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VAHAN SIMON BASINIAN, Ph.D., Instructor in Chemistry, Lehigh University.

A.B., Anatolia College, 1895; B.D., Hartford Theological Seminary, 1900; M.A., Brown University, 1903; Ph.D., 1906; Instructor in Chemistry, Brown University, 1903-1906; In

structor in Chemistry, Lehigh University, 1906-. Mrs. M. E. BLANCHARD, Head of Department of Vocal Music, Mills College.

Graduate of Girls' High School and Normal School, San Francisco; student of musical theory and harmony with Louis Schmidt and of the art of singing with Mme. Julie Rosewald, San Francisco; with Lena Little, Boston, and Oscar Saenger, New York; Teacher, San Francisco Public Schools, 1893; Teacher of singing, San Francisco Girls' High School, 1893-94; San Francisco Normal School, 1895; Mills College, 1895; Solo contralto, St. Joseph's Roman Catholic, First Unitarian, Howard Presbyterian, Trinity Episcopal churches, and Geary-street Synagogue, San Francisco, North-avenue Orthodox Congregational Church, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Leland Stanford Junior University Chapel; Soloist with Edward MacDowell in San Francisco and Berkeley recitals, 1903, and with Pietro Mascagni in Rossini's Stabat Mater, 1903; Special Lecturer in Music, University of California, Summer Session, 1908; Head of Department of Vocal Music,

Mills College, 1908-. HENRY MEADE BLAND, Ph.D., Teacher of English in the San Jose State Normal School.

Ph.B., University of the Pacific, 1887; Ph.M., 1889; Ph.D., 1890; M.A., Stanford University, 1895; student in Education, University of California, 1885-96; teacher in elementary and high schools of California, 1885-96; Principal of Santa Clara High School, 1896-98; teacher of English, San Jose State

Normal School, 1899-
GEORGE HENRY BOKE, M.A., LL.B., Professor of Law.

Ph.B., University of California, 1894; M.A., Harvard University, 1900; LL.B., Harvard Law School, 1905; Principal of High School and Supervising Principal of elementary schools, San Rafael, California, 1895-98; Fellow in Jurisprudence, Harvard University, 1898-1900; Instructor in Jurisprudence, University of California, 1900-03; Assistant Pro

fessor, 1903-05; Associate Professor, 1905-07; Professor, 1907Cora M. BOONE, Teacher of Drawing, Benicia High School. JACOB NEIBERT BOWMAN, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Medieval History.

A.B., Heidelberg University (Tiffin, Ohio), 1896; M.A. and Ph.D., Heidelberg University (Germany), 1900; Acting Assistant Professor of Medieval History, University of California, 1906-07; Assistant Professor of Medieval History, 1907-.

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HAROLD LAWTON BRUCE, B.L., Reader in English in the Summer Session.

B.L., University of California, 1908. EZEQUIEL A. CHAVEZ, Sub-Secretary of Public Instruction and Fine Arts, Republic of Mexico.

Subsecretario de Instruccion Publica y Bellas Artes, Mexico, 1905-; formerly Professor of Psychology in the Escuela

Nacional Preparatoria, Mexico. FREDERICK MORTIMER CLAPP, A.B., Staff Lecturer, University Division, University of Chicago.

A.B., Yale University, 1901; traveling fellow, Yale University, 1901-02; Associate Professor of Greek, College of the City of New York, 1902-04; student of art in Florence and elsewhere in Italy during parts of the following years, 190203, 1903-04, 1905-06, 1906-07, 1907-08; Staff Lecturer in the University Extension Department, University of California, with courses on “Dramatic Literature in the Times of Elizabeth and James I," “Prose Literature of Russia in Novel and Short Story,” and “Art in Italy," during lecture season 1906-07, 1907-08; recently appointed staff lecturer University

Division, University of Chicago. JOHN TAGGART CLARK, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Romanic Languages.

A.B., Harvard University, 1898; M.A., 1899; Ph.D., 1901; Traveling Fellow, Harvard University, 1901-03; Student, Ecole des Hautes Etudes, Sorbonne, Paris, 1901-04; Assistant Professor of Romance Languages, University of Missouri, 190405; Assistant Professor of Romanic Languages, University of

California, 1905-. Silas ELLSWORTH COLEMAN, B.S., M.A., Head of the Science Department and Instructor in Physics, Oakland High School.

