Slike strani
[blocks in formation]

i William Angustus Merrill, Ph.D., L.H.D.,

Professor of the Latin Language and Literature -A.B. Amherst College 1380, M.A. ibid. 1884, Ph.D. Ohio University 1893, L.H.D. Miami University 1893—2609 College av: Bkly 1790.

† Joseph Haines Moore, Ph.D., Acting As

tronomer, in charge of the D. 0. Mills
Expedition to Chile-A.B. Wilmington
College 1897, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins
University 1903--Santiago, Chile.

William Ferdinand Meyer, B.S., Instruc.

tor in stronomv-B.S. Drake Uni versity 1907--2134 Channing way: BXl1835.

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Guy Stillman Millberry, D.D.S.. Professor

of Dental Chemistry and Metallurgy, and Superintendent of the Infirmary (D)-D.D.S. University of California 1901--1043 Clayton st, SF: Park

$190. * Adolph Caspar Miller, M.A., Flood Pro.

fessor of Political Economy and Com. meree (absent on leave. first half

1911.12)-AB. University of California 1887, M.A. Harvard Uni. Firsity 1888-2420 Ridge rd: Bkly

3130. Ralph Smith Minor, Ph.D., Associate Pro

fessor of Physics—A.B. Hamilton Col. lege

1998, M.A. ibid. 1901, Ph.D. University of Göttingen 1902-2745

Parker st: Bkly 1267. Wesley Clair Mitchell, Ph.D., Professor of

Political Economy, on the Flood Foun: dation-8.B. University of Chicago 1896. Ph.D. ibid. 1899-2250 Pros

peet st: Bkly 5660. i Herbert Charles Moffitt, B.S., M.D., Pro

fessor of the Principles and Practice of Medicine (M)-B.S. University of California 1889, M.D. Harvard Universits 1894-1818 Broadway, SF: Franklin 21.

William G. Moore, Instructor in Gynecol.

ogy (M)--2375 Jackson st, SF: West

967. i Daniel Walter Morehouse, M.S.. Instruc

tor in Astronomy-B.S. Drake C'ni versity 1900, B.S. C'niversity of Chi. cago 1902, M.S. Drake University,

1902. William Conger Morgan, Ph.D., Assistant

Professor of Chemistry--A.B. Yale
University 1896, Ph.D. ibid. 1899---

2440 Hillside av: Bkly 1951. f Walter Spangenberg Morley, B.S., Assistant

Professor of Metallurgy-B.S. University of California 1898--2611

Piedmont av: Bkly 4859. illoward Morrow, M.D., Assistant Profes

sor of Diseases of the Skin (M). M.D. University of California 1896Butler bldg. Geary and Stockton sts,

SF: Douglas 2397. * Bernard Moses, Ph.D., LL.D., Professor

of History and Political Science, Emeritus--Ph.B. University of Michi. gan

1870, PhD. Heidelberg 1873, LL.D. University of Michigan 1902. Albert Henry Mowbray, F.A.S., Instrue.

tor in Insurance on the Flood Foundation (to June 30, 1911 ) ---A.B. Uni versity of California 1904, F.A.S. Actuarial Society of America 1910--

619 Crocker bldg, SF. Carl Seigfried Gunther Nagel, MD.,

Ch), Instructor in Ophthalmology (M)-MD. and Ch.D. University of Berlin 1881----162 Post st, SF: Doug

las 2778. Nels Christian Nelson, M.L., Instructor in

Anthropology and Assistant Curator in the Anthropological Museum-B.L. University of California 1907, ML. ibid. 1908- Affiliated Colleges, SF.

Henr; Babad Monges, Jr., M.S., Instruc

tor in Drawing-B.S. University of California 1909, M.S. ibid. 1910

1719 Channing way: Bkly 4679. Douglas William Montgomery, M.D., Pro

foscor of Diseases of the Skin (M). lpper Canada College, Toronto, M.D. Columbia University 1883——323 Geary st, SF: Sutter 487.

