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6. The School Principal.

Assistant Professor Rugz. Education as a social process; the school as the organism which

makes this process the most effective; the differentiation of functions in a school system. The principal; his qualifications, rights, and duties: (1) as a subordinate in the system; in relation to the school officers, the board of education, the superintendent, and special supervisors; (2) as a coördinate with other school officials; coöperation and fellowship; (3) as a leader; in relation to the school plant; his responsibility for the material conditions of good school work; in coöperation with the janitor; in coöperation with the teachers; in coöperation with the pupils; (4) as a supervisor; his responsibility for the instruction in his school; responsibility for conduct; social and athletic activities; (5) as a person; as an ideal for teachers and pupils; the distribution of time; the means and oppor. tunities for growth; standards and tests for teachers and

pupils. 2 units. M Tu W Th F, 10. 110 California Hall.


The following courses offered by other departments will be found to have special interest for teachers: Formal Logic.

Assistant Professor ADAMS. Philosophy 1. Introduction to Experimental Psychology.

Dr. BROWN. Philosophy 2. United States History, 1815-1850.

Professor ADAMS. History lm. England from the Revolt of the American Colonies to the Constitutional Crisis of 1909-10.

Mr. PORRITT. History 2M. The Teaching of History.

Assistant Professor BOWMAN. History 4m. Government of the United States. Assistant Professor REED.

Political Science 1. Principles of Economics.

Professor HUNT. Economics 1.


Course for Teachers of Commercial Subjects.

Economics 4.

Public Aspects of the Household.

Assistant Professor BRECKINRIDGE. Household Administration 1.

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Lectures on Sophocles and the Greek Drama (in English).
Greek 3.

Professor CLAPP.

Associate Professor RICHARDSON.

Courses for Teachers of Latin.

Latin 1.


Topography and Monuments of Ancient Rome.

Latin 4M.

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Advanced Elementary French.

French 2.

Studies in Composition and Style.
French 4M.

Assistant Professor FAUCHEUX.

Course for Teachers.


French 5M.

Syntax of the French Verb, for Teachers.
French 6M.

Assistant Professor FAUCHEUX.

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General Science for Secondary Schools.

Assistant Professor MORGAN and Mr. STEBBINS. General Science 1m. Elements of Physics.

Mr. ABBOTT. Physics 1. Course for Teachers of Physics. Assistant Professor WATSON.

Physics 4. Teachers' Course in Geography. Assistant Professor HOLWAY.

Geography 2M. Elementary Chemistry.

Assistant Professor BIDDLE. Chemistry 1. The Teaching of Chemistry in Secondary Schools. Chemistry 4M.

Assistant Professor MORGAN. The Native Flowering Plants of California. Botany 1m.

Assistant Professor JEPSON. Organic Evolution, its Facts, Principles, and Problems. Zoology 1.

Professor KELLOGG.

The Birds, Mammals, and Reptiles of California. Mr. GRINNELL.

Zoology 2.
Physiology for Secondary Schools.
Physiology 1.

Assistant Professor MAXWELL. School Hygiene and Health Supervision of School Children. Hygiene 1.

Dr. Hoag. Elements of Bacteriology.

Miss HENDERSON. Hygiene 3. Instrumental Drawing.

Mr. MONGES and Miss BOONE. Drawing 1. Free-hand Drawing and Painting. Assistant Professor HARSHE, Drawing 53 and 50.

Miss OGIER, and Miss SMITH. Nature-Study in Entomology. Assistant Professor HERMS.

Entomology 1. Apicultural Nature-Study.

Mr. BENTON. Entomology 3. The Teaching of Nature-Study. Assistant Professor BABCOCK Nature-Study 1.

and Mr. STEBBINS. Fundamentals of Plant and Animal Physiology. Mr. MILLER.

Nature-Study 3. Elementary School Agriculture. Assistant Professor BABCOCK.

Agricultural Education 1. Secondary School Agriculture. Assistant Professor BABCOCK.

Agricultural Education 2m. Physical Culture for Men.

Assistant Professor LIGDA. Physical Culture 1. Physical Culture for Women.

Miss PLACE. Physical Culture 4. Basket-ball, Folk Dancing, and other Recreative Exercises. Physical Culture 5.

Miss PLACE. Playground Work.

Dr. Beach and Mrs. MORGAN. Playground Work 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

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PERCY BORDWELL, Ph.D., Professor of Law, University of Missouri

Law School. ORRIN K. McMURRAY, Ph.B., LL.B., Professor of Law. SAMUEL C. WIEL, LL.B., Special Lecturer in Law in the Summer


1m. Criminal Law. (Double course.) Professor BORDWELL. The criminal act; criminal responsibility; affirmative defenses;

parties in crime; crimes against the person; against property. Special stress will be laid on the law of larceny. Case-book:

Beale's Cases on Criminal Law (2nd ed.). 4 units. M Tu W Th F. 10-12. 19 North Hall.

2m. Transfer and Devolution of Property. (Double course.)

Professor MCMURRAY. Title by occupation and grant; the form, execution, and delivery

of conveyances inter vivos; the form and execution of wills; probate and administration of estates of decedents. Casebook: Gray's Cases on Property (2nd ed.), vols. 3 and 4. 4

units. M Tu W Th F, 8-10. 19 North Hall.

32. The Law of Waters.

Mr. WIEL. The use of water for irrigation, power, and other purposes; the

Western law of appropriation of water; the Common Law of Riparian Rights; percolating water; distribution of water to the public; State irrigation codes; water rights and rights of way upon public lands. The course will deal with the subject strictly from the legal point of view, and the student will be expected to make use of the University law library in reading the more important cases which will be referred to in the lectures. Text-book: Water Rights in the Western

States (2nd ed.), by Samuel C. Wiel. 2 units. M Tu W Th F, 2. 19 North Hall.

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