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by his Lordship. Thanks are also due to many friends who have lent manuscripts, books, and indictments, from which very great assistance has been obtained. Special thanks are due to Mr LAMOND, Advocate, Mr COMRIE THOMSON, Advocate, and Mr WILLIAM INGLIS, Advocate, who kindly revised the work as it went through the press. Mr LAMOND not only revised the work, but devoted much time to assist in the correction of the proofsheets,—a task involving great labour, from the large number of cases quoted. Lastly, the author has to acknowledge the kindness of the gentlemen officially connected with the different Criminal Courts in Edinburgh, from whom he obtained valuable information as to the forms of procedure; and, above all, of Mr CHAPMAN, of the Crown Office, who assisted most kindly in searching for unreported cases, and who also read over the work, and made many valuable suggestions.

EDINBURGH, December 15, 1866.

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