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E. O. HOLLAND, A.B., Superintendent of Schools, Louisville, Kentucky.

A.B., University of Indiana, 1895; student, summer sessions at Cornell and Chicago Universities; graduate student, Teachers College, Columbia University, 1908-10; teacher in Indiana high schools, 1895-1900; head of English department, Boys' High School, Louisville, Kentucky, 1900-05; Associate Professor of Education, University of Indiana, 1905-07; Junior Professor, 1907-08; Professor, 190811; Superintendent of Public Schools, Louisville, Kentucky, 1911..

ESTHER LOUISE HOUK, Instructor in Music in the Summer Session,

Graduate of the Metropolitan School of Music, Indianapolis, 1907; student at the American Institute of Normal Methods, Evanston, Illinois, 1907-08; Supervisor of Public School Music, 1907-10; church soloist, Indianapolis, 1906-10; church soloist, Greenwich, Connecticut, 1910-11; student at the Damrosch Institute of Musical Art, 1910-11; pupil of Bruno Huhn and Oscar Saenger, New York City, 1910-11; Instructor in Music, University of California Summer Session, 1911.

WILLIAM GRANDVILLE HUMMEL, B.S., Instructor in Agricultural Education.

B.S., University of Illinois, 1907; Instructor in Agricultural Education, University of California, 1911..

HANS JAUCHEN, Instructor in Art Metal Work in the Summer Session.

Graduate Kunstgewerbe Schule, Hamburg, 1902; apprentice in atelier of Johann Jauchen, Hamburg, 1896-99; designer, modeler, repousser and chaser with Royal Silversmiths and Goldsmiths in Fulda, Kiel and Dusseldorf, 1902-05; Instructor in Arts and Crafts, studio of Emil Jauchen, Hamburg, 1905-06; special commission under direction of Starkie Gardner, metal worker to the King and Curator of South Kensington Museum, London, 1908-09; manager Jarvie Art Metal Works, Chicago, 1909.10; independent craftsman, 1910-12.

KATHERINE DAVIES JONES, Ph.B., Assistant in Agricultural Education.

Ph.B., L'niversity of California, 1896; Assistant in Agricultural Education, 1911..

JUANITA JUDY, Assistant in Drawing in the Summer Session.

* HENRY J. KESNER, C.E., Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, Director

of the Summer School of Surveying. A.B., l'niversity of Colorado, 1903; B.S., 1907; C.E., 1911; Secretary, University of Colorado, 1904-06; Instructor in Civil Engineering. University of Minnesota, 1907-08; Instructor in Civil Engineering, University of California, 1909-11; Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, 1911..

EUGENE STERLING KilGORE, B.S., M.D., Lecturer in Hygiene and Medical

Examiner. B.S., University of California, 1904; M.D., Harvard University, 1909; Interne, Massachusetts General Hospital, 1909-11; Lecturer in Medicine, Summer Session, l'niversity of ('alifornia, 1911; Medical Examiner, University of California, 1911-.

Julius KLEIN, M.L., Instructor in History in the Summer Session.

B.L., University of California. 1907; M.L., 1908; Austin Teaching Fellow in Economics, Harvard University, 1909-12.

* In the Summer School of Surveying, Camp California, Swanton, California.

ALFRED LOUIS KROEBER, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Anthropology.

A.B., Columbia University, 1896; A.M., 1897; Ph.D., 1901; Instructor in Anthropology, 1901-06; Assistant Professor of Anthropology, and Curator, Museum of Anthropology, University of California, 1906-10; Associate Professor, 1910-.

DERRICK NORMAN LEHMER, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics.
A.B., University of Nebraska, 1893; M.A., 1896; Ph.D., University of Chicago,
1900; Instructor in Mathematics, University of California, 1900-03; Assistant
Professor, 1905-10; Associate Professor, 1910-.

HAROLD LEWIS LEUPP, A.B., Associate Librarian.

A.B., Cornell University, 1902; student, New York State Library School, 1902-04; Assistant Reference Librarian, John Crerar Library, Chicago, 1904-06; manager Library Department, University of Chicago Press, and Librarian of the Historical Group, 1906-10; Associate Librarian, University of California, 1910-.

CLARENCE IRVING LEWIS, Ph.D., Instructor in Philosophy.

A.B., Harvard University, 1906; Ph.D., 1910: Instructor in English Language, University of Colorado, 1906-08; Assistant in Philosophy and Education, 1907-08; Assistant in Philosophy, Harvard University, 1910-11; Assistant in Philosophy, Radcliffe College, 1910-11; Instructor in Philosophy, University of California,


JOSEPH A. LONG, Ph.D., Instructor in Zoology.

B.S., Harvard University, 1904; M.A., 1905; Ph.D., 1908; Assistant in Zoology, Radcliffe College, 1901-04; Austin Teaching Fellow in Botany, Harvard University, 1904-05; Assistant in Zoology, Harvard University, 1905-08; Instructor in Zoology, University of California, 1908-.

LETHA L. MCCLURE, Director of the Department of Public School Music and Methods, Columbia School of Music, Chicago, Illinois.

