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23. Aesthetic Gymnastics.

Mrs. MORGAN. Aesthetic and Rhythmic movements used for the development of

grace and finer co-ordination. 1 unit. Tu Th, 10.

24. Practice in Teaching.

Miss HAGELTHORN, Dr. BEACH. Three hours, three days a week, on model playground or in

connection with other courses. 1 unit. Nine hours.

Special Courses.

25. Recreative Gymnastics.

Miss HAGELTHORN. A course designed for students in other departments who wish

to receive instruction and participate in recreative gym

nastic games and play. 1 unit. MWF, 4.

26. Playground Festivals and Pageants.

Miss HOFER A. This course will consist in the discussion of Play and Folk

Festivals for the playground, how to celebrate National and Civic birthdays. The Pageant, its artistic and historic sig. nificance, illustrated materials and subjects, dramatizing history dances and ceremonials, costume and presentation. Students will have opportunity to take active part in prep aration of both festival and pageant during the summer session. One special hour of practice will be required for

the latter. B. Practice ('ourse. Folk dances for Pageants and Festivals.

Dances for Seasons: Spring, Harvest and Christmas. Dances

to illustrate different countries and historic periods. 1 unit. M W F, 10.

Teachers interested in school garden work relative to the play: ground movement, see Agricultural Education 3.


Mrs. L. L. HARFORD, Instructor in Stenography and Typewriting in

the Summer Session. LUCIA M. WALLACE, Assistant in Stenography and Typewriting in the

Summer Session.

1. Stenography.

Mrs. HARFORD. Theory; dictation from letters; examination based on knowl

edge of the manual, and the rapid reading of shorthand notes.

No previous knowledge of the subject necessary. 2 units. M Tu W Th F, 10. 10 North Hall.

2. Advanced Stenography.

Mrs. IIARFORD. Review of principles; speed practice; dictation from 75 to 125

words per minute; skill test, reading of notes at the rate of

125 words per minute. 2 units. M Tu W Th F, 9. 10 North Hall,

3. Expert Stenography.

Mrs. HARFORD. Reporting; special phrasing; rapid reading; dictation from 125

to 170 words per minute. 2 units. MWF, 11. 10 North Hall.

4. Typewriting.

Mrs. HARFORD. For students taking Stenography 1. Touch method; concen

tration; mastery of keyboard; forms; copying from print;

care of machine. 1 unit.
M Tu W Th F, 3. 10 North Hall.

5. Typewriting.

Mrs. HAR FORD. For students taking Stenography 2 or 3. Rapid copying from

print; speed drills from dictation; transcription of shorthand

notes. 1 unit.
M Tu W Th F, 4. 10 North llall.

6. Course for Teachers.

Mrs. ILARFORD. Methods of teaching commercial subjects; development of com

mercial work in high schools. Lectures by principals and

teachers of commercial high schools and colleges. 2 units. Tu Th, 11. 10 North Hall.


PAUL LLEWELLYN EVANS, Head of Commercial Department in the

Berkeley High School.

The following courses are especially designed to meet the needs of prospective teachers and others desiring familiarity with modern methods of teaching the subject, while mastering the theory. 1. Elementary Bookkeeping.

Mr. EVANS. An introductory course; previous knowledge of bookkeeping not necessary.

The end in view is to attain a working knowledge of the fundamental principles of the subject. Training in the making and disposition of business papers is

afforded. M Tu W Th F, 9-11. 114 California Hall. 2. Advanced Bookkeeping.

Mr. EVANS. A knowledge of elementary bookkeeping prerequisite. Atten

tion given to modern differentiated and specialized forms.

Accounting in its simpler phases and applications reviewed. M Tu W Th F, 10-12. 114 California Hall.

3. Conferences for Teachers.

Mr. EVANS. The literature of bookkeeping; methods of teaching the subject;

office practice; equipment and other important problems. Tu Th, 11. 114 California Hall.

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All classes meet Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, unless otherwise specified. Recitations and lectures last fifty-three minutes, with intervals of seven minutes. The periods begin at seven minutes past the hour, and end on the even hour.

8 a.m.-
Education 2, Mr. Chamberlain, 107 California Hall.
History 1, Prof. Smith, 109 California Hall.
Law 1, Mr. White, 106 Boalt Hall of Law.
Law 2 (4 hours), Mr. Ballantine, 104 Boalt Hall of Law.
Music 1, Miss Houk, 1 Observatory.
Music 5, Mrs. Sweesy.
Greek 1, Prof. Linforth, 8 North Hall.
English 2B, Miss Perry, 15 North Hall.
German 1 (continued at 1 o'clock), Mr. Wyneken, 7 North Hall.
French 2 (2 hours), Mr. Solomon, 16 North Hall.
Spanish 1 (continued at 1 o'clock), Mr. Boehncke, 168 North Hall.
Italian 1, Prof. Child, 15B North Hall.
Mathematics 3, Mr. Woods, 21 North Hall.
Mathematics 4, Prof. Putnam, 4 North Hall.
Chemistry 104, Prof. Morgan, 210 Chemistry Building.
Botany 1, Mr. Chandler, 5 Botany Building.
Zoology 103 (4 hours), Dr. Daniel, 7 East Hall.
Agricultural Education 3 (M W), Mr. Stebbins, 4 Fertilizer Control Laboratory.
Agricultural Education 4 (Tu Th F), Mr. Stebbins, 2 Agricultural Building.
Nature-Study 1, Prof. Charles, 102 California Hall.
Physical Education 8, Dr. Kilgore.

