Slike strani

graduate of the Boston Normal School of Gymnastics, 1909; supervisor and organizer of the Physical Education Department of the public schools, Oshkosh, Wis., 1909-10; Supervisor of Playgrounds, Oshkosh, Wis., 1910; Director of Physical Education and Playground Course in Oshkosh Normal School, Oshkosh, Wis., summer 1910; Director of Physical Education, Mills College, 1910-.

Mrs. L. L. HARFORD, Instructor in Stenography and Typewriting, in the Summer Session.

Teacher, Indiana public schools, 1886; teacher, Kansas public schools, 1888-92; deputy clerk of court, Manhattan, Kansas, 1892; Instructor in Manhattan Summer Normal School, 1892; private teacher of commercial and other high school subjects, 1893-1902; Principal of Alameda Business College, 1902-06; Instructor in San Francisco Business College, 1909.

MARGARET HENDERSON, B.S., Instructor in Hygiene.

B.S., University of California, 1903; teacher in Biology, Mills College, 1904-05; Assistant in California State Hygienic Laboratory, 1905-08; Assistant in Bacteriology, University of California, 1908-09; Instructor in Bacteriology, 1909-.

MARIE RUEF HOFER, Lecturer for Parks and Playground Association and School of Philanthrophy, New York.

Graduate of Mt. Carroll, Illinois, Seminary; student, University of Chicago; special teacher, Chicago High Schools and Rochester Public Schools; Instructor, Horace Mann Schools and Teachers' College; Extension Lecturer in Music and Games, Columbia University; Instructor, Summer Schools of University of Virginia and University of Tennessee; lecturer for Parks and Playground Association and School of Philanthropy, New York; author of Singing Games and Popular Folk Games and Dances.

RULIFF STEPHEN HOLWAY, A.B., M.S., Assistant Professor of Physical Geography.

A.B., Stanford University, 1903; M.S., University of California, 1904; Principal of Modesto High School, 1884-86; Principal of San Jose High School, 1887; teacher in San Jose Normal School, 18881902; Instructor in Education, University of California, 1903-04; Assistant Professor of Physical Geography, 1904-.

ESTHER LOUISE HOUK, Instructor in Music in the Summer Session. Graduate of the Metropolitan School of Music, Indianapolis, 1907; student at the American Institute of Normal Methods, Evanston, Illinois, 1907-08; Supervisor of Public School Music, 1907-10; Church Soloist, Indianapolis, 1906-10; Church Soloist, Greenwich, Connecticut, 1910-11; student at the Damrosch Institute of Musical Art, 191011; pupil of Bruno Huhn and Oscar Saenger, New York City, 1910-11.

WILLIAM BURKE HUGHSON, Teacher of Manual Training in the Berkeley Public Schools.

Graduate of Teachers' College, Columbia University; teacher of Manual Training in Seattle Public Schools, 1902-06; teacher of Manual Training in the Berkeley Public Schools, 1906-.

HELEN LOUISE JOHNSON, Director of the Good Housekeeping Institute, Springfield, Massachusetts.

Graduate, Teachers' College, Columbia University, 1904; student, Mrs. Rorer's Cooking School; Instructor in Household Science, University of Illinois; Head of Department of Domestic Economy, Milliken University; organizer of the department of Domestic Economy, Rhode Island State College; Associate Editor of the Good Housekeeping Magazine, and Director of the Good Housekeeping Institute. ALBERT MARTIN KALES, LL.B., Associate Professor of Law, Northwestern University.

A.B., Harvard University, 1896; LL.B., 1899; Associate Professor of Law, Northwestern University; published a volume on Homeestead Exemption Laws of the State of Illinois, 1902; Future Interests in Illinois, 1905; Case Book on Persons, 1911; Future Interests After a Particular Estate of Freehold, XXI Law Quarterly Review, 118; member of the Legal Club of Chicago, and the Chicago Bar Association.

*HENRY J. KESNER, A.B., B.S., Instructor in Civil Engineering.

A.B., University of Colorado, 1905; B.S., 1907; Secretary, University of Colorado, 1904-06; Instructor in Civil Engineering, University of Minnesota, 1907-08; Instructor in Civil Engineering, University of California, 1909-.

CASSIUS JACKSON KEYSER, Ph.D., Adrain Professor of Mathematics, Columbia University.