† Karl Eugen Neuhaus, Instructor in Draw.

ing-Graduate Eldefeld Realgymna
sium, Prussia, 1895, graduate Royal
Art School, Kassel, Germany, gradu.
ate Imperial Institute for Applied
Arts, Berlin, 1903—2922 Derby st:

Bkly 6454.
Frederick William Nish, Ph.G., Professor

of Pharmacy (Ph), Director of the
Pharmaceutical Laboratories--Ph.G.,
University of California 1901-1022

Masonic av, SF: Park 5810, Charles Albert Noble, Ph.D., Associate

Professor of Mathematics and Assistant Examiner of Schools (absent on leave, second

half year,

1911-12) B.S. University of California 1889, Ph.D. University of Göttingen 1901—

2224 Piedmont av: Bkly 2533. †Grover Chester Noble, B.S., Assistant Pro

fessor of Electrical Engineering-B.S. University of California 1902-2535

Chilton way: Bkly 6356. †John Henry Norton, M.S., Assistant Professor

of Agricultural ChemistryB.Agr. University of Missouri 1897, B.S. ibid. 1899, M.S. University of

Missouri 1907- Riverside. | George Rapall Noves, Ph.D., Associate

Professor of Slavic Languages-A.B. Harvard University 1894, M.A. ibid. 1895. Ph.D. ibid. 1898–2249 College

av: Bkly 5603. Herbert Chester Nutting, Ph.D., Assistant

Professor of Latin-A.B. Yale University 1895, Ph.D. ibid. 1897-1425

Walnut st:Bkly 304, † Warren Olney Jr., A.B., LL.B., Lecturer

in Law (absent on leave, 1911.12 ) —
A.B. University of California 1891,
A.B. Harvard University 1892, LL.B.
University of California 1894-Mills

bldg. SF: Kearny 1651. | Edmond O'Neill, Ph.B., Professor of In

organic Chemistry--Ph.B. University of California 1879—2522 College av:

Bkly 436. Harry Allen Overstreet, A.B.. B.Sc.

(Oxon.), Associate Professor of Phil.
osophy (resigned, January 1, 1911).
A.B. University of California 1899,
B.Sc. University of Oxford 1901
College of the City of New York, New

York, N. Y.
Robert Wallace Pack, B.S., Instructor in

Palaeontology (resigned, August 9,

George Frederic Paddock, M.A., Assistant

Astronomer (LO) (at Santiago, Chile)
(resigned, June 13, 1911) Ph. B.
Brown University 1902, MA.
versity of Virginia 1906-Casilla
1219, Santiago, Chile.

Romilda Paroni, M.D., Lecturer in

Hygiene and Medical Examiner-B.S. University of California 1903, M.D. ibid. 1907-2647 Stuart st: Bkly

4817. *Clarence Paschall, M.A., Assistant Profes

sor of German (absent on leave, 191112)--A.B. Wittenberg College 1894, M.A. ibid. 1898, M.A. Harvard University 1901-Care of Knauth, Nachod

and Kühne, Leipzig, Germany. Jessica Blanche Peixotto, Ph.D., Assistant

Professor of Sociologi--Ph.B. University of California 1894, Ph.D. ibid.

1900-Cloyne Court: Bkly 3757. * Torsten Petersson, Ph.D., Instructor in

Latin-A.B. Harvard University 1901,
M.A. ibid. 1902, Ph.D. ibid. 1905-

2508 Etna st: Bkly 6147. Howard Phillips. Instructor in Animal

Industries-University Farm-B.S.A.
Iowa State College University Farm,

Davis. † Wilhelm Robert Richard Pinger, Ph.D.,

Assistant Professor of German-M.A. University of California 1905, Ph.D. ibid. 1908-2551 Benvenue av: Bkly

4303. Carl Copping Plehn, Ph.D., Professor of

Finance, on the Flood FoundationA.B. Brown University 1889, M.A. and Ph.D. University of Göttingen

1891—2308 Warring st: Bkly 1385. † Arthur Upham Pope, M.A., Assistant Pro

fessor of Philosophy-A.B. Brown

University 1904, M.A. ibid. 1905. * William Popper, Ph.D., Assistant Profes

sor of Semitic Languages-A.B. Columbia University 1896, M.A. ibid, 1897, Ph.D. ibid. 1899-2326 Russell

st: Bkly 3306. †George Herman Powers, M.A., M.D., Pro

fessor of Ophthalmology, Emeritus (M)-A.B. Harvard University 1861, M.A. and M.D. ibid. 1865--111 Ellis

st, S F: Kearny 1648. *Clifton Price, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

of Latin-A.B. Cornell University 1889, Ph.D. Yale University 1896

23 Panoramic way: Bkly 1061. ^ Thomas Milton Putnam, Ph.D., Assistant

Professor of Mathematics-B.S. University of California 1897, M.S. ibid. 1899, Ph.D. University

of Chicago 1901-1541 Hawthorne ter: Bkly

771. † Albin Putzker, M.A., Professor of German

Literature, Emeritus- M.A. Knox College 1892—2600 Telegraph av: Bkly

5148. llenry Josef Quayle. A.B., M.S., Assist

ant Professor of Entomology-A.B. University of Minois 1903, M.S. University of California 1911—2311 Bow. ditch st: Home F2478.

