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Parnassus avenue, San Francisco.

BENJAMIN IDE WHEELER, Ph.D., LL.D., President of the University

and er-officio President of the Faculty.
JAMES GRAHAM SHARP, M.D., D.D.S., Professor of the Principles

and Practice of Surgery, and Dean.
William FULLER SHARP, D.D.S., D.M.D., Professor of Prosthetic

JOSEPH DUPUY Hodges, D.D.S., Professor of Operative Dentistry.
JOHN BURNSIDE TUFTS, D.D.S., Professor of Orthodontia, and Dental

Pathology and Therapeutics.
GEORGE LUSK BEAN, D.D.S., Professor of Dental Porcelain.
SAMUEL STEEN MAXWELL, M.S., Ph.D., Associate Professor in Phys-

ROBERT ORTON MOODY, B.S., M.D., Assistant Professor of Anatomy

and Histology. Guy STILLMAN MILLBERRY, D.D.S., Professor of Dental Chemistry

and Metallurgy and Superintendent of Infirmary. FREDERICK P. GAY, A.B., M.D., Professor of Pathology.

HENRY BENJAMIN CAREY, B.S., M.D., Instructor in Anatomy and

Histology, Materia Medica and Therapeuties.
ADELBERT W. LEE, M.D., Instructor in Bacteriology and Pathology.
EDWIN HENRY MAUK, D.D.S., Instructor in Dental Technics.
Louis BARTLETT, Ph.B., LL.B., Special Lecturer on Dental Juris-

OTTO P. ROLLER, D.D.S., Special Instructor in Dental Porcelain.
HERBERT TURBIT MOORE, B.S., D.D.S., Lecturer on Principles and

Practice of Surgery.
SHERRELL WoodWORTH HALL, D.D.S., Clinical Instructor in Extract-


Louis GRAHAM, D.D.S., Assistant in Operative Dentistry.
Roscoe A. DAY, D.D.S., Instructor in Orthodontia Technic.
ALLEN HOLMAN SUGGETT, B.S., D.D.S., Lecturer and Clinical Instruc-

tor in Orthodontia. SAMUEL WILLIAM HUSSEY, D.D.S., Demonstrator in Clinical Dentistry. MALCOLM GODDARD, B.S., D.D.S., Instructor in Comparative Odon

tology. SEYMOUR DAVIS, D.D.S., Assistant in Dental Porcelain. CHARLES BRUCE PORTER, D.D.S., Assistant in Dental Porcelain. FRIEND BURTON KENWARD, D.D.S., Assistant in Dental Porcelain. JOHN EDWIN GURLEY, D.D.S., Instructor in Dental Chemistry. ELMER ELLSWORTH EVANS, D.D.S., Assistant Instructor in Dental

Technics. M. THAYER RHODES, D.D.S., Demonstrator in Clinical Dentistry. STANLEY LOFTUS DOD, D.D.S., Reader in Dental Pathology and

Therapeutics. HENRY ELKAN RUDEE, D.D.S., Assistant Demonstrator in Clinical

Dentistry. GEORGE R. HUBBELL, M.D., Instructor in Radiography. CALE CLARK MCQUAID, D.D.S., Assistant Demonstrator in Clinical

Dentistry. Saxon Bird Scott, D.D.S., Assistant Demonstrator in Dental Technics.


GEO. N. VAN ORDEN, D.D.S., Director of Clinics... San Francisco LEANDER VAN ORDEN, M.D., D.D.S...

San Francisco F. W. Bliss, D.D.S.


Oakland J. P. PARKER, D.D.S.

Santa Cruz C. E. Post, D.D.S..

San Francisco JOSEPH M. STALDER, D.D.S..

Oakland W. R. HUGHES, D.D.S..

Alameda W. K. Scott, M.D., D.D.S.

Alameda ARTHUR M. FLOOD, D.D.S..

San Francisco HomeR T. Craig, D.D.S.

San Francisco NOTE.--Clinies will be given at stated intervals under the direction of the Director of Clinies, assisted by a committee from the Alumni Association. They will be known as the Alumni Quarterly (linies and are given for the benefit of the second and third year classes and the Alumni.

Students will make no appointments with infirmary patients during the hours of these clinics.

CALENDAR FOR 1911-1912.

Examinations for Admission.—Thursday, August 10, to Tuesday,

August 15, at Berkeley, Cal. * Examinations for Conditions.-Wednesday, August 16, to Saturday,

August 19.

Registration Day-Monday, August 21.

