Slike strani

10 Committees-Graduate Council; Council of Alumni Association.

Colleges of Letters, Social Sciences, Natural Civil Engineering:

Sciences, Commerce, Agriculture, and
the Course in Architecture :

Professors Derleth, Hyde, Etcheverry,

Professors Lange, Bowman, Hatfield,
Raymond, Babcock, Mr. Sutton.


Professors O'Neill, Blasdale, Lipman. Mechanics:

Professors Cory, Reynolds.
Professors Christy, Hersam, Louderback,



Degree Committee of the

Philosophical Division. Degree Committee of the

Scientific Division.
Degree Committee of the

Engineering Division.
Applications for Admission :
Professors Barrows, Lange, Jones, Mer-

rill, Derleth, Louderback, Hart. Applications for Admission to Lick Observa.

tory : President Wheeler, Director Campbell,

Professors Haskell, Slate, Leuschner.

Library :
Professors Lawson, Clapp, Hart, Foulet,

Stratton, Miller, Stephens, Librarian

Rowell, Associate Librarian Leupp.
A 88ociation of American Universities :
Professors Stratton, Slate, Leuschner,

Gayley, Plehn, McMurray.
Fellowships and Scholarships :

Professors Miller, Slate, Barrows.
Teachers' Certificates :

Professors Richardson, Morgan, Rugh.


James K. Moffitt, B.S. 1886, President

First National Bank, San Francisco Orrin K. McMurray, Ph.B. 1890, LL.B.

1893, First Vice-President 2327 LeConte av, Berkeley Jessica B. Peixotto, Ph.B. 1894, Ph.D.

1900, Second Vice-President Cloyne Court, Berkeley Milton T. Farmer, B.L. 1909, Secretary

2013 California Hall, Berkeley. Perry T. Tompkins, B.L. 1892; M.S. (Har

vard l'niversity) 1902, Treasurer Cor Shattuck av and Addison st, Berke.

ley. George Edwards, B.L. 1884

2530 Dwight way, Berkeley Frank Otis, A.B. 1873, M.A. 1876

1609 Santa Clara av, Alameda Duncan McDuffie, B.L. 1899

Cor Shattuck av and Addison st, Bkly.

Max Thelen, B.L. 1904

2320 Bowditch st, Berkeley Ralph P. Merritt, B.S. 1907

1907 Telegraph av, Oakland
Thomas A. Perkins, A.B., LL.B. 1896, Law

Mills bldg., San Francisco
Luis Graham, D.D.S. 1904, Dental Repre-

240 Stockton st, San Francisco
Haydn M. Simmons, Ph.G. 1895. M.D.

1901, Pharmacy Representative
1200 Webster st, San Francisco
Wallace I. Terry, B.S. 1890, M.D. 1892,

Medical Representative
240 Stockton st. San Francisco
C. Chapel Judson, Art Representative

Cor Cedar st and Le Roy av, Berkeley


† Abbott, R. B., Instr. in Physics 1803 Cedar st

Bkly 2084 Adams, G. P., Asst. Prof. of Philosophy

3 P-Tu, 3
2427 Prospect st-

Bkly 5757 † Aitken, R. G., Astronomer (LO)

(Absent January 7 to March 7, 1911)

Mt. Hamilton
Alderman, E. S., Asst. in Chemistry
2511 Dwight way-

Bkly 4274 † Alderson, H. E., Prof. of Anatomy (A),

Asst. in Diseases of the Skin (M) 240 Stockton st, SF- Douglas 3400 † Allen, A. H., Manager of the University