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William James Raymond, B.S., Associate

Professor of Physics—B.S. University of California 1887–2622 Piedmont

ar: Bkiy 4807. *Thomas Harrison Reed, A.B., LL.B., As

sociate Professor of GovernmentA.B. Harvard University 1901, LL.B. Harvard Law School 1904-1712

Euelid ar: Bkly 3923. George Frederick Reinhardt, B.S., M.D.,

Professor of Hygiene and University Physician-B.S. University of California 1897, M.D. ibid. 1900-2434 Dur

ant ar: Bkly 1320. Herman White Reynolds, B.S., Associate

Professor of Mechanical Engineering (absent on leave, 1911-12)--B.S. Universits of Pennsylvania 1899—Chang.

sha, China, Leon Josiah Richardson, A.B., Associate

Professor of Latin-A.B. University of Michigan 1890-2415 College av:

Bkly 5115. i Charles Henry Rieber, Ph.D., Professor of

logie and Dean of the Summer SesSIOIA.B. University of California 1888, MA. Harvard University 1889, PhD. ibid. 1900-15 Canyon rd:

Bkly 1060. i William Emerson Ritter, Ph.D., Professor

of Zoology--B.S. University of California 1888, M.A. Harvard University

1891, Ph.D. ibid. 1893-La Jolla. +Thorburn Brailsford Robertson, Ph.D.,

Asociate Professor of Physiological Chemistry-B.S. Adelaide University 1905, Ph.D. University of California

1907-25 Panoramic way. Otto P. Roller, D.D.S., Special Instructor

Dental Porcelain (D)-D.D.S. Pennsylvania College of Dental Sur.

gery 1895--Affiliated Colleges, SF. Joseph Cummings Rowell, M.A., Librarian

-A.B. University of California 1874,

MA. ibid. 1903—2207 West st, 0. H. J. Ruche, B.S.A., Instructor in Dairy

Hoshandry-B.S.A. University of Illi

nois 1911-University Farm, Davis. Charles Edward Rugh, A.B., M.L., Asso

riate Professor of Education-A,B. Stanford University 1903, M.L. Ini. Forsi of California 1907 — 1830

Fruitvale av, 0: Mer 1204. Glanville Yeisies Rusk, A.B., M.D., Assistint Professor of Pathology

- A.B. Johns Hopkins University 1896, M.D.

ibid. 1900. Raymond John Russ. B.S., M.D., Instruclor in Surgery (M) (absent on leave, April 1, 1911, to October 1, 1911)BS I'niversity of California 1896, MD. ibid. 1900-2003 Franklin st, SF: Franklin 2938.

*Tracy George Russell, A.B., M.D., In

structor in Surgery (M)-A.B. Stanford University 1895, M.D. Columbia University 1899-350 Postst, SF:

Douglass 2222.
Arthur William Ryder, Ph.D., Assistant

Professor of Sanskrit-A.B. Harvard
College 1897. Ph.D. University of
Leipzig 1901-2337 Telegraph av:

Bkly 5025. †Henry Anthon Lewis Ryfkogel, M.D., In:

structor in Surgery (M)-M.D. Uni. versity of California 1894--162 Post

st, SF: Kearney 4220. Thomas Frederick Sanford, A.B., Assist

ant Professor of English Literature A.B. Yale University 1888-Faculty

Club: Local 28 or Bkly 5234. Rudolph Schevill, Ph.D., Professor of

Spanish-A.B. Yale University 1896,
Ph.D. University of Munich 1898-

Cor. Chapel st and Allston way. Hugo Carl Schilling, Ph.D., Professor of

the German Language and Literature --M.A. and Ph.D. University of Leip. zig 1885--2316 Le Conte av: Bkly

