Reports of the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, Prepared in Obedience to the Act of the 10th May, 1800: ... to which are Prefixed the Reports of Alexander Hamilton, on Public Credit, on a National Bank, on Manufactures, and on the Establishment of a Mint, Količina 1

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Stran 289 - In obedience to the directions of the " Act supplementary to the Act to establish the Treasury Department," the Secretary of the Treasury respectfully submits the following report : 1st.
Stran 104 - ... the price of the article to the minimum of a reasonable profit on the capital employed. This accords with the reason of the thing, and with experience. Whence it follows, that it is the interest of a community, with a view to eventual and permanent economy, to encourage the growth of manufaciures. In a national view, a temporary enhancement of price must always be well compensated by a permanent reduction of it.
Stran 93 - But the greatest obstacle of all to the successful prosecution of a new branch of industry in a country in which it was before unknown consists, as far as the instances apply, in the bounties, premiums, and other aids which are granted in a variety of cases by the nations in which the establishments to be imitated are previously introduced.
Stran 5 - To justify and preserve their confidence; to promote the increasing respectability of the American name; to answer the calls of justice; to restore landed property to its due value; to furnish new resources both to agriculture and commerce; to cement more closely the union of the States; to add to their security against foreign attack; to establish public order on the basis of an upright and liberal policy — these are the great and invaluable ends to be secured by a proper and adequate provision...
Stran 93 - ... best calculated to give it success. To this it is of importance that the confidence of cautious, sagacious capitalists, both citizens and foreigners, should be excited. And to inspire this description of persons with confidence, it is essential that they should be made to see in any project which is new, and for that reason alone, if for no...
Stran 166 - An Act supplementary to the Act making Provision for the Debt of the United States...
Stran 113 - No objection ought to arise to this construction, from a supposition that it would imply a power to do whatever else should appear to Congress conducive to the general welfare. A power to appropriate money with this latitude which is granted too in express terms, would not carry a power to do any other thing, not authorized in the Constitution, either expressly or by fair implication.
Stran 11 - If all the public creditors receive their dues from one source, distributed with ;an equal hand, their interest will be the same. And having the same interests, they will unite in the support of the fiscal arrangements of the government...
Stran 64 - The emitting of paper money by the authority of Government is wisely prohibited to the individual States, by the National Constitution; and the spirit of that prohibition ought not to be disregarded by the Government of the United States.
Stran 79 - Till the latter shall characterize the situation of this country, 'tis vain to hope for the former. " If, contrary to the natural course of things, an unseasonable and premature spring can be given to certain fabrics, by heavy duties, prohibitions, bounties, or by other forced expedients, this will only be to sacrifice the interests of the community to those of particular classes. Besides the misdirection of labor, a virtual monopoly will be given to the persons employed on such fabrics, and an enhancement...

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