Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Količina 30

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Henry Mills Alden, Frederick Lewis Allen, Lee Foster Hartman, Thomas Bucklin Wells
Harper's Magazine Company, 1865
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Important American periodical dating back to 1850.

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Stran 391 - I repeat the declaration made a year ago, that " while I remain in my present position I shall not attempt to retract or modify the emancipation proclamation, nor shall I return to slavery any person who is free by the terms of that proclamation, or by any of the acts of Congress.
Stran 426 - Thrice since then had the lanes been white, And the orchards sweet with apple-bloom ; And now, when the cows came back at night, The feeble father drove them home. For news had come to the lonely farm...
Stran 426 - Then fastened the meadow bars again. Under the willows, and over the hill, He patiently followed their sober pace ; The merry whistle for once was still, And something shadowed the sunny face. Only a boy ! and his father had said He never could let his youngest go ; Two already were lying dead Under the feet of the trampling foe.
Stran 102 - Heading square at the hulk. Full on his beam we bore; But the spine of the huge Sea-Hog Lay on the tide like a log, He vomited flame no more. By this, he had found it hot; — Half the fleet, in an angry ring. Closed round the hideous thing, Hammering with solid shot, And bearing down, bow on bow; He has but a minute to choose, — Life or renown ? — which now Will the Rebel Admiral lose? Cruel, haughty, and cold, He ever was strong and bold ; Shall he shrink from a wooden stem ? He will think...
Stran 517 - I should break through the wall to come to you. If I were lying on a sick bed, you would draw me up - to stagger to your feet and fall there.' The wild energy of the man, now quite let loose, was absolutely terrible. He stopped and laid his hand upon a piece of the coping of the burial-ground enclosure, as if he would have dislodged the stone.
Stran 426 - The summer day grew cool and late: He went for the cows when the work was done; But down the lane, as he opened the gate, He saw them coming one by one : Brindle, Ebony, Speckle, and Bess, Shaking their horns in the evening wind...
Stran 102 - t was still all a-roar, As the ships went by the shore, But the fire of the Fort had slacked (So fierce their volleys had been), — And now with a mighty din, The whole fleet came grandly in, Though sorely battered and wracked. So, up the Bay we ran, The Flag to port and ahead, — And a pitying rain began To wash the lips of our dead. A league from the Fort we lay, And deemed that the end must lag, — When lo! looking down the Bay, There flaunted the Rebel Rag;— The Ram is again under way And...
Stran 101 - They may sink as Craven sank. Therewith one hard fierce thought, Burning on heart and lip, Ran like fire through the ship : Fight her, to the last plank ! A dimmer renown might strike If Death lay square alongside, — But the Old Flag has no like, She must fight, whatever betide ; — When the War is a tale of old, And this day's story is told. They shall hear how the Hartford died ! But as we ranged ahead, And the leading ships worked in.
Stran 103 - Dahlgrens are dumb, Dumb are the mortars — Never more shall the drum Beat to colors and quarters — The great guns are silent. O brave heart and loyal! Let all your colors dip — Mourn him, proud Ship! From main deck to royal. God rest our Captain, Rest our lost hundred. Droop, flag and pennant! What is your pride for? Heaven, that he died for, Rest our Lieutenant, Rest our brave threescore.
Stran 167 - Men who have shown so much endurance and courage as those now in Vicksburg, will always challenge the respect of an adversary, and I can assure you, will be treated with all the respect due them as prisoners of. war. I do not favor the proposition of appointing commissioners to arrange terms of capitulation, because I have no other terms than those indicated above.

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