9 a.m. -
Philosophy 3. Dr. Brown, 1 Philosophy Building.
Education 104, Prof. Rugh, 103 California Hall.
Law 203, Prof. Kales, 106 Boalt Hall of Law.
History 2, Prof. Scholz, 110 California Hall.
Economics 1, Prof. Whitaker, 107 California Hall.
Home Economics 1 (3 hrs.), Miss Palmer, McKinley School.
Music 2, Miss Houk.
Music 8, Mr. Chapman, 101 California Hall,
Greek 2 (Tu Th), Prof. Linforth, 8 North Hall.
Greek 103 (M W F), Prof. Linforth, 8 North Hall,
Latin 2, Mr. Deutsch, 11 North Hall.
English 2A, Mr. Blanchard, 19 North Hall,
English 3A, Miss Payne, 24 North Hall.
English 104, Prof. Spaeth, 113 California Hall.
English 105, Prof. Sanford, 25 North Hall.
German 2 (continued at 2 o'clock), Dr. Pinger, 7 North Hall.

French 103, Prof. Child, 150 North Hall.
Spanish 2, Prof. Clark, 163 North Hall.
Mathematics 2, Mr. Wright, 18B North Hall.
Mathematics 105, Mr. Woods, 21 North Hall.
Mathematics 207, Prof. Putnam, 4 North II all.
Astronomy 1, Mr. Meyer, 1 Observatory.
Physics 1 (continued at 1 o'clock), Mr. Danforth, 13 South Hall.
Physics 2 (3 hours), Prof. Minor, 4 East Hall.
Chemistry 103, Prof. Booth, 217 Chemistry Building.
Nature Study 2, Prof. Charles, 102 California Hall,
Hygiene 3 (3 hours), Miss Henderson, Bacteriological Laboratory,
Drawing 4 (3 hours), Miss Donaldson, 11 East Hall.
Manual Training 1 (3 hours), Miss Brown, McKinley School.
Manual Training 2A (3 hours), Mr. Hughson, McKinley School.
Manual Training 2B, (3 hours), Mr. Hughson, McKinley School.
Manual Training (3 hours), Mr. Evans, 23 Mechanics Building.
Agricultural Education 4 (Tu 2 hrs.), Mr. Stebbins, 2 Agricultural Building.
Home Economics 1 (3 hours), McKinley School,
Medicine 1, Dr. Sawyer (3 hours), Pathological Laboratory,
Physical Education 1, Dr. Kilgore.
Physical Education 10 (M W F), Dr. Beach.
Physical Education 17 (MW), Mrs. Morgan.
Physical Education 18 (Tu Th), Dr Beach.
Stenography 2, Mrs. Harford, 10 North Hall.
Accounting (2 hours), Mr. Evans, 114 California Hall.

10 a.m.Education 3, Prof. Ziertmann, 102 California Hall. Education 208, Prof. Rugh, 103 California Hall. History 105 (MWF), Prof. Scholz, RR Library. History 207 (Tu, 2 hours), Prof. Scholz, RR Library. Economics 102, Prof. Whitaker, 107 California Hall. Anthropology 1, Mr. Waterman, Museum of Anthropology. Latin 104, Mr. Deutsch, 11 North Hall. Music 11, Mr. Foote, 1 Observatory. English 3B, Miss Payne, 24 North Hall. English 106, Prof. Spaeth, 101 California Hall. English 209, Prof. Sanford, LL Library. German 104, Dr. Pinger, 7 North Hall. Spanish 3, Prof. Clark, 16B North Hall. Mathematics 106, Prof. Keyser, 21 North Hall. General Science 1, Prof. Morgan, 210 Chemistry Building. Physics 1 (laboratory, 2 hours), 1 East Hall. Zoology 1, (Tu Th, 2 hours), Dr. Daniel, East Hall. Agricultural Education 1 (2 hours), Mr. Mansell, 2 Agricultural Building. Physical Education 3 (Tu Th), Dr. Beach and Miss Hofer. Physical Education 11 (Tu Th), Miss Hagelthorn. Physical Education 15 (MW F), Mrs. Morgan. Physical Education 19 (M WF), Dr. Kilgore. Physical Education 23 (Tu Th), Mrs. Morgan, Physical Education 26 (MWF), Miss Hofer. Stenography 1, Mrs. Harford, 10 North Hall. Accounting 2 (2 hours), Mr. Evans, 114 California Hall.

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