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on this new Edition.

English Literature having found thefe many

years ago, fo much lovers in Germany and


the adjacent countries, I doubt not, the defign

i have form'd to print neat Pockh


of the Englifh Claffical Writers, will be very acceptable to the learned world. I thought beft, to begin my Tafk with the Edition of Mr. POPE'S Works, this Author being fo univerfally efteemed by all thofe that have any taste of Poetry or Learning.

All care poffible has been taken to have this Edition correct as well, as neat, and, I hope, with fo good a fuccefs, that the Reader will find but very few faults, that are of any Confequence.

This Edition is more complet as the Englifh Pocket Editions, for it is printed on

Octavo, and contains all his Notes and Commentaries. Yet in the English little Editions the Commentaries are left out.

If this firft Commencement fhould not wholly displease to the lovers of English Literature. The Editions of the Works of MILTON, ADDISON, THOMPSON,

SHAKESPEARE, YOUNG, PRIOR AKENSIDE, and other claffical English Writers fhall follow immediatly the Edition of Mr. POPE'S Works, and fhall be printed with the fame neatnefs and correctnefs, adorned too with curious cuts done by the beft hands. Berlin, May 3th. 1762.

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R. POPE, in his laft illnefs, amufed himself, amidft the care of his higher concerns, in preparing a corrected and complete Edition of his Writings; and, with his ufual delicacy, was even folicitous to prevent any fhare of the offence they might occafion, from falling on the Friend whom he had engaged to give them to the Public .

*___“ I own the late encroachments upon my con"stitution make me willing to fee the end of all "further care about me or my works. I would reft "for the one in full refignation of my being to "be difpofed of by the Father of all Mercy; and "for the other (though indeed a trifle, yet a trifle

may be fome example) I would commit them to "the candor of a fenfible and reflecting judge, " rather than to the malice of every fhort-fighted "and malevolent critic, or inadvertent and cenfo"rious Reader. And no hand can fet them in fo good a light, &c." Let. cxx. to Mr. W.

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"I alfo give and bequeath to the faid Mr. Warburton, the property of all fuch of my Works already printed as he hath written or fhall write "Commentaries or Notes upon, and which I have VOL. I.

In difcharge of this truft, the Public has here a complete Edition of his Works; executed in such a manner, as, I am perfuaded, would have been to his fatisfaction.

The Editor hath not, for the fake of profit, fuffered the Author's Name to be made cheap by a Subscription; nor his Works to be defrauded of their due Honours by a vulgar or inelegant Impreffion; nor his memory to be difgraced by any pieces unworthy of his talents or On the contrary, he hath, at a very great expence, ornamented this Edition with all the advantages which the best Artists in Paper, Printing, and Sculpture could bestow upon it.



If the Public hath waited longer than the deference due to it should have fuffered, it was reafon which the Editor need not owing to make a fecret. It was his regard to the familyinterefts of his deceased Friend. Mr. Pope, at his death, left large impreffions of feveral parts

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not otherwife difpofed of or alienated; and as he
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" fhall



His Laft Will and Teftament.

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