Slike strani


ROM scenes of blood and loweritis

The timid Muse, indignant, flies,
With thee, SYLVANUS, pleas'd to rove
Through Poetry's enchanting grove;
Or from Philofophy the veil
To draw, or learn th' Hiftoric tale.

Yet war and tragic scenes succeed,
Whate'er we see, whate'er we read.

Rowley's, or Turgot's, hatchedd ftede
Ypraunces o'er th' imbatteld mede,
Where Dacyanns threaten Brystowe's walls *,
Where William lands, and Harold falls f.

Ev'n in that modern Garden , plann'd
So truly by a masler's hand,
Where Art, and Nature, and the Nine
Their variegated charms combine,
Her richest Tweets where Flora strews,
And Morning sheds her earliest dews,
Nerina mourns, in plaintive strain,
A fire and brother loft or slain;
And civil Discoro's thrieks invade
The roseate bower, the vocal fhade.

We range, in Philologic lore,
With Saruin's Sage II, th? Athenian fhore,
Where through a melancholy waze
Of tuin'd fanes Ilyssus' ftrays;
Or, where Byzantium's towering pride
Defies the fierce Bosphorian tide,
Lament the desolation made
By Chriftians in a direcrusade.

With Gibbon the decline and fate
We trace of Rome's degenerate state,
See heroes, cities, empires fall,
And wide destruction cover all.

Ainidst the tranquil Southern main,
Where good King Ottoo holds his reign,
Storms of revenge and fury rife,
Dark clouds deform those azure skies,
And Pretanne's Toote wond'ring views
Mild Otaheite's wa -canoes **.

Nor is the curse of war confin'd
To our whole-reasoning humankind;
Half-reasoning insects + + on the coasts
Of Gambia range their martial hosts,
And, by sage instinct led, unite
To labour fome, and some to fight.

Grieve though we must, yet thus we see.
That wars have been, and wais will be,
Till with the world thall Discord cease,

And Angels hymn th'eternal reign of Peace. Dec. 31, 1781. * #lla. + Battle of Hattings. See Vol. XLVI. pp. 466,7. Mr. Malon's. See p. 477. James Harrs, esq; See p. 577.

See pp. 184, 328, &c. Sce vol. XLVII. p. 492. ++ The Termires. Sce p. 526.


FTER having so long enjoyed the Patronage of the Public, it gives

attract the Notice of Men of Learning; and that the Critic, Philofopher, An. tiquarian, and Divine, seem alike solicitous to maintain the Credit of a Work from which they have, during a long Series of Years, received no inconfiderable Share of Entertainment. It is from Gentlemen of this Description that we are enabled to boast a Superiority over our numerous Competitors. For their Affittance we can only repeat our Acknowledgements. Our Ohligations will best appear by a Recapitulation of the principal Articles in the volume of the present Year, among which the intelligent Leader will find no Difficulty of marking the learned Contributions.

In January, Dehates in parliament; Theatrical register; Critical query on JuFenal; Death of Mary East (35 years a man); Memoirs of the life of w. Collins (poet); Original letter by Montagu Bacon, esq; Various accounts of Pompey's pila lar in Egypt; an historical fact variously represented ; Speculator, No IV.; Severity of church discipline after the reformation; Original memoirs of Cervantes (author of Don Quixote); Anecdote of the late Mr. Harris ; Miscellaneous remarks ; Madan's do&rine of polygamy truly stated; Dr. Gibbons's explanation of Ichneumon; Sketch of the character of Sir J. S. Denham.

In February, Parliamentary debates continued Illustration of Roman stagedresses; Particulars of the Gordon family; Miscellaneous corrections and remarks a Case of a woman who spoke without a tongue ; The Scribbler, No I. ; Characters of Prince Kaunitz and Sir J. Yorke'; Plan for a catalogue of the Sloanian MSS.; Corrections in the History of Tunstall, and in Vol. XXV. of Swift, large 8vo:;. Anecdotes of W. Joyner, alias Lyde; History of medals relative to the Sovereignty of the Narrow Scas; Bf notes on the Radcliffe library; Anecdotes of Q. Caroline, Mr. Browne, Dr. Byrom, and the Grey family : Charlemagne's Larin Teltament existing; Curiosities in the Scotch Jesuits college; Anecdote of the Pretender and his lady.

In March, Parliamentary debates continued; Memoirs of Dr. Hildesley, bp, of Man; Minutes of the trial of Ld G. Gordon ; Letter on a tribe of Welch Indiars; Observations on hieroglyphic language; A well near Saccara in Egypt described ; Curious letters from learned men; Memoirs of Madame de Sévigné; Nemoirs of a fingular female character, whose writings have been cuquired after; Negro Navery, iss cruelty, injuflice, &c.; Singularities at the late Mr. Tyers's villa near Dora king; Narrative of proceedings at Calcutta, in reversing a sentence of the provincial court at Patna, curious and important.