Press, Secretary of the Editorial

m 207 Cal
2312 Rose ter-

Bkly 973
Allen, H. W., Instr. in Clinical Pathology

(M) 240 Stockton st, SF- Douglas 3600 † Allen, J. T. Assoc. Prof. of Greek

9 N
2243 College av-

Bkly 1209
Alvarez, A. C., Instr. in Civil Engineering

106 CE-M Tu Th F, 11.11:30

1909 Dwight way † Anderson, L., Prof. of Agricultural Prac

tice and Supt. of Univ. Farm Schools m 20 A-daily, 9.11 2704 Channing way

Bkly 572
Armes, W. D. Assoc. Prof. of American

33 N-daily, 10

Faculty Club- Local 48 or Bkly 5234
Ash, Miss Rachel L., Instr. in Medicine

391 Sutter st, SF-

Kearny 5520 *Babcock, E. B., Asst. Prof. of Agricultural

m 19 A—After March 1, daily 9-12
1540 La Loma av-

Bkly 4519
Bacon, L., Instr. in English

25 N
2534 Bancroft way-

Bkly 2876
Bacon, T. R., Prof. of Modern European

108 Cal-Tu, 10
Bushnell pl

Bkly 1313
Baer, A. B., Lectr. on Diseases of the

Month, Face and Jaws (D) 177 Polk st, SF

Kearny 5448 +Ballentine, J. A.. Asst. Prof. of Law (H) Crocker bldg, SF

Douglas 701 #Bancroft, Mrs. E. S., Lectr. in Hygiene

and Medical Examiner Infirmary-daily, 10-12 2611 Piedmont av

Bkly 1561

+Barlow, W. J., Dean of the Los Angeles

Medical Department
616 Security bldg, Los Angeles
†Barrows, D. P., Prof. of Education

201 Cal-M W F, 10-12
2537 Regent st--

Bkly 6404 +Bartlett,, Louis, Lectr. in Dental Juris

prudence (D)
Claus Spreckels bldg, SF-

Kearny 5750 + Bean, G. L., Prof. of Dental Porcelain (D) Union Square bldg, 350 Post st, SF

Douglas 2222 Becker, F. C., Instr. in Philosophy

2 P
2519 Durant av-

Bkly 5768 Behr, E. E., Asst. in Mineralogy and

2607 Hearst av-

Bkly 5913 *Benedict, H. H., Bill Clerk in Secretary's

1534 Grove st-

Bkly 3446 Bernstein, B. A., Instr. in Mathematics

14B N-M W F, 10
1540 La Loma av-

Bkly 4519 * Biddle, H. C., Asst. Prof. of Chemistry

264 Chem-M W F, 2-3

University Cottage No. 1- Bkly 4764 Bioletti, F. T., Assoc. Prof. of Viticulture

18 A-Tu Th, 9-10

2213 Union st
Blanchard, F. T., Instr. in English

25 N-Tu Th 5, 11
2536 Bancroft way-

Bkly 3264 † Blasdale, W. C., Asst. Prof. of Chemistry

234 Chem-daily, exc S, 9-11
2514 College av-

Bkly 2776
Blum, Sanford, Instr, in Pediatrics (M)

City of Paris bldg, F-Douglas 5357 † Blum, Solomon, Asst. in Economics

104 Cal
2516 Ridge rd-

Bkly 5175
Boehncke, P., Asst. in German

13 N
Granada Apts-

Bkly 1848 *+Boke, G. H., Prof. of Law

Bonnet, L., Asst. in Viticulture
212212 Dwight way-

Bkly 1859 +Boone, R. G., Lectr. in Education

201 Cal-M, 9.10
2314 Haste st-

Bkly 4026 #Booth, E., Asst. Prof. of Chemistry 249 Chem-Tu Th 5, 9-11; Tu W Th,

1214 Harrison boulevard, O

Oakd 3157

^ Bowman, J. N., Asst. Prof. of Mediaeval

108 Cal-M W, 3-3:30
2319 Haste st-

Bkly 3972 Bradley, C. B., Prof. of Rhetoric

23B N
2639 Durant av-

Bkly 4126 i Brandegee, T. S., Hon. Curator in the

Herbarium Bransby, C., Instr, in Spanish 2636 Channing way

Bkly 861 Brauer, 0. L., Asst. in Chemistry 2247 Bancroft way

Bkly 989 Brewer J. A., Instr, in Law (H). (Died

December 17, 1910.) 1Bridwell, J. G. Instr. in Entomology

Whittier Briggs, L. P., Teaching Fellow in History

2167 Addison st Brown, B. S., Instr. in Horticulture

University Farm, Davis †Brown, E. E., Hon. Prof. of Education, Commissioner of Education, Dept. of In

terior, Washington, DC †Brown, P. K., Instr. in Clinical Pathology

350 Post st, SF-

Douglas 2222 ^ Brown, W., Instr. in Psychology

10 P- Tu, 3
2553 Benvenue av-

Bkly 2038 i Brunn, H., Instr. in Surgery (M) Butler_bldg., Stockton and Geary sts, SF