B.S., University of Missouri, 1892; scholar and fellow in Mathematics, Columbia University, 1895-97; M.A., Columbia University, 1896; Ph.D., Columbia University, 1901; Principal and Superintendent in various public schools of Ohio and Missouri, 1885-90; Instructor in Mathematics, University of Missouri, 1891-92; Instructor in Mathematics in the State Summer School, Kirksville, Missouri, 1892; Professor of Mathematics, State Normal School, New Paltz, New York, 1892-94; Instructor in Mathematics, Washington University, 1894-95; Instructor in Mathematics, Barnard College, 1897-1900; Instructor in Mathematics, Columbia University, 1897-1903; Adjunct Professor of Mathematics, 1903-04; Head of Department of Mathematics, 1910; Adrain Professor of Mathematics, 1904-; editor of Department of Pure Mathematics of the Encyclopedia Americana, 1904-06; President, Missouri Valley Teachers' Association, 1889-90; member American Mathematical Society; member of Missouri Association of Teachers of Mathematics; Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science; member of the Circolo Matematico di Palermo; member of the council of the American Mathematical Society.

EUGENE STERLING KILGORE, B.S., M.D., Lecturer in Medicine in the Summer Session.

B.S., University of California, 1904; M.D., Harvard University, 1909; Interne, Massachusetts General Hospital, 1909-11. BENJAMIN PUTNAM KURTZ, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English.

A.B., University of California, 1901; Ph.D., 1906; Instructor in English, University of California, 1903-08; Assistant Professor, 1908-. * In the Summer School of Surveying, Camp California, Swanton, California.

ROBERT J. LEONARD, Supervisor of Manual Training in the Berkeley Schools.

Graduate of San Jose State Normal School; instructor in Manual Training, Belmont School, 1904-05; assistant in Manual Training, San Jose Normal School Summer Session, 1905; teacher of Manual Training, Fresno Schools, 1905-06; Instructor in Manual Training, University of California Summer Session, 1908; Supervisor of Manual Training, Berkeley Schools, 1907-.

IVAN MORTIMER LINFORTH, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Greek.

A.B., University of California, 1900; M.A., 1901; Ph.D., 1905; Graduate Student in Harvard University, 1902-03; Assistant in Latin, University of California, 1900-02; Assistant in Greek, 1903-05; Instructor in Greek, 1905-10; Instructor in Summer Session, 1908 and 1909; Assistant Professor of Greek, 1910-.

LETHA L. MCCLURE, Director of the Department of Public School Music and Methods, Columbia School of Music, Chicago, Illinois.

Supervisor of Music in Minnesota for seven years; Instructor in Music, Froebel Kindergarten Training School for four years; Instructor in Music, Chicago Free Kindergarten Association, four years; Director of the Department of Public School Music and Methods, Columbia School of Music, Chicago, 1901-.

ROBERT EDWIN MANSELL, Instructor in Horticulture.

Engaged in landscape gardening until 1904; Instructor in Horticulture, in charge of the Agricultural Grounds, University of Cali fornia, 1904-.

JOHN CAMPBELL MERRIAM, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Palaeontology and Historical Geology.

B.S., Lenox College, 1887; Ph.D., University of Munich, 1893; Assistant in Mineralogy, University of California, 1888-90; Instructor in German and Science, Lenox College, 1891; Docent in Palaeontology, University of Chicago, 1894; Instructor in Palaeontology, University of California, 1895-99; Assistant Professor of Palaeontology and Historical Geology, 1899-1906; Associate Professor of Palaeontology and Historical Geology, 1906-.

WILLIAM FERDINAND MEYER, B.S., Instructor in Astronomy.

B.S., Drake University, 1907; Assistant in Astronomy, Drake University, 1906-07; Assistant in Astronomy, University of California, 1907-10; Instructor in Astronomy, 1910-.

LOYE HOLMES MILLER, M.S., Instructor in Biology and Natural Science, Los Angeles State Normal School.

B.S., University of California, 1896; M.S., 1904; Instructor in Natural Science, Oahu College; Scientific Assistant, U. S. Bureau of Fisheries; Naturalist, U. S. Biological Survey; Instructor in Biology and Natural Science, Los Angeles State Normal School, and Associate Professor of Comparative Anatomy, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Los Angeles.

RAI PH SMITH MINOR, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Physics.

A.B., Hamilton College, 1898; M.A., 1901; Root Fellow, 1898; student, University of Freiburg, 1898-99; Ph.D., Göttingen, 1902; teacher of Science, Little Falls High School, New York, 1902-03; Instructor in Physics, University of California, 1903-06; Associate Prosor of Physics, University of Nevada, 1906; Professor of Physics, 1907-09; Associate Professor of Physics, University of California, 1909-.

GRAHAM B. MOODY, Assistant in Chemistry.

WILLIAM CONGER MORGAN, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry.

A.B., Yale College, 1896; Silliman Fellow in Chemistry, Yale University, 1896-99; Ph.D., 1899; Professor of Chemistry, Washburn College, 1899-1901; Instructor in Chemistry, University of California, 1901-06; Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 1906-.

CLARA PALMER, B.S., Instructor in Domestic Science, California Polytechnic School.