Supervisor of Music in Minnesota for seven years; Instructor in Music, Froebel Kindergarten Training School for four years; Instructor in Music, Chicago Free Kindergarten Association, four years; Instructor in Music, University of California Summer Session, 1911; Director of the Department of Public School Music and Methods, Columbia School of Music, Chicago, 1901..

JOHN HECTOR MCDONALD, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Mathematics.

A.B., University of Toronto, 1895; Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1900; Instructor in Mathematics, University of California, 1901-07; Assistant Professor of Mathematics, 1908-.

THEODORE S. MADSON, Supervisor of Manual Training, Riverside Public Schools.

SAMUEL STEEN MAXWELL, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Physiology.

B.S., Amity College, 1886; M.S., 1888; Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1896; Instructor in Mathematics, Amity College, 1886-87; Professor of Natural Science. 1887-89; Professor of Natural Science, Monmouth College, 1890-92: Professor of Biology, 1892-1902; Instructor in Physiology, Harvard Medical School, 1902-05: Instructor in Physiology, University of California, 1905-07; Assistant Professor, 1907-10; Associate Professor, 1910-.

JOHN CAMPBELL MERRIAM, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Palaeontology and Historical Geology.

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B.S., Lenox College, 1887; Ph.D., University of Munich, 1893; Assistant in Mineralogy, University of California, 1888-90; Instructor in German and Science, Lenox College, 1891; Docent in Palaeontology, University of Chicago, 1894; Instructor in Palaeontology, University of California, 1895-99; Assistant Professor of Palaeontology and Historical Geology, 1899-1906; Associate Professor of Palaeontology and Historical Geology, 1906-.

RALPH SMITH MINOR, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Physics.

A.B., Hamilton College, 1898; M.A., 1901; Root Fellow, 1898; student, University of Freiburg, 1898-99; Ph.D., Göttingen, 1902; teacher of Science, Little Falls High School, New York, 1902-03; Instructor in Physics, University of California, 1903-06; Associate Professor of Physics, University of Nevada, 1906; Professor of Physics, 1907-09; Associate Professor of Physics, University of California, 1909-.

GRAHAM BLAIR MOODY, Assistant in Chemistry.

DANIEL WALTER MOREHOUSE, M. S., Instructor in Astronomy.

B.S., Drake University, 1900; M.S., 1902; Instructor in Physics and Botany, Drake University, 1900-02; Professor of Physics and Astronomy, 1902-11; Instructor in Astronomy, University of California, 1911-.

MARION R. MORGAN, Instructor in Physical Education, Manual Arts High School, Los Angeles.

WILLIAM ALFRED MORRIS, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of European History, University of Washington.

A.B., Stanford University, 1901; Ph.D., Harvard University, 1907; teacher of Latin and History, Portland, Oregon, High School, 1901-04; Assistant in History, Harvard University and Radcliffe College, 1906-07; Instructor in European History, University of Washington, 1907-10; Assistant Professor, 1910-.

PERHAM W. NAHL, Instructor in Freehand Drawing, California School of

Arts and Crafts.

Graduate San Francisco Institute of Art, San Francisco, 1906; Instructor of Pen and Ink Rendering in the Architectural Department of the University of California, 1906; student of Art in Munich and Paris, 1907-08; Instructor in Drawing, California School of Arts and Crafts, 1907-.

KARL EUGEN NEUHAUS, Instructor in Freehand Drawing.

Graduate Royal Art School, Kassel, Germany, 1899; graduate Royal Institute for Applied Arts, Berlin, 1903; Instructor in Historic Ornament, Municipal Art School, Charlottenburg, Berlin, 1903-04; Assistant Professor of Decorative Design, San Francisco Institute of Art, 1907-08; Instructor in Freehand Drawing, Univer sity of California, 1908-.

MAE OWEN, Instructor in Domestic Science, Los Angeles Polytechnic High School.

Diploma Teachers' College, Columbia University, New York; grade teacher. Los Angeles public Schools, 1891-1903; Instructor in Domestic Science, Polytechnic High School, Los Angeles, 1905-12.

LOUIS JOHN PAETOW, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English History.

B.L., University of Wisconsin, 1902; M.L., 1903; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1906; student, University of Paris, 1905-06; Instructor in European History, University of Wisconsin, 1906-07; Associate in European History, University of Illinois, 1907-11; Assistant Professor of English History, University of California, 1911-.

GERTRUDE PAYNE, Teacher of Reading and Public Speaking, San Jose State

Normal School.

Graduate of the Albany State Normal College, New York; student, Cornell Univer sity; student of Professor Hiram Corson; student, School of Expression, and Emerson College, Boston; student, department of Public Speaking, University of Chicago; student, Leland Powers School, Boston, 1908-09 and 1912; teacher of Reading and Public Speaking, San Jose State Normal School, 1902-.

THOMAS HARRISON REED, A.B., LL.B., Associate Professor of Government.