1409. Valentine Schmidt, Lecturer in Pharmacy

(Ph)—1845 Polk st, SF: Franklin

3200. † Albert Schneider, M.D., Ph.D., Professor

of Pharmacognosy, Economic Pharmaceutical Botany, Histology and Bacte. riology (Ph) — M.D. Chicago College of Physicians and Surgeons 1887, B.S. University of Illinois 1894, M.S. University Minnesota 894, Ph.D. Columbia University 1897-1325 Arch

st: Bkly 3576. Richard Frederick Scholz, Ph.D., Assist

ant Professor of Ancient History, A.B. University of Wisconsin 1902, M.A. 1903, Ph.D. ibid. 1910-Faculty

Club: Local 28 or Bkly 5234. † Frederick E. Scotford, Special Lecturer

on Advertising (to June 30, 1911)-

2235 Blake st: Bkly 5675. i Thomas Bartlett Sears, C.E., Associate

Professor of Railroad EngineeringB.Sc. University of Kansas 1898, C.E. ibid. 1908-2529 Virginia st: Bkly

5362. Henry Washington Seawell, Instructor in

Water-Color and Pen-and-Ink Draw

ing-236 Cole st, SF: Pacific 1737. Joachim Henry Senger, Ph.D., Associate

Professor of German-A.B. Univer: sity of California 1882, Ph.D. ibid.

1888--1321 Bay View pl: Вkly 404. William Albert Setchell, Ph.D., Professor

of Botany-A.B. Yale College 1887, M.A. Harvard University 1888, Ph.D. ibid. 1890-Faculty Club: Local 28 or Bkly 5234.

James Graham Sharp, D.D.S., M.D., Pro

fessor of the Principles and Practice of Surgery, Dean of the Faculty of the College of Dentistry (D)-D.D.S. University of California 1892, M.D. ibid. 1894--Butler Bldg, Geary and

Stockton sts, SF. * William Fuller Sharp, D.D.S., D.M.D.,

Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry (D)

D.D.S. University of California 1890, D.M.D. Harvard University 1891--Union Square Bldg, 350 Post

st, SF: Douglas 2222. i George Wright Shaw, Ph.D., Associate

Professor of Experimental Agronomy and

Agricultural Technology-A.B. Dartmouth College 1887, M.A. ibid. 1899, Ph.D. (Honorary) Willamette University 1895-1411 Arch st: Bkly

1287. † Harry Mitchell Sherman, M.A.,

M.D., Professor of the Principles and Practice of Surgery (M)-A.B. Trinity College 1877, M.D. College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, 1880, M.A. Trinity College 1880-412 Union Square Bldg, 350 Post st, SF: Doug.

las 2222. †Haydn Mozart Simmons, Ph.G., M.D., In

structor in Materia Medica and Thera. peutics (M), Instructor in Materia Medica and Lecturer on Toxicology (Ph)-Ph.g. University of California 1895, M.D. ibid. 1901-1200 Web

ster st, SF: West 3880, Frederick Slate, B.S., Professor of Phys.

ics-B.S. Brooklin Polytechnic Insti. tute 1871-2231 College av:

Bkly 838. C. (. Smith, Instructor in Plant Pathol

Donald Eugene Smith, Ph.D., Assistant

Professor of History and Geography,
Secretary of the Department of His-
tory, Lecturer and Acting Director of
University Extension--A.B. Cornell
University 1901, Ph.D. University of
California 1909---1639 Euclid av:

Bkly 930.
Elizabeth Hight Smith, Instructor in

Plant Pathologr-A.B. Smith College 1900, M.S. Massachusetts Agricul

tural College 1905. Franklin Currier Smith, Lecturer in

Pharmacy (Ph).
Ralph Elliott Smith, B.S., Professor of

Plant Pathology, Superintendent of
the Southern California Pathological
Laboratory and Experiment Station
--B.S. Boston l'niversity 1894--2513

Bancroft way.
George Arnold Smithson, Ph.D., Instruc-

tor in English Philology-B.L. Uni. versity of California 1903, M. L. ibid. 1904, Ph.D. ibid. 1908-2320A Ban croft way: Bkly 2212.