Graduate of State Normal College, Albany, New York, 1898; teacher in private classes, 1898-1902; teacher in the Lawrence School, Long Island, 1902-07; teacher in New York City, 1907-08; student, Pratt Institute, 1908-09; student, Columbia University Summer Session, 1909; Domestic Science Diploma, Teachers' College, 1910; B.S.. Columbia University, 1910; Lecturer at the University of California Farm, 1910; Instructor in Domestic Science, California Polytechnic School, 1910-.

GERTRUDE PAYNE, Teacher of Reading and Expression, San Jose State Normal School.

Graduate of the Albany State Normal College, New York; student, Cornell University; student of Professor Hiram Corson; student, Dr. Curry's School of Expression; student, department of Public Speak ing, University of Chicago; student, Leland Powers School, Boston, 1908-09; teacher of Reading and Expression, San Jose State Normal School, 1895-.

FRANCES H. PERRY, Professor of English, University of Arizona. WILHELM ROBERT RICHARD PINGER, Ph.D., Instructor in German.

Testimonium Maturitatis, König Wilhelm Gymnasium, Stettin, Germany, 1893; M.A., University of California, 1906; Ph.D., 1908; Instructor in German and Latin, Washington State Normal School, 190305; Assistant in German, University of California, 1905-07; Instructor in German, 1907-.

THOMAS MILTON PUTNAM, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Mathematics. B.S., University of California, 1897; M.S., 1899; Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1901; Fellow in Mathematics, University of California, 1897-98; Assistant in Mathematics, 1898-99; Instructor in Mathematics, University of Texas, 1899-1900; Fellow in Mathematics, Univsity of Chicago, 1900-01; Instructor in Mathematics, University of California, 1901-07; Assistant Professor of Mathematics, 1907-.

LUDWIG REHFUESS, B.S., Assistant in Physics.

B.S., University of California, 1910; Graduate student, Univer sity of California, 1910-11; Assistant in Physics, 1910-. CHESTER ROWELL, Ph.D., Editor of the Fresno Republican, Lecturer in Journalism in the Summer Session.

CHARLES EDWARD RUGH, M.L., Associate Professor of Education.

A.B., Stanford University, 1903; M.L., University of California, 1907; Principal, St. Petersburg, Pennsylvania, High School, 1889-90; Professor of Pedagogy, Pennsylvania State Normal School, 1892-1902; Principal Oakland Grammar Schools, 1903-07; Acting Assistant Professor of Education, University of California, 1907-09; Associate Professor of Education, 1909-.

GLANVILLE Y. RUSK, M.D., Assistant Professor of Pathology.

A.B., Johns Hopkins University, 1896; M.D., 1900; Medical House Officer, Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1900-01; Interne, Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital, 1901-03; Assistant in Nervous Diseases, Johns Hopkins Dispensary, 1901-03; Pathologist, Ward's Island, New York, 1903-10; Assistant Professor of Pathology, University of California, 1910-.

THOMAS FREDERICK SANFORD, A.B., Assistant Professor of English


A.B., Yale University, 1888; Graduate Student, Yale University, 1888-89; Instructor in Latin, Yale University, 1889-90; Graduate Student, 1890-92; Professor of Latin and Philosophy, Drury College, 1892-93; Instructor in Latin, Northwestern University, 1893; Instructor in English, University of California, 1893-97; Assistant Professor of English Literature, University of California, 1897-. GEORGE SANTAYANA, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy, Harvard University.

A.B., Harvard University, 1886; Ph.D.. 1889; Instructor in Philosophy, Harvard University, 1889-98; Assistant Professor of Philosophy, 1898-1907; Professor of Philosophy, 1907-; Hyde Lecturer in France, 1905; author of Sonnets and Other Poems, The Sense of Beauty, Lucifer,-A Theological Tragedy, Interpretations of Poetry and Religion, The Hermit of Carmel and Other Poems, The Life of Reason, and Three Philosophic Poets.

WILBUR AUGUSTUS SAWYER, A.B., M.D., Director of the California State Hygienic Laboratory.

A.B., Harvard University, 1902; M.D., 1906; Interne, Massachusetts General Hospital, 1906-08; Medical Examiner, University of California, 1908-; Director of the California State Hygienic Laboratory, 1910-.

RICHARD FREDERICK SCHOLZ, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Ancient History.

A.B., University of Wisconsin, 1902; M.A., 1903; Ph.D., 1911; Fellow in Latin, University of Wisconsin, 1902-03; Fellow in History, 1903-04; Rhodes Scholar from Wisconsin, Oxford, 1904-07; Instructor in History, University of Wisconsin, 1907-08; Assistant Professor of Ancient History, University of California, 1908-.

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