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Stran 34 - The golden age of English oratory, which extends over the last quarter of the eighteenth and the first quarter of the nineteenth centuries, produced no speaker, either in Parliament or at the Bar, superior in persuasive force and artistic finish to Thomas Lord Erskine.
Stran 5 - It is thirty-five minutes' ride by train and ferry from San Francisco, and twenty-five minutes' ride by electric car from the business center of Oakland. The site of the University comprises about five hundred and thirty acres...
Stran 19 - The materials and methods suited to such a course in the high school will be fully discussed. The nature and amount of practical work needed in the course, including field trips and excursions, outdoor and laboratory exercises, will be considered in detail, together with the equipment for the same.
Stran 81 - California (founded in 1860) is by the terms of its charter an integral part of the educational system of the State.
Stran 39 - An introduction to the Greek language based upon graded selections from the works of Menander, Euclid, Aristophanes, Plato, Herodotus and the New Testament. The method of presentation emphasizes the living phrase, and has as its chief object the acquiring of reading power. Mastery of essential forms; memorizing of quotations; practice in reading at sight.
Stran 34 - ... production. The Economic Basis of the Family. Public Aspects of the Household. — A course Intended to review the relations between the householder and the public, as represented by Federal, State, or municipal authority. Legal and Economic Position of Women. — A study of the status of women with reference to their property, the effect of marriage, their share In the control of their children, their opportunities as wage earners and producers. (See P. 22.) The Child and the State. Problems...
Stran 7 - Francisco, except that of law, tuition fees are charged. The instruction in all the colleges is open to all qualified persons, without distinction of sex.
Stran 1 - The site comprises about two hundred and seventy acres of land, rising at first in a gentle and then in a bolder slope from a height of about two hundred feet above the sea level to one of over nine hundred feet. It thus covers a range of more than seven hundred feet in altitude, while back of it the chain of hills continues to rise a thousand feet higher. Berkeley is a city of homes, with a population of about forty-three thousand people. Electric car lines make the trip from the University to Oakland...

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