In April, Parliamentary debates continued ; Minutes of the trial of J. Donellan, efq: Wolley's “ Ego & Rex meus" elucidated; Original letter of the late Ignatius Sancho; Hint for a new instirution for relief of indigent families of persons reguJarly bred to the law; Original anecdotes relative to Dean Swift; Biographical and literary memoirs of Dr. Fothergill; Mr. Madan's doctrine confidered and refuted : Sherlock's character of Richardion's Clarissa ; Mr. Rogers to Mr. Astle on block, printing; Remarks on Capt. Phipps's (now Ld Mulgrave) tables of longitude ; Queries and remarks on Hudibras by Montagu Bacon, efq; Genealogical query relative to the pedigree of Fynney; Brief description of Shipton-Mallet; Bridges of Merida and Alcantara-described ; Brief meinoirs of Thomas Coxeter.

In May, Parliamentary debates continued ; Dr. Fothergill's conduct with respect to Dr. Leous flared and justified: Bp. Pearce's argument concerning the father of Sc. Johin confislered; Story of Margaret Cutting doubted; List of extinct peers from 1770 to 1980: Anecdote of Vere Fotler; Miscellaneous remarks and corrections ; Plan of a new road to avoid Highgate-bill; Critique on Mr. Harley's poems; Strica tures respecting the character of Dr. Wilson, lac bp. of Sodor and Nan: Epitaph, on W. Mafley; Letter from one Black to another, being a specimen of Sancho's lerers now preparing for the press; Notices concerning a Di. Mcad. ayeu 148; Lift of the pretent Antiquarian Society.




In June, Parliamentary debates continued ; The controrcriy on Ollian's Poems decideil; Abbé Raspal's late publication authenticited; Afecdotes of Sir Hugh Middleton, hvMr. Pennant; Mr. Walpole's memoirs of the Countess of Desinond; l'articulars of the ancient family of Finney; Lamentatio Jacobi fuper Joseph, from an ol MS. with a trarslarion ; 1litcelianeous corrections and remarks; Remarks on hidroglyphics, and their use'; Useful hint to heralds and biographers.

In July, Pariiainentary debates continued ; Speech of the Speaker of the H. C.; King's speech on proroguing the parliament; Addisional anecdotes of Bp. Hildefley; Ronan milit sy way through Suilex, dica; Striéturus on Dr. Lectíom's account of Dr. Torhergill; Queries on the allusions and obfcurities in Fitzosborne's letters; On the forereignty of the Narrow Seas ; Pope's “ Unforrunale Lady" enquired aftcr; Remarkable extract: from Abbé Ravnal; Anecdote of Mr. Garrick; Hint to nurses; Remarks on Dr. Johnton's biography; Strictures on the Life of Gray; Biographic cal account of Mr. St. André.

in August, Parliamentary dehares continued ; Original letter from Mr. Harris of Salisburv; Farther extracts from Abbé Raynal's history; A perpetual electrophorus enquiresi aftur; Mifcellaneous anecdotes and remarks: Narrative of De la Notte's trial; Stoictures on Dr. Johnson's biographical prefaces ; The Bañbler ; Remark on Dr. Johnson's bi bite Koje; Epitaph on Bp. Warburtons Roman aitar lately dug up at Doncalier ; Epitaphs, 'one fuppofed to be by Shakipeare; Cromwell's authority to' :tade to India; Remarkable anecdote of the late rioters ; Meinoirs of Dr. Johnson, chancellor of Ely; Punic infcriptions found in Canada; A parson's inventory.

In Septeinber, Parliamentary debates continued; Memoirs of Sir S. Baskerville, and Dr. Geo. Bate; Portraits of eminent men in London; Roman and Thetralian bull-tights; On Sir Isaac Newton's birth-place; Some account of Bps. Graham and Adair, Critical observations on the Hymns of Homer; Curious account of the Island of Tovago; l'articulars relative to Milion's Latin letters, with the names of his correspondents; Liberal ideas in religion recommended.

In October, Parliamentary debates continued ; The stone in the coronation chair". not what it is supposed to be; Neglect of alnishoufes cenfured ; Querïcs on Fitze borne's letters answered ; Unnoticed arecdote of Sir

Ricli. Black mote ; Infcription, at Burton l'ynfent, on the Earl of Chatham ; Biographical niemoirs of Mr. Airalam Sharp, a celebiated mathematician; Reinarks on the first volume of Dr. Johnson's Lives of the Pocts; bingula character of Angus Roy Fletcher.

In Norember, Parliamentary debates continued ; Strictures relative to the Wri. tings of Michael Brade; Dr. Letilom's farther delinee of Dr. Fothergill; Antiquity of the Fynney family murhenticated; Paisage of Sirakspeare illustrated ; Anecdotes of Dr. Furncaux and Sir Michael Fofter; Defcription of a comet now visible; Singular custom in Picardy described ; Anecdotes of Miss Harrop, now Mrs. Bates ; On Mr. Harris's letter to Mr. Young“; Bp. Hall, not Mr. Boyle, the firft spiritualiser; The story of Judge Gascoigne, with his portrait; Memoirs of Sir Piercy Brett and Ld Hawke; On the black caterpillar or tuinip fly.

