Slike strani

William Edward Colby, LL.B., Lecturer

in Law of Mines-LL.B. University
of California 1898-2901 Channing

way: Bkls 1773.
¡Clarence Linus Cory, M.M.E., John W.

Mackay Jr. Professor of Electrical
Engineering, Director of the Electric
Light and Power System, Dean of the
College of Mechanics--B.M.E. Purdue
University 1889, M.M.E. Cornell Uni-
versity 1891-2227 College av: Bkly

2641. Herbert Ellsworth Cory, Ph.D., Instructor

in English-A.B. Brown University 1906, Ph.D. Harvard University 1910 - Faculty Club: Local 28 or Bkly

5234. † Frederick Gardner Cottrell, Ph.D., Assist

ant Professor of Physical Chemistry (resigned June 30, 1911)—B.S. University of California 1896, Ph.D. Uni. versity of Leipzig 1902—2332 Fulton

st: Bkly 6391. Russell Tracy Crawford, Ph.D., Associate

Professor of Practical Astronomy (absent on leave, 1911-12)—B.S. Uni versity of California 1897, Ph.D. ibid. 1901-2740 Elmwood av: Bkly

471. †Melvin Earl Cummings, Professor of Mod

eling (A), Instructor in Modeling

3966 Clay st, SF: Pacific 1715. †Heber Doust Curtis, Ph.D., Astronomer

(LO)---A.B. University of Michigan 1892, M.A. ibid. 1893, Ph.D. Univer

sity of Virginia 1902-Santiago, Chile. | Stuart Daggett, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

of Railway Economics, on the Flood Foundation, and Secretary of the Col. lege of Commerce, first half year, 1911. 12-A.B. Harvard University 1903, M.A. ibid. 1904, Ph.D. ibid. 1906--

2510 LeConte av: Bkly 5957. † Antonio Menotti dal Piaz, M.D., Instruc

tor in Anatomy- M.D. University of California 1906-610 Fourteenth st.

O: Oakd 439 7. † Arnold Abraham D'Ancona, A.B., M.D.,

Dean of the Faculty of the College of
Medicine, Superintendent of the Uni.
versity of California Hospital (M)-
A.B. University of California 1880,
M.D. ibid. 1884--Affiliated Colleges.

SF: Park 6827.
#John Franklin Daniel, Ph.D., Assistant

Professor of Zoology--S.B. University
of Chicago 1906, Ph.D. Johns Hop.
kins University 1909-1430 Arch st:

Bkly 3327.
E. P. Dargan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

of French (to June 30, 1911) -- A.B. Bethel College 1899, Ph). Johns Hopkins University 1906.

îGeorge Davidson, Ph.D., Sc.D., Professor

of Geography, Emeritus—M.A. Santa
Clara College 1850, Ph.D. ibid. 1876,
Sc.D. University of Pennsylvania

1889-2221 Washington st, SF.
Leon Milehane Davis, Instructor in Dairy

Industry, University Farm-B.S. Kan.
sas State Agricultural College 1909-

University Farm, Davis.
† Roscoe A. Day, Instructor in Orthodontia

Technic (D)— Elkin Gunst bldg, cor.
ner Powell and Geary sts, S F: Doug.

las 4300.
† Ludwig Joseph Demeter, M.A., Assistant

Professor of German-M.A., Harvard
University 1907 - Hotel Shattuck:

Bkly 6783.
Charles Derleth, Jr., B.S., C.E., Professor

of Civil Engineering-B.S. College of
the City of New York 1894, C.E. Co.
lumbia University 1896—2854 Webs-

ter st: Bkly 293.
*Monroe Emanuel Deutsch, Ph.D., Instruc.

tor in Latin-A.B. University of Cali.
fornia 1902, M.A. ibid. 1903, Ph.D.

ibid. 1911—2314 Haste st: Bkly 5250. Arthur Boquer Domonoske, M.S., Instruc

tor in Mechanical Engineering (resigned August 9, 1910)-B.S. University of California 1907, M.S. ibid.

