philosophy Bldg. Philosophy 3 Prof. Overstreet

1 Philosophy Bldg. History 1

Prof. McLaughlin 16 North Hall
Greek 2
.Dr. Linforth

8 North Hall
English 4
.Prof. Phelps

101 California Hall English 8 Mr. Allen

23 North Hall Mathematics 3 Prof. Haskell

18B North Hall Astronomy 2 (M Th) ....Dr. Aitken

1 Observatory Botany 1 (M Tu W) Prof. Osterhout

22 South Hall Entomology 3 (W, 2 hrs.)

Prof. Woodworth .Entomological Lab.

Hist. Sem. Rm., Library .Hist. Sem. Rm., Library 8 North Hall .101 California Hall .18B North Hall 13 South Hall .217 Chemistry Bldg. .26 East Hall 22 South Hall

.7 North Hall 255 Chemistry Bldg. 22 East Hall .22 East Hall

McKinley School Entomological Lab. Entomological Lab.

Entomological Lab.

.2 Agricultural Bldg.

History 2 (M W F) Prof. McLaughlin
History 3 (Tu Th) Prof. McLaughlin
Greek 1

Dr. Linforth
English 2

Prof. Herrick Mathematics 6

Prof. Haskell Physics 4

Prof. Drew Chemistry 1

.Prof. Biddle Zoology 2 (Tu Th) Dr. Linville Botany 2 (M Tu W) Prof. Osterhout

1 p.m.German 1

Mr. Pinger (cont'd) Chemistry 5 (3 hrs.) ......Prof. Biddle Drawing 1 (3 hrs.) Prof. Meyer Drawing 2 (3 hrs.) ......Prof. Meyer Manual Training 1 (2 hrs.)

Mr. Leonard Entomology 1 (W) Prof. Woodworth Entomology 2 (Tu Th) ..Prof. Woodworth Entomology 4

(M Tu Th F, 3 hrs)..Prof. Woodworth Agriculture 1

(M, 2 hrs., and Tu). Prof. Anderson Domestic Science i

(M Tu Th, 3 hrs.) .... Miss Secrest Domestic Science 2 (WF)

Miss Secrest 2 p.m.Education 1A

.Prof. O'Shea Education 1B

Prof. Rugh History 4

Prof. Bowman Political Science 1A Prof. Roberts Political Science 1B .Prof. Roberts Music 1

Mrs. Sweesy English 7 (Tu Th) Dr. Kurtz German 2

Mr. Pinger (cont'd) German 3

Prof. Thomas 3 p.m. Education 2A

Prof. O'Shea History 5

Prof. Bowman Political Science 2 .Prof. Roberts Music 2

Mrs. Sweesy German 3

Prof. Thomas Physics 5 (Tu Th) Prof. Drew Drawing 3 (Tu F) Prof. Meyer Drawing 6 (M) Prof. Meyer and

Mr. Nahi Manual Training 2

(M Tu Th F) Mr. Leonard Manual Training 4 (W) Mr. Leonard Physical Culture 2 (MW)

Prof. Ligda 4 p.m.Music 3

Mrs. Blanchard Physical Culture 1 .... Prof. Ligda Physical Culture 3 .Miss Place

Hearst Hall

Hearst Hall

113 California Hall 113 California Hall .110 California Hall 107 California Hall 107 California Hall 1 Observatory 25 North Hall 7 North Hall 1 North Hall

113 California Hall 110 California Hall 107 California Hall 1 Observatory 7 North Hall 13 South Hall 22 East Hall

16 North Hall.

McKinley School 22 South Hall

Harmon Gymnasium

1 Observatory Harmon Gymnasium Hearst Hall


1. On before Wednesday, June 10th, if possible, file application

with the Recorder of the Faculties.

2. Before Monday, June 22nd, if possible, select lodgings in Berkeley.


3. Saturday, June 20th

Registration. (a) Register your college Monday, June 22nd

address with the Recorder, California Hall, north end of corridor, second floor; (b) obtain from the Recorder a Study-card; (c) show this card to the Secretary of the Regents (south end of corridor); (d) pay necessary fees, and (e) receive a Certificate of Registration; (f) this Certificate is to be shown on demand, to the officers in charge of the classes, at the first meetings of the classes, or at any time during the Session.

Students who can conveniently do so are advised to register with the Recorder and pay their fees to the Secretary on Saturday, June 20th, in order to gain time for consultation with their instructors and for other preliminaries on Monday. On Saturday and on Monday fees may be paid from 8:30 to

3 p.m.

The regular class exercises will begin on Monday, June 22nd. 4. Monday, June 22nd, 3 p.m., University Meeting. A general

assembly of the Faculty and students of the Summer Session. Announcements by the Dean; addresses by members of the

Faculty. 5. Within one week after registration, your Study-card, duly filled

out, should be returned to the Recorder.

6. To obtain a certificate of record, showing the courses elected

uring the Session and the grade attained in h, deposit a self-addressed stamped envelope with the Recorder at the close of the Session, and a certificate will be mailed to you.


The Dean of the Summer Session will keep office hours daily, except Saturday, 11-12, Room 201, California Hall.

[blocks in formation]

Age (if under 21):

High schools, academies, and colleges or universities attended, with periods and dates of attendance; also dates of graduation, and degrees received, if

any. (Answer fully):

aetacn nere

Business or profession, and present position:


(Names and addresses of school officers or others from whom

information about you may be obtained)

Specify the summer courses in which you desire to enroll:

(It is understood that this list is subject to change)

Place and date of writing this application:

IT Applications should, if possible, be filed with the Recorder of the Faculties,

Berkeley, California, on or before June 10th. They may be sent by mail. In case of adverse action by the Faculty upon an application for admission to the Summer Session, the applicant is notified immediately, by mail; in other cases no acknowledgment or other notice is sent. Additional application forms may be obtained by addressing the Recorder of the Faculties.


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