Beginning of Term.-Tuesday, August 22.

Holiday (Labor Day).—Monday, September 4.
Holiday (Admission Day).-Saturday, September 9.

Thanksgiving Vacation.- Thursday, November 30, to Saturday,

December 2.

Christmas Vacation.-Saturday, December 23, to Monday, January 8.

Holiday (Washington's Birthday).—Thursday, February 22.

Charter Day, University of California.-Saturday, March 23.
Senior Examination in Infirmary.-Monday, April 15, to Tuesday,

April 30.

Senior Examinations.—Monday, April 29, to Saturday, May 4.

Junior and Freshman Examinations.--Monday, May 6, to Saturday,

May 11.

End of Term.-Saturday, May 11.

Commencement Day.- Wednesday, May 15.

Special Clinical Course. - May 15 to August 15.

* Students not appearing at this time will be subject to a charge of $5 for a special examination.

The College Entrance Examination Board (Secretary's Office, P. 0. Sub-station 84, New York City) is authorized to examine candidates for admission to the College of Dentistry, University of California, in states other than California.


In compliance with a reume, dition from the Medical Faculty of the University, submitted May 8. 1881, the Regents, by an Act of September 7, 1881, organized il" ('ollege of Dentistry as an integral part of the University of (:. 'ifornia.

The College was originally given :cronimodations in the Medical Hall of the University, and throu..! the generous offer of the Medical Faculty, provision was made for lecture and clinic room. From 1891 to 1906 it occupied quarters the Donohoe Building, at the corner of Market and Taylor streets, San Francisco, where the infirmary was located until 1906. In 1906 the infirmary was removed to the College building on Parnassus and First avenues, where all the departments of the College are now conducted, and all departments have been newly and fully equipped by an appropriation from the State Legislature to the University of California

for that purpose.

The progress of Dentistry in recent times has given it rank among the liberal professions, and the permanent establishment of the Colleges of Dentistry provides, at the least expense to candidates, the needed preparation for the responsibilities of its practice.


The College of Dentistry occupies the most eastern of the four professional college buildings situated on Parnassus and First avenues, San Francisco, California. On the ground floor are the chemical and metallurgical laboratories, students' room, lockers, lavatories, furnace room and lunch room.

On the first floor are the operating, extracting, surgical, radiograph, orthodontia, and waiting rooms, prosthetic laboratories, porcelain room and administrative offices.

On the second floor are the bacteriological, pathological, physiological, and histological laboratories, all splendidly equipped with every convenience for practical work; a large laboratory for dental technics, and a study room furnished with lockers for the use of women students.

On the third and top floor is a commodious, well ventilated lecture hall, a smaller class room, the museum, and library.

The operating rooms have been recently equipped with the latest model Columbia and Wilkerson dental chairs and Clark fountain cuspidors. When necessary two students are assigned to a chair and are held personally responsible for the care of the chair and its attachments. The time of each student's clinic is so arranged that there is no conflicting of operating hours—a second-year and third-year student being assigned the same chair. The operating room is well lighted, supplied with instrument lockers, white enameled operating stands, sterilizers, and with every convenience for the student. The clinic is always well supplied with patients, and so varied are the demands of these that the student has ample oppportunity for practice in all branches of dentistry.

The prosthetic laboratories are complete in every detail. Each student is assigned a bench and a locker for his vulcanizer. At his disposal there is a generous supply of plaster of paris, etc., and for his use are lathes, furnaces of all kinds, a forge, rolling mill, etc. A special laboratory and complete equipment is provided for the study of Dental Porcelain, where modern methods of teaching this branch of dental science are fully demonstrated.

A special room is fitted up for the purpose of impression taking.

The extracting and surgical room is equipped with a full com- . plement of instruments for all cases of extraction and for such operations as come under the head of Oral Surgery.

Additional space has been provided for the department of Surgery and Extracting, one room with its complement of extracting instruments and accessories being devoted exclusively to this branch of Oral Surgery.

The surgical clinical rooms are four in number, consisting of dark room for diagnosis by trans-illumination, a preparatory room, a retiring and instrument room, and a large, well lighted operating room. This department is thoroughly equipped and offers special opportunity to the students for observing and assisting in surgical operations.

The clinical material is abundant and the student is afforded ample opportunity of becoming a skilled extractor. The surgical clinic is also very large and replete with interesting cases, and a great variety of operations are performed in the presence of the students; the more serious operations are performed in the new University Hospital, adjoining the College building.

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