1909--1557 Eighth st., 0. Edward Benjamin Durham, E.M., Asso

ciate Professor of Mining-E.M. Columbia University 1892—2227 Ward

st: Bkly 6259. † Arthur Starr Eakle, Ph.D., Assistant Pro

fessor of Mineralogy-B.S. Cornell University 1892, Ph.D. University of Munich 1896-1518 Euclid av: Bkly

1134. George Elliott Ebright, M.D., Instructor

in Medicine (M)-M.D. University of
California 1899--2446 Washington st,

SF: West 24.
Adolphus James Eddy, B.S. Instructor in

Civil Engineering-B.S. University of
California 1910 - 2630 Fulton st:

Bkly 6350.
| George Cunningham Edwards, Ph.B., Pro-

fessor of Mathematics-Ph.B, University of California 1873--2546 Dana

st: Bkly 1613. Sturla Einarsson, A.B., Instructor in

Practical Astronomy-A.B. University of Minnesota 1905 Faculty Club:

Bkly 5234. * Thomas Sidney Elston, Ph.D., Instructor

in Physies--B.S. University of California 1899, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University 1906-Eucalyptus path,

Claremont Park: Bkly 1093. *Bernard Alfred Etcheverry, B.S., Associ

ate Professor of Irrigation Engineer. ing-B.S. University of California 1902-2598 Buena Vista way: Bkly 3366.

Elmer Ellsworth Evans, D.D.S., Assistant

Instructor in Dentistry (D)-D.D.S.
University of California 1904210
Union Savings Bank bldg, O: Oakd

2016. i Roscoe Farrar, M.S., Instructor in Soils

and Farm Corps, Cniversity Farm (re. signed January 1, 1911) --B.S. University of Illinois 1907, M.S. University of California 1910 — University

Farm, Davis. Gustare Faucheux, B. és L., B. és Sc.,

Assistant Professor of French Litera. ture-B, és L., Université de Paris 1869, B. és Sc. ibid. 1870--1213 E.

Twentieth st, O. i John G. Fitz-Gerald, MB., Associate Pro.

fessor of Bacteriology. Isaac Flagg, Ph.D., Professor of Greek,

Emeritus -- A.B. Harvard College, 1864, Ph.D. University of Göttingen

1871-Ukiah, Martin Charles Flaherty, Ph.B., Associate

Proiessor of Forensics-Ph.B. Univer: sity of California 1896-325 Twenty

fourth st, 0: Oakd 6967. * Robert Howe Fletcher, Assistant Professor

of the History of Art (A) 2429

Channing way. Friedrich Carl Hermann Flossfeder, In

struetor in Viticulture. John Nivison Foree, M.D., M.S., Lecturer

in Hygiene-B.S, University of California 1898, M.D. ibid. 1901, M.S.

1910_2952 College av: Bkly 5309. *Lucien Foulet, Lic. ès L., Professor of the

French Language and Literature Licencié és Lettres University of Paris 1996. Licencié d'Anglais ibid. 1898

2216 College av: Blly 1850. ; Walter Scott Franklin, M.D., Instructor

in Ophthalmology (M)-M.D. Cooper Medical College 1898—135 Stockton

st, SF: Douglas 2051. John Frrer, LL.D., Agassiz Professor of

Oriental Languages and Literatures-
LL.D. Alfred University 1889–2620

Durant av: Bkly 36.
Frederick Parker Gay, A.B., M.D., Pro-

four of Pathology-A.B. Ilarvard University 1897, D. Johns Hopkins University 1901--2347 Prospect st:

Bls 1011.
George Inpess Gay, B.S., Instructor in

Civil Engineering--B.S. University of
Colorado 19092242 College

Blly 2039.
Charles Mills Gayley, Litt.D., LL.D., Pro-

fessor of the English Language and Literature-A.B. University of Michi

1878, Litt.D. Kenyon College 1990. LL.D. University of Glasgow 19111. University of Michigan 1904– 2328 Piedmont av: Bkly 2950.

Charles Fletcher Gilcrest, B.S., Instructor

in Electrical Engineering --B.S. Uni versity of California 1903-4175

Montgomery st, 0: Pied 4299. Malcolm Goddard, B.S., DD.S., Instruc

tor in Comparative Anatomy (1)—

Butler bldg, SF: Sutter 73. | Franklin Theodore Green, Ph.G., Professor

of Chemistry, Director of the Chem. ical Laboratories, and Dean of the Faculty of the College of Pharmacy (Ph)-Ph.G. University of California 1882—-500 Devisadero st, SF: Park

478. Charles Ravenscroft Greenleaf, M.D., Hon.

orary Professor of Military and Public Hygiene---M.D. Ohio Medical College

1860-2340 Piedmont av: Bkly 514. Jeanne Harouel Greenleaf, B.L., Instruc.

tor in French B.L. University of California 1908-1437 LeRoy av:

Bkly 5044. Farnham Pond Griffiths, B.L., BA

(Oxon.), Lecturer in Law-B.L. Uni versity of California 1906, B.A. (Jurisprudence) University of Oxford 1910-Faculty Club: Local 28 or Bkly

6433. Walter Milo Griffiths, B.S., Instructor in

Mechanical Engineering (to June 30,

1911). Horace Seth Griswold, C.E., Instructor in

Civil Engineering---C.E. Cornell Uni. versity 1908—Faculty Club: Bkly

5234. John Edwin Gurley, D.D.S., Instructor

in Dental Chemistry (D). Henry Higby Gutterson, Instructor in

Architecture (to June 30, 1911)

2516A Hillegass av: Bkly 4527. i Emil Henry Hagemann, Instructor in

Dairying-University Farm, Davis. George E. Hale, Ph.D., Hitchcock Lec

turer for 1910-11 (to June 30, 1911). †Elmer Edgar Hall, Ph.D., Associate Pro

fessor of Physics (absent leave, first half-year, 1911-12)—B.S. I'miversity of Southern California 1893, M.S. University of California 1896, Ph.D. Cornell University 1902-Care of Paris Bank, 4 Bartholomew Lane,

London, England.
Harvey Monroe Hall, Ph.D., Assistant

Professor of Economic Botany and
Assistant Botanist to Agricultural Ex-
periment Station-B.S. University of
California 1901, M.S. ibid. 1902,
Ph.D. ibid. 1906-1615 La Loma av:

Bkly 4188. f Sherrell Woodworth Hall, D.D.S., Instruc

tor in Extracting (D)—D.D.S. Chicago College of Dental Surgery 1904 -2419 Bancroft way: Bkly 1286.



† Clarence Melvin Haring, D.V.M., Assist

ant Professor of Veterinary ScienceD.V.M. New York State Veterinary College 1904-2826 Garber st: Bkly

3058. Robert Almer Harper, Professor of Bot.

any (to June 30, 1911)-Faculty

Club: Local 28.
Maurice Edward Harrison, J.D., Lecturer

in Commercial Law-A.B. University
of California 1908, J.D. ibid. 1910-

3329 Washington st, SF: West 295. Richard Calhoun Harrison, A.B., LL.B.,

Instructor in Law (H)-A.B. Har. vard Collège 1890, LL.B. ibid. 1893

Mills bldg, S F. Robert Waite Harrison, A.B., LL.B., As

sistant Professor of Law (H)--A.B. Harvard University 1895, LL.B. ibid.

1898---Mills bldg, SF; Douglas 799. * Walter Morris Hart, Ph.D., Associate Professor

of English Philology-A.B. Haverford College 1892, M.A. ibid. 1893, M.A. Harvard University 1901, Ph.D. ibid. 1903-2255 Piedmont av:

Bkly 2078. i Richard Warren Harvey, M.S., Instructor

in Anatomy--B.S. University of Cali.

fornia 1901, M.S. 1910. † Mellen Woodman Haskell, Ph.D., Profes

sor of Mathematics-A.B. Harvard University 1883, M.A. ibid. 1885, M.A. and Ph.D. Göttingen 1889

2019 Durant av: Bkly 1211. Henry Rand Hatfield, Ph.D., Professor of

Accounting on the Flood Foundation ; Secretary of the College of Commerce (absent on leave, first half year, 1911. 12)-A.B. Northwestern University 1892, Ph.D. University of Chicago

1898-1505 R st, Washington, D. C. F. D. Hawk, B.S.A., Instructor in Ani.

mal Industries (to June 30, 1911) B.S.A. Iowa Agricultural College 1908

University Farm, Davis.
Fred Montreville Hayes, Instructor in

Veterinary Science-University Farm
-D.V.M. Kansas State Agricultural

College 1908-University Farm, Davis. William Charles Hays, B.S., Assistant

Professor of Architecture--B.S. Uni. versity of Pennsylvania 1893--Cloyne

Court: Bkly 4617.
Margaret Henderson, B.S., Instructor in

Bacteriology (to June 30, 1911)
B.S. University of California 1903—

2816 Derby st: Bkly 1716. | Louis Theodore Hengstler, Ph.D., Profes

sor of Law (H)-M.A. University of California 1892, Ph.D. ibid. 1891---

Kohl bldg, SF: Kearny 2442. 4 William Brodbeck Herms, M.A., Assistant

Professor of Entomology-B.S. German Wallace College 1902, M.A. Ohio State University 1906-1424 LeRoy av: Bkly 3302.