Alfred Solomon, M.A, Instructor in

French---A.B. Occidental College 1900,
A.B. University of California 1902,
M.A. ibid. 1903--2001 Allston way:

Bkly 6710. † Frank Soulé, Professor of Civil Engineer

ing, Emeritus-Graduate of the United States Military Academy 1866-2511

Hillegass av: Bkly 4503. † Alfred Baker Spalding, A.B., M.D., Pro

fessor of Obstetrics (absent on leave, March 23, 1911, to January 1, 1912) (M)-A.B. Stanford University 1896, M.D. Columbia University 1900—2721

Jackson st, SF: West 7188. † John Campbell Spencer, A.B., M.D., Assistant Professor of

Genito-Urinary Surgery (M)---A.B. Columbia Univer: sity 1882, M.D. ibid. 1885-Butler bldg. Geary and Stockton sts, SF:

Douglas 334. Lucy Sprague, A.B., Assistant Professor

of English, and Dean of WoinenA.B. Radcliffe College 1900--2425

Ridge rd: Bkly 5190. † John Aloysius Stanton, Professor of

Drawing and Painting (A)--409 Mel.

ville av, Palo Alto. Cyril Adelbert Stebbins, B.S., Instructor

in Agricultural Education-B.S. Uni versity of California, 1910-2415

Durant av: Bkly 4891. Lucy Ward Stebbins, A.B., Lecturer in

Charities and Assistant to the Dean of Wonen-AB. Radcliffe College

1902-2728 Haste st: Bkly 1172. Henry Morse Stephens, M.A., LL.D., Pro.

fessor of History and Director of University Extension-B.A. Oxford Uni. versity 1880, M.A. ibid. 1892, LL.D. Ilarvard University 1909—Faculty

Club. George Malcolm Stratton, Ph.D., Professor

of Psychology, on the Mills Founda. tion-AB. University of California 1888, M.A. Yale University 1890, M.A. and Ph.D. University of Leip

zig 1896--33 Canyon rd: Bkly 5351. † A. H. Suggett, Lecturer and Clinical In

structor in Orthodontia (D)-Butler bldg. Stockton and Geary sts, SF:

Kearny 1428. James Sutton, Ph.B., Recorder of the Fac.

ulties, Secretary of the Academic Sen. ate-Ph.B. University of California

1888---2301 Prospect st : Bkly 2068. †John Swett, Honorary Lecturer in Edu

cation-Martinez, Florence Mabel Sylvester, M.D.. Lecturer

in Hygiene-M.D. University of California 1907--952 Fourteenth st, (:

Oakd 20, Arthur Gould Tasheira, A.B., LL.B., Lec

turer in Law-A.B. University of California 1900, LL.B. ibid. 1903--635 Walsworth av, 0: Pied 2734.

[blocks in formation]

Albert Wurts Whitney, A.B. Associate

Professor of Mathematics and Insurance Methods, on the Flood Founda. tion-A.B. Beloit College 1891-33 Canyon rd: Bkly 2151.

Farty Bral Torrey, Ph.D., Associate Pro

ft aan of Zoology-B.S. University of California 1895, M.S., ibid. 1898, PhD. Columbia University 1903

2247 Piedmont av: Bbly 6381. Richard Hawley Tucker, C.E., Astronomer

(LO) (absent on leave, from July 1 October 1, 1911)-C.E. Lehigh Uni

Sersity 1879-Mt. Hamilton. John Burnside Tufts, D.D.S., Professor

of Dental Pathology, Therapeutics, and Orthodontia-D.D.S. Tufts Col. lege Dental School 1894-135 Stock

ton st, 3 F: Douglas 2271. i Charles August Von Hoffman, M.D., Pro

fessor of Gynecology (M)-M.D. Uni. versity of Leipizg 1875-2611 Cali

forpia st, SF: West 3146. iCharles Don von Neumayer, Instructor in

Public Speaking (absent leave,

1911-12) -2336 Garber st: Bkly 2980. i Oliver Miles Washburn, A.B., Assistant

Professor of Classical Archaeology-

Hillsdale College 1894 -- 2415
Prince st: Bkly 2221.

Edward James Wickson, M.A., Professor

of Agriculture; Director of the Agri cultural Experiment Station AB, Hamilton College 1869, M.A. ibid. 1872

-2723 Bancroft way: Bkly 3891. i Harley Rupert Wiley, A.B., LL.S., Lec.

turer on Pharmacal Jurisprudence (Ph)-A.B. Christian College 1877, LL.B. University of California 1897

2545 Benvenue av: Bkly 4920. S. D. Wilkins, Instructor in Poultry Hus

bandry-University Farm, Davis. Friedrich Philipp Louis Paul Wilmsen,

Ph.D., Associate Professor of French
--Ph.D. University of Jena 1902--

2240 Telegraph av: Bkly 1249. Fritz Winther, Ph.D., Instructor in Ger

man (resigned, December 31, 1910) - Ph.D. C'niversity of Freiburg 1907.


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