In December, Parliamentary debates cortinucd; Remarks on Sir David Dalrym. ple's annals of Scotland; Rowlcy's poems modern-Dr. Milles and Mr. Bryant refuted ; Dr. Lindsay on the doctrine of waterfpouts; On the rules for drawing in peripeative; Abp. Parker's claim to an old translation of the Plalms aflerted; Col. ieaion of letters relative to the authenticity of Osian's Poems; Verbal criticisms on Mr. Gray's Poems; Curious letter of Lord Orford.

In the Supplement, Parliamentary debates continued ; Dehate in the house of peers; Observations on the Poems attributed to Rowley; Dr. Lindsay's theory of waterspouts; Gaine of quadrille ; Natural production in stone ; Com. Johnsone's action at Port Praya; Sérictures on Mr. W. Shaw; On Sir W. Gascoigne and his medal; Black caterpillar, how to be destroyed; Rotheram on the foul of man; Anecrlotes of Count Gyllenborg, and of Milton's Correspondents; Ld G. Gordon's trial concluded.

*** As our former Volames contain the Transactions of a Period of Fifty Years, or juít HALF A CINZUKY ; and as we have in Contem, Jation the Republication of 200 Setrs in Monthly Volumes, with a GENERAL INDEX COMPLEAT; THIS VOLUME may be confidered as the F1RST of a NĖw Series. Our principal Motive for republishing the formne: Voluines is to enable us to replace the Numbers that have been long out of print,

Late Donde of our Purcba furs to make up their Seits.

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AVERAGE PRICES of CORN, from Jan. 15, to Jan. 20, 1781.

Wheat Rye Barley Oats Beans COUNTIES upon the COAST.

s. d. London

6 112
712 111 112 9


6 210 OLI III II2 9 Suffolk

5 812



Norfolk 6 513 101 811
Middlesex 6 410 0j2 312 113

5 212 91 111

612 Surry

02 03

5 43 11/2 Hertford

52 03 5
Durham $ 60

II 73
5 103 72 21 113

Northumberland 5 213 72 211 8 Cambridge 5 113 32 ot 712

Cumberland 5 63 72 72 Huntingdon 5 910 II 813


5 103 Northampton 5 7 2 1 2 Or

Lancashire 5 80 0 2 6 8 Rutland 6


S 53 812 61 60 Leicester 5 812 82 OI


5 60

21 610 Nottingham 5 213 SI 82


5 102 912

11 712 Derby

11 103

51 41°
S 410



02 31 410 Salop

5 1/3
4 III 6


5 9,0 02.

11 103 Hereford

5 210

OI 81 712 4 Hampshire 5 90 이로 II 912
5 410


02 1 1 812 8 Warwick

2 Or U12 I

0,2 21 1012

6 Gloucester


CI II 83 Wilts 5 90 02 11813 6

WALES, Jan. 8, to Jan. 13, 1780. Berks

5 910

OI 102 8

02 01
9/2 North Wales

5 013 612 111
6 olo o'z ili 112 South Wales

4 913


A Meteorological Diary of the Weather for JANUARY, 1780.
Barom. Therm.

IN to SW

little 30 2 137 | Night frost, chiefly foggy and heavy 21 S to NW

ditto 30 i 38 gentle thaw, foggy morning, bright afternoon 3 NW

41 a black, heavy, moist day N

freth 30 2

44 a fine bright day, tending to frost SWNW ditto 30 21 38 a smart frost, several flying clouds 6NW to SW

39 dark, foggy, moist day NE

freih 30 1 41 foggy morning, bright day, cutting wind 8 ditto

30 I 37 very imart froit, very brighi 9 NE

30 cxceeding hard frott, but not fo bright ditto

297 35 frost continues, heavy black day IWNW little 29

heavy day, with some little Deet 12 NNW

30 Intense frost, very bright day and night NW to E

ditto, but not so bright 34 ditto 29 81 28 ditto,

very bright 15 E to SE


frost night and morn, cloudy at noon, ralny evening 16 SW

stormy 28 61 40 a very moist day, fome milling rain at cines 17

SW to N W little 28 743 a fine mild day, in general bright, foggy evening 18 Calm

28 81 41 an exceeding foggy heavy day 19 NNE

little 29 1

42 exceffive foggy, with milling rain
stormy | 29 3 43 a very black coarse day, with fleet and rain attimen
freth 29 8


a smart frost, and bright day

little 29 91 37 hard frost, and very bright 23 ditto

30 33

ditto, sometimes hazy 24 N


ditto, cloudy at times, with some fow 25 ditto


ditto, chielly cloudy, a good deal of snow 26 NE

29 9337

ditto, ditto

29 9
33 ditto,

ditto, a great deal of snow
29 9

very heavy and dark, but no Inow 29 ditto

29 73 38 ditto, ditto E stormy 29 7

34 very hard frost, coarse day, some snow NE

freihl 29 7 137 hárd frost, heavy black day

Bill of Mortality from Jan. 2, to Jan. 23, 1781.

2 and 5 133! so and 60 167
Maics 680

5 and 10 50 60 and

70 10 and 20


70 and So 104 Whereof have died under two years old 463

20 and 30 136 80 and 90 47

30 and 40 126 go and ico Peck Loaf 25. 7d.

40 and 50

379 | Ico

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