Ernest Albion Hersam, B.S.. Associate

Professor of Metallurgy-B.S. Massa. chusetts Institute of Technology 1891

-2502 Bancroft way: Bkly 1848. Frederick Godfray Hesse, Professor of

Hydraulics, Emeritus. (Died, Janu.

ary 27, 1911). Paul Llewellyn Hibbard, B.Sc., Instruc

tor in Agricultural Chemistry-B.Sc.

University of Nebraska 1892.
Eugene Woldemar Hilgard, Ph.D., LL.D.,

Professor of Agriculture, Emeritus-
Ph.D. Heidelberg University 1853,
LL.D. University of Mississippi 1884,
University of Michigan 1887, Colum
bia University 1887—2728 Bancroft

way: Bkly 1392. † Ernest Bryant Hoag, M.A., M.D., Lec.

turer in Public Hygiene-B.S. Northwestern University 1892, M.A. Stan. ford University 1894, M.D. North western University 1902-2715 Wool

sey st: Bkly 5908. † Joseph Dupuy Hodgen, D.D.S., Professor

of Operative Dentistry (D)—D.D.S. University of California 1887-240

Stockton st, SF: Douglas 3400. i Ruliff Stephen Holway, A.B., M.S., As.

sistant Professor of Physical Geog. raphy-A.B. Stanford University 1903, M.S. University of California 1904–

2577 Buena Vista way: Bkly 3163. †Herbert Andrew Hopper, M.S., Assistant

Professor of Dairy Husbandry (resigned January 1, 1911)-M.S. Cornell University 1903 - University Farm,

Davis. † William T. Horne, B.Sc., Assistant Pro

fessor of Plant Pathology-B.Sc. Uni. versity of Nebraska 1898-2701 Vir

ginia st. i Charles Harold Howard, M.A., Instructor

in Spanish--A.B. University of Cali. fornia 1895, M.A. ibid. 1899—Laurel

st, near Eunice: Bkly 1823. i John Galen Howard, Professor of Archi

tecture-2421 Ridge rd: Bkly 72, | George Holmes Howison, M.A., LL.D.,

Professor of Philosophy, Emeritus-
A.B. Marietta College


M.A. honoris causa ibid. 1855, LL.D. ibid.

1883-2631 Piedmont av, +W. G. Hummel, B.S., Instructor in Agri

cultural Education. Samuel Johns Hunkin, M.D., Instructor in

Orthopedic Surgery (M)-M.D. University of California 1890-2161

Sutter st, SF: West 4612. Thomas Waterman Huntington, A.B.,

M.D., Professor of Clinical Surgery (M)-A.B, University


Vermont 1871, M.D. Harvard University 1876 -350 Post st, SF: Douglas 2222.


Lincoln Hutchinson, M.A., Assistant Pro

fessor of Commerce, on the Flood Foundation, Dean of the Lower Division-Ph.B. University of California 1989, A.B. Harvard University 1893, M.A. ibid. 1898—9 Canyon rd: Bkly 2893.


Charles Gilman Hyde, B.S., Professor of

Sanitary Engineering-B.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1896 -2579 Buena Vista way: Bkly 870.

Charles Frank Ingerson, Assistant Pro

fessor of Decorative Design (A) (ab.

sent on leave 1911.12). Frank Irwin, Ph.D., Instructor in Mathe.

maties-2632 Haste st: Bkly 4048. Lester Henry Jacobs, Ph.B., LL.B., Lec

turer in Law-Ph.B. University of California 1891, LL.B. ibid. 1894—

1616 Leroy av: Bkly 2991. Meyer Edward Jaffa, M.S., Professor of

Nutrition, in charge of the Poultry Station--Ph.B. University of California 1877, M.S. ibid. 1896--2637 Vir

ginia st: Bkly 949. Willis Linn Jepson, Ph.D., Associate Pro

fessor of Dendrology--Ph.B. University of California 1889, Ph.D. ibid.

1898-2704 Hillegass av. Frank Edward Johnson, M.S., Instructor

in Soils-B.L. University of Califor. nia 1908, B.S. ibid. 1909, M.S. ibid.

