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5. The Birds of California.


Laboratory and field work, with collateral reading. A study of birds in the field, their identification, nesting habits, general ecology, etc., supplemented by laboratory work along similar lines, includ ing taxonomy. One conference per week. 2 units.

M Tu Th F, 8-11; W, 8. Museum of Vertebrate Zoology.

6. Vertebrate Fauna of Yosemite Valley.

Mr. CHANDLER. An excursion for two weeks at the close of the Summer Session will be made (in conjunction with the Department of Botany) to Yosemite Valley for the study of the vertebrate fauna, especially the birds and mammals of the Sierras. Open for registration without prerequisite, but to obtain credit in this work the student must have had courses 4 and 5, or their equivalent. 1 unit.

201. Embryology. Dr. LONG. A course in comparative embryology. Lectures dealing with the fundamental facts of reproduction, the early stages of development of vertebrates, the formation of organs, and the foetal membranes of mammals, including man. Laboratory study of preparations of amphibia, chick and pig embryos. Demonstrations. 4 units. Laboratory fee, $2.50.

M Tu W Th F, 8-12. East Hall.

202. Research in Cytology and Mammalian Embryology.


For those who wish to work either independently or in coöperation with those already engaged in the above research. Credits and hours to be arranged. Laboratory fee, $2.50.

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