Graduate of the Los Angeles State Normal School, 1890; B.S., University of California, 1896; A.B., Harvard University, 1897; M.A., 1898; Fellow in Physics, Harvard University, 1897; Instructor in Physical Geography, Physics and Astronomy, Los Angeles High School, 1898-1900; Instructor in Physics and Chemistry, San Jose High School, 1900; Head of the Science Department and Instructor in Physics, Oak

land High School, 1901-. *CHARLES DERLETH, Jr., B.S., C.E., Professor of Civil Engineering; Dean of the College of Civil Engineering.

B.S., College of the City of New York, 1894; C.E., Columbia University, 1896; Assistant in Civil Engineering, Columbia University, 1896-99; Lecturer in Civil Engineering, 18991901; Professor of Civil Engineering, University of Colorado 1902-03; Associate Professor of Structural Engineering, University of California, 1903-08; Professor of Civil Engineer

ing, 1908* In the Summer School of Surveying, Camp California, Santa Cruz, California.

VANCE PHILIPPS EDWARDES, Assistant in Chemistry.
NATHANIEL LYON GARDNER, Ph.D., Teacher of Botany, Polytechnic
High School, Los Angeles.

B.S., University of Washington, 1900; M.S., University of California, 1903; Ph.D., 1906; Assistant in Botany, University of California, 1900-06; Teacher of Botany, Polytechnic

High School, Los Angeles, 1906-. MAY GEARHARDT, Supervisor of Drawing, Los Angeles City Schools.

Graduate of Los Angeles State Normal School, 1891; student in the Brooklyn Art School; student in the Chicago Art Institute; teacher in primary and grammar grades; Supervisor of Drawing, Berkeley Public Schools; Supervisor of

Drawing, Los Angeles City Schools. JOSEPH GRINNELL, M.A., Director of the California Museum of Vertebrate Zoology.

A.B., Throop Polytechnic Institute, 1897; M.A., Stanford University, 1901; Assistant Instructor, Throop Polytechnic Institute, 1897-98; expedition to northern Alaska, 1898-99; Assistant in Embryology, Stanford University Summer School, 1900; Instructor in Ornithology, Stanford University Summer School, 1901-02; Instructor in Zoology and Botany, Palo Alto High School, 1901-03; Instructor in Biology, Throop Polytechnic Institute, 1903-05; Professor of Biology, 190508; Director of California Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, 1908-; Fellow of American Ornithologists' Union, 1901-; Editor of the “Condor," 1906-.

MELLEN WOODMAN HASKELL, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics.

A.B., Harvard University, 1883; M.A., 1885; Ph.D., University of Göttingen, 1889; studied at Leipzig, 1885-86; at Göttingen, 1886-89; at Rome, 1902-03; Parker (traveling) Fellow of Harvard University, 1885-88; Instructor in Mathematics, University of Michigan, 1889-90; Assistant Professor of Mathematics, University of California, 1890-94; Associate Professor, 1894-1906; Professor, 1906-; Instructor in Summer

Session, Columbia University, 1906. HENRY RAND HATFIELD, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Accounting, on the Flood Foundation.

A.B., Northwestern University, 1892; Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1898; Instructor in Political Economy, Washburn University, 1894-98; Assistant Professor of Accounting, University of Chicago, 1898-1904; Associate Professor of Ac

counting, University of California, 1904-. MARGARET HENDERSON, B.S., Assistant in Bacteriology.

B.S., University of California, 1903; Teacher in Biology, Mills College, 1903-05; Assistant, State Hygienic Laboratory, 1905-08; Assistant in Bacteriology, 1908-.

ERNEST BRYANT HOAG, M.A., M.D., Director of Hygiene and Physical

Examinations, Throop Polytechnic Institute and the Pasadena City Schools.

B.S., Northwestern University, 1892; M.A., Stanford University, 1894; M.D., Northwestern University, 1902; Director of Hygiene and Physical Examinations, Throop Polytechnic

Institute and the City Schools of Pasadena, 1904-. RULIFF STEPHEN HOLWAY, A.B., M.S., Assistant Professor of Physical Geography.

A.B., Stanford University, 1903; M.S., University of California, 1904; Principal of Modesto High School, 1884-86; of San Jose High School, 1887; Teacher in San Jose Normal School, 1888-1902; Instructor in Education, University of California, 1903-04; Assistant Professor of Physical Geog.

raphy, 1904-. HERMAN HARRELL HORNE, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy, Dartmouth College.