1910—2417 Bancroft way: Bkly 3720. 1 William Carey Jones, M.A., Professor of

Jurisprudence-A.B. University of
California 1875, M.A. ibid. 1879—

2625 Benvenue av: Bkly 1582. Charles Chapel Judson, Assistant Profes.

sor of Drawing (A), Assistant Professor of Drawing--1590 Leroy av:

Baly 4633. i William Watt Kerr, M.A., M.B., C.M.,

Professor of Clinical Medicine (M)--
MA. Edinburgh 1877, M.B, and C.M.
ibid. 1881—2605 California st, SF:

West 2190.
Henry J. Kesner, A.B., B.S., Assistant

Professor of Civil Engineering-A.B.

of Colorado 1905, B.S. ibid. 1907, C.E. ibid. 1911-Faculty

Club: Local 28 or Bkly 5234.
Alexander Marsden Kidd, A.B., LL.B.,

Assistant Professor of Law-A.B.
Unirersity of California 1899, LL.B.
Harvard University 1903——349 Cherry

st, SF: Pacific 1636.
Charles Atwood Kofoid, Ph.D., Professor
of Zoology-A.B.

Oberlin College 1890, MA, Harvard University 1892, Ph.D. ibid. 1894–2616 Etna st: Bkly 1059.

Hermann Kower, C.E., Associate Professor

Drawing—C.E. Technische Hochschule, Stuttgart,

1884-601 E Thirty-seventh st, O: Mer 3803. * Alfred Louis Kroeber, Ph.D., Associate

Professor of Anthropology, Secretary
of the Department of Anthropology,
Curator of the Anthropological
seum-AB. Columbia University
1896, M.A. ibid. 1897, Ph.D. ibid.

1901--Affiliated Colleges, SF. †Henry Behrend Albert Kugeler, M.D., In

structor in Surgery (M)-M.D. University of California 1890_-3636

Washington st, SF: West 1348. Yoshi Saburo Kuno, M.S., Instructor in

Japanese--B.S. University of California 1897, M.S. ibid. 1900-1184 Arch

st. ( Benjamin Putnam Kurtz, Ph.D., Assistant

Professor of English, Lecturer in University Extension----A.B. University of California 1901, Ph.D. ibid. 1906-59

Santa Clara av, O: Oakd 6276. Charles Kuschke, M.A.. Instructor in

Mathematics-Graduate in Mechanical Engineering, Mittweide Technikum 1906, M.A. Columbia University 1908

--2217 Fulton st: Bkly 3810. Emmanuel Benjamin Lamare Instructor

in French-2213 Union st. #Alexis Frederick Lange, Ph.D., Professor

of the Theory and Practice of Education and Dean of the FacultiesA.B. University of Michigan, 1885, M.A. ibid. 1885, Ph.D. ibid. 1892

2629 Haste st: Bkly 424. † August Jerome Lartigau, M.D., Assistant

Professor of Gynecology (M)-M.D.
University of California 1896-1502 12

Golden Gate av, SF: West 2638. † Andrew Cowper Lawson, M.A.. Ph.D.,

Professor of Mineralogy and Geology
(absent on leave, first half-year, 1911.
12)—A.B. Toronto University 1883,
M.A. ibid. 1885, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins
University 1888—-1515 La Loma av:

Bkly 3812.
Erwin J. Lea, M.S., Assistant Professor of

Agricultural Chemistry-B.S. Oregon
State Agricultural College, 1898, M.S.
ibid. 1900-2840 Parker st: Bkly

3901. *Joseph Nisbet LeConte, B.S., M.M.E., As

sociate Professor of Mechanical Engineering—B.S. University of California 1891, M.M.E. Cornell University 1892

---19 Hillside court: Bkly 2283, Adelbert W. Lee, M.D. Instructor in

Pathology (M)-1007 Stanyan st. #Derrick Norman Lehmer, Ph.D., Associate

SF. Robert Alexander Leet, Ph.G., Lecturer

in Pharmacy (Ph)-Ph.G. University of California 1891-31 Athol av, 0: Mer 3618.

Professor of Mathematics (absent on leave, first half-year 1911-12)—A.B. University of Nebraska 1893, M.A. ibid. 1896, Ph.D. University of Chi.

cago 1900--2736 Regent st. *Harold Lewis Leupp, A.B., Associate Li.

brarian--A.B. Cornell University 1902

-2700 Piedmont av: Bkly 4639. † Armin Otto Leuschner, Ph.D., Sc.D., Pro

fessor of Astronomy and Director of the Students' Observatory--A.B. University of Michigan 1888, Ph.D. Uni. versity of Berlin 1897, Sc.D. (Honorary) Western University of Pennsylvania 1900-1816 Scenic av: Bkly

