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BELIEVING that a favourable reception of a First Edition is best acknowledged by a painstaking revision for the Second, I have made it as careful as possible.

J. H. A. M.

EDINBURGH, April 1877.


THE purpose of this Treatise is to supply the legal practitioner with a brief summary of the Criminal Law.

In the practice of Criminal Courts, where the lawyer is often called upon to conduct the defence of an accused person, without the opportunity of previous preparation, and where points may emerge without there being the possibility of delay for study and research, it seems most important that some handy means of reference to the existing authorities should be available to him. The author trusts that the present work may in some measure answer this end. All things pertaining to style-except, it is hoped, clearness-have been sacrificed, with a view to condensation.

The author most gratefully expresses his acknowledgment, and tenders his best thanks to the Right Hon. the LORD JUSTICECLERK, for the use of the MS. Notes of the late Lord JusticeClerk Hope; to the DEAN OF FACULTY, for the MS. Notes of the late Lord Moncreiff; to Mr CLEGHORN, for the MS. Notes of the late Lord Cockburn; to Mr JOHN WOOD, for the MS. Notes of the late Lord Wood; and to Mr DAVID B. HOPE, for the late Lord Justice-Clerk Hope's Copy of Hume's Commentaries, containing his Lordship's MS. Notes. The much regretted death of the late Lord Ivory deprives the author of the pleasure of thanking him for his MS. Notes, which had been kindly lent to him

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