A.B., Harvard University, 1901; LL.B., Harvard Law School, 1904; Assistant in Government, Harvard University, 1902-04; Instructor in Political Science, University of California, 1909-11; Executive Secretary to the Governor of California, 1911; Associate Professor of Government, University of California, 1911-.

WILBUR AUGUSTUS SAWYER, A.B., M.D., Director of the California State

Hygienic Laboratory.

A.B., Harvard University, 1902; M.D., 1906; Interne, Massachusetts General Hospital, 1906-08; Medical Examiner, University of California, 1908-11; Director of the California State Hygienic Laboratory, 1910-.

FRANZ SCHNEIDER, A.B., Assistant in German.

Herzgl Freidrichs Gymnasium in Dessau; A.B., University of California, 1910: Assistant in German and Spanish, University of California, 1911-.

LILLIAN M. SECREST, Assistant in Stenography and Typewriting in the

Summer Session.

FAITH E. SMITH, Ph.B., Director of the Training School, Public Library, Chicago, Illinois.

Ph.B., Northwestern University, 1896.

ALFRED SOLOMON, M.A., Instructor in French.

A.B., Occidental College, 1900; A.B., University of California, 1902; M.A., 1903: Assistant in French, University of California, 1902-09; Instructor in French, 1909-.

ALVA WALKER STAMPER, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics, State Normal

School, Chico.

B.S., University of California, 1895; M.A., Columbia University, 1905; Ph.D., Columbia University, 1906; research work and travel in Europe during 1905; teacher, Secondary School, 1895-98; teacher, Summer Session, University of California, 1902; head of the Department of Mathematics, State Normal School, Chico, California, 1898-; author of A History of the Teaching of Elementary Geometry. in Columbia University Contributions to Education; A Text-book in the Teaching of Arithmetic.

CYRIL ADELBERT STEBBINS, B.S., Instructor in Agricultural Education.

Graduate of Chico State Normal School, 1900; B.S., University of California, 1910; Principal, Arbuckle Grammar School, 1900-04; Principal, Dixon Grammar School, 1904-05; Supervisor of Nature Study and Elementary Agriculture, Chico State Normal School, 1905-08; Instructor in Nature Study, University of Cali. fornia Summer Sessions, 1910, 1911; Instructor in Agricultural Education, Univer:

sity of California, 1910.. THOMAS WHITNEY SURETTE, Staff Lecturer on Music, Oxford University.

Special student, Harvard University, class of 1891; studied music under Professor J. K. Paine and Arthur Foote; Lecturer on Music, Brooklyn Institute, Teachers College, Columbia University; Staff Lecturer on Music, Oxford University; composer of operetta, Priscilla, or the Pilgrim's Proxy; dramatic ballad for soli; chorus and orchestra, The Eve of St. Agnes; Serenade, for violin, piano; Portraits, five pieces for piano; Let God Arise, Thanksgiving anthem for close of Spanish American war; Oh, How A miable, anthem; arietta from The Eve of St. Agnes,

for violin and piano; author (with D. G. Mason), The Appreciation of Music. LAURETTA V. SWEESY, Special Lecturer in Music.

Student of Chicago Conservatory of Music; graduate of American Institute of Normal Music Methods, Chicago; Supervisor of Music, Pasadena public schools, 1897-1901; Supervisor of Music, Berkeley public schools, 1901-06; Instructor in National Summer School of Public School Music, 1902-06; Instructor in Summer Sessions, University of California, 1907-11; Director of Public School Music and

Methods, Berkeley, 1905.. WALTER A. TENNEY, Director of Manual Training, Oakland Manual Train

ing High School. Graduate of State Industrial Art School, Boston, 1893; Principal City School of Drawing, Chelsea, Massachusetts, 1895; head of the Art Department, University of New Mexico, 1896-97; Director of Drawing and Manual Training, Fresno public schools, 1897-1901; Director of Manual Training, Oakland Manual Training

High School, 1901.. REINHARD THOM, Ph.D., Prussian Exchange Teacher, Columbia University.

Ph.D., University of Berlin, 1907; Prussian Exchange Teacher, Columbia University, 1911.12.

LUCY AMELIA THOMAS, Instructor in Home Economics in the Summer

Session, Student in Bradley Polytechnic Institute, Peoria, Illinois, 1899-1900; teacher of Domestic Arts in High School, and Supervisor of Domestic Arts in Elementary Schools, Calumet, Michigan, 1900-04; Instructor in Domestic Arts in High School. Evansville, Indiana, 1904-08; diploma in Domestic Arts and diploma in Domestic Science, Teachers' College, Columbia University, 1910; Instructor of Household Arts, Berkeley High School, 1910-11.

MARY ROBINSON THOMAS, Instructor in Domestic Science, California School

of Mechanical Arts. Graduate Oberlin College, 1894; diploma, Oread Institute of Domestic Science, Worcester, Massachusetts, 1904; Dietitian, Fabiola Hospital, Oakland, 1904-05 ; Instructor in Domestic Science, New Century Club, Chabot Industrial School. Oakland, California, 1905-06; McKinley School, Berkeley, 1910; California School of Mechanical Arts, San Francisco, 1911.,

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