2182. Clarence Irving Lewis, Ph.D., Instructor

in Philosophy. † Edward M. Lewis, Graduate of the United

States Military Academy, Professor of
Military Science and Tactics-3014

College av: Bkly 4960. † Exum Percival Lewis, Ph.D., Professor of

Physics-B.S. Corcoran Scientific
School 1888, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins
University 1895—27 Panoramic way:

Bkly 2119. * William Breakey Lewitt, M.D., Professor

of Pediatrics (M)-M.D. Detroit Medical College 1877, M.D. Columbia University 1878-2702 California st,

SF: West 6242.
Victor Vladimir Ligda, B.S., Assistant

Professor of Physical Culture-B.S.
University of California 1904--675

Thirty-third st, (: Pied 2277. *Curtis Holbrook Lindley, Honorary Pro

fessor of the Law of Mines and Water

-2015 Pacific av, SF: West 7104. Ivan Mortimer Linforth, Ph.D., Assistant

Professor of Greek-A.B. University of California 1900, M.A. ibid. 1901, Ph.D. ibid. 1905-2742

Derby st: Bkly 3451. Earl Garfield Linsley, M.S., Instructor in

Geography (to June 30, 1911) -A.B, Colgate University 1904, M.S. Univer: sity of California 1908-71 Emerson

st, 0: Mer 260. Charles Bernard Lipman, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Soils-B.S. 1904

and M.S. 1909 Rutgers College, M.S. University of Wisconsin 1909, Ph.D. University of California 1910—Faculty

Club: Local 28 or Bkly 5234. Joseph Abraham Long, Ph.D., Instructor

in Zoologi--S.B. Harvard University 1904, A.M. ibid. 1905, Ph.D. ibid.

1908-2735 Bancroft way. George Davis Louderback, Ph.D., Associ.

ate Professor of Geology--A.B. University of California 1896, Ph.D., ibid. 1899-2713 Derby st: Bkly 3260.

Robert Hills Loughridge, Ph.D., Professor

of Agricultural Chemistry, EmeritusB.S. University of Mississippi 1871, Ph.D. ibid. 1876-2218 Union

st: Bkly 2967. Herbert Galen Lull, M.A., Acting Assistant

Professor of Education-A.B. University of Michigan 1904, M.A. Univer: sitv of

Washington 1911 - 2522 Dwight way: Blly 1717. Matthew Christopher Lynch, J.D., In.

structor in Law-B.L. University of California 1906, J.D. ibid. 1908-2611

Durant av: Bkly 4525. iCarl Howard McCharles, M.S., Instructor

in Agricultural Chemistry--B.S. University of California, 1908, M.S. ibid.

1911—64 Panoramic way: Bkly 3138, † Eugene Irving McCormac, Ph.D., Assist

ant Professor of American HistoryB.S. Upper Iowa University 1896, Ph.D. Yale University 1901-15 Pan.

oramic way. John Hector McDonald, Ph.D., Assistant

Professor of Mathematics--A.B. University of Toronto 1895, Ph.D. Univer:

sity of Chicago--3136 Lewiston av. *Robert Armistead McLean, M.D., Profes

sor of Clinical and Operative Surgery, Emeritus (M)-M.D. University of California 1874—111 Ellis st, SF:

Kearny 1544. George Rupert Mac Minn, A.B., Instructor

in English-A.B, Brown University

1905--2334 Durant av: Bkly 3485. Orrin Kip McMurray, Ph.B., LL.B., Pro

fessor of Law--Ph.B. Üniversity of California 1890, LL.B. ibid. 1893

2327 LeConte av: Bkly 3273. Bennie Adolph Madson, B.S.A., Instructor in Experimental

Agronomy B.S.A. Iowa State College 1907. Walter Edmund Magee, Professor of Phys.

ical Culture-8+ Plaza drive: Bkly

6109. Ernest William Major, B.Agr., Associate

Professor of Animal Industries and Manager of the University Farm (absent on leave, 1911-12)—B. Agr. University of Minnesota 1899-University

Farm, Davis. (Robert Edwin Mansell, Instructor in Hor

ticulture, in charge of the Agricul. tural Grounds-University Cottage

No. 2: Bkly 6340. Allan P. Matthew, A.B., LL.B., Lecturer

on the Law of Interstate Transportation-A.B. University of California

!903--1638 Oxford st: Bkly 4496. ¡Edwin Henry Mauk, D.D.S., Instructor

in Dental Technics (D) (to June 30, 1911)--D.D.S. University of California 1901-135 Stockton st, SF: Douglas 4271.

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