A.B. and M.A., University of North Carolina, 1895; M.A., Harvard University, 1897; Ph.D., 1899; M.A. (Hon.), Dartmouth College, 1908; Instructor in Modern Languages, University of North Carolina, 1895-96; Instructor in Philosophy, Dartmouth College, 1899-1900; Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Education, 1900-05; Professor of Philosophy, 1905-; Lecturer in Education in summer session at the University of North Carolina, Columbia University, Harvard Univer

sity, and Dartmouth College. GEORGE H. HUNTTING, A.B., Principal of the West Side Union High School.

A.B., Columbia University, 1902; attended Teachers' Col. lege, New York, 1901-02; Reader in English Department, University of California, 1902-03; Reader in English Department, University of California Summer Session, 1906; Prin

cipal West Side l'nion High School, 1904-. JULI'S KLEIN, M.L., Reader in History in the Summer Session.

B.L., University of California, 1907; M.L., 1908; Assistant in Military Science and Tacties, University of California,

1907-08; Flood Fellow in Economics, 1907-08. BENJAMIN PUTNAM Kurtz, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English.

A.B., University of California, 1901; Ph.D., 1906; Instructor in English, University of California, 1903-08; As

sistant Professor, 1908-. ROBERT J. LEONARD, Supervisor of Manual Training, Berkeley Schools.

Graduate of San Jose State Normal School; Instructor in Manual Training, Belmont School, 1904-05; Assistant in Manual Training, San Jose Normal School Summer Session, 1905; Instructor in Manual Training, Fresno Schools, 190506; Supervisor of Manual Training, Berkeley Schools, 1907-; Instructor in University of California Summer Session, 1908.

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VLADIMIR VICTOR LIGDA, B.S., Assistant Professor of Physical Culture.

B.S., University of California, 1904; Assistant Professor of Physical Culture, University of Arizona; Assistant Pro

fessor of Physical Culture, University of California, 1908-. Ivan MORTIMER LINFORTH, Ph.D., Instructor in Greek.

A.B., University of California, 1900; M.A., 1901; Ph.D., 1905; Graduate Student in Harvard University, 1902-03; Assistant in Latin, University of California, 1900-02; Assistant

in Greek, 1903-05; Instructor in Greek, 1905-. *ALFRED KESSINGER MCCAMPBELL, B.C.E., Instructor in Civil Engineering

B.C.E., Iowa State College, 1905; Instructor in Civil Engi

neering, University of California, 1906-. Carl HOWARD MCCHARLES, B.S., Assistant in Chemistry.

B.S., University of California, 1908. Thomas Calvin McKay, Ph.D., Instructor in Physics.

Munroe Bursar, Dalhousie University, 1889-93; A.B., Dalhousie University, 1893; M.A., 1898; Principal of secondary schools, 1893-96; M.A., Harvard University, 1899; Assistant in Physics, 1899-1900 and 1901-04; Austin Teaching Fellow, 1900-01; Ph.D., 1903; Instructor in Physics, University of

California, 1904-. SAMUEL STEEN MAXWELL, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Physiology.

B.S., Amity College, 1886; M.S., 1888; Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1896; Instructor in Mathematics, Amity College, 1886-87; Professor of Natural Science, 1887-89; Professor of Natural Science, Monmouth College, 1890-92; Professor of Biology, 1892-1902; Instructor in Physiology, Harvard Medical School, 1902-05; Instructor in Physiology, University of

California, 1905-07; Assistant Professor, 1907-. ROGER BIGELOW MERRIMAN, Litt.B., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of History, Harvard University.

A.B., Harvard University, 1896; M.A., 1897; Litt.B., Oxford University, 1902; Ph.D., Harvard University, 1902; Assistant in History, Harvard University, 1899-1900; Instructor in History and Assistant Professor of History, Harvard Uni

versity, 1902-. HENRY BABAD MONGES, Jr., Instructor in Drawing.

Graduate of Hopkins Institute of Art, 1905; Assistant Instructor in applied design and modeling, Hopkins Institute of Art, 1905-06; Instructor in Drawing, University of Cali

fornia, 1906-; Instructor in Drawing, Summer Session, 1907. * In the Summer School of Surveying, Camp California, Santa Cruz, California.

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