Sutter 531 Bumstead, F. M., Head of Binding and

Serials Dept. in Library 2704 Benvenue av

Bkly 2261 Burd, J. S., Asst. Prof. of Agr. Chemistry,

in charge of Fertilizer Control 1 FCL-daily, 2-3; Tu Th S, 9-10; M

WF, 10-11
Faculty Club- Local 28 or Bkly 5234
Burnett, T. C., Instr. in Physiology

105 PL-daily, 9-12
Hotel Shattuck

Bkly 6783 Burns, K., Asst. in Astronomy (LO)

Mt. Hamilton *Campbell, W. W., Director of the Lick

Observatory and Astronomer (LO) Mt. Hamilton Carey, H, B., Prof. of Botany, Materia

Medica, and Physiology (Ph); In. structor in

Anatomy, Histology,
Materia Medica and Therapeutics

12884 Ninth av, SF

Park 2935 *+Chamberlain, J. P., Lecturer in Law Chambers, S.A., Asst. Prof. of French

178 V-M W F. 11
2223 Atherton st-

Bkly 6680 + Chandler, A. E., Asst. Prof. of the Institu.

tions of Irrigation 12 A-WF, 10-11 113 Duncan st, SF

Chapman, C. E., Teaching Fellow in His

2430 College av-

Bkly 3196 fCheney, Mrs. M. L., Appointment Secretary m 203 Cal 2241 College av

Bkly 1139 Child, J. A., Asst. Prof. of Italian

17B N-M W F, 2-3

Faculty Club- Local 28 or Bkly 5234 Chittenden, Mrs. A. B., Asst. Prof. of

Drawing (A) 1424 Sacramento st, SF Christy, S. B., Prof. of Mining and Metal

lurgy; Dean of the College of Mining m 132 HM-daily, exc S, 11:30-12 2234 Piedmont av

Bkly 1368 † Clapp, E. B., Prof. of Greek Language and

8 N ; at residence, daily, 2-3
2708 Channing way-

Bkly 2478 Clark, B. L., Instr. in Palaeontology

24 S
2223 Atherton st

Bkly 6680 #Clark, J. T., Asst. Prof. of Romanic Phil

17 N
2214 Russell st-

Bkly 213 Clark, S. B., Instr. in Latin

9 N
2522 Hillegass av-

Bkly 1584 Clarke, W. T., Asst. Prof. of Horticulture

and Supt. Univ. Extension in Agri

16 A-M, 10-11
2317 LeConte av

Bkly 1930 iCleghorn, A. M., Prin. of University Farm

School and Instr. in English and

Mathematics Davis. Coit, J. E., Asst. Prof. of Pomology, South

ern California Pathological Labora.

tory Riverside * Colby, G. E., Asst. Prof. of Agric. Chem

8 A-daily, 9.12
3131 Claremont av

Bkly 3859 † Colby, W. E., Lectr, in Law of Mines 2901 Channing way

Bkly 1773 Corbett, J. C., Asst. in Physics 2723 Regent st

Bkly 2055 † Cory, C. L., John W. Mackay, Jr. Prof.

of Electrical Engineering, and Dir. of Elec. Light and Power Plant;

Dean of the College of Mechanics m 33 M-Tu Th, 8.9, 11-12 2927 College av

Bkly 2641 Cory, H, E., Instr. in English

23 N
Faculty Club Local 28 or Bkly 5234

Cottrell, F. G., Asst. Prof. of Physical

205 Chem-Tu Th, 9
2332 Fulton st-

Bkly 6391 Cox, G. E., Asst. in Mechanics and Fore.

man of Woodwork
23 M-daily, 9-4; S, 8-11

1811 Derby st Crawford, R. T., Assoc. Prof. of Practical

2740 Elmwood av-

Bkly 471 ¡Cummings, M. E., Prof. of Modeling (A),

and Instr. in Modeling
Arch-Tu, 8-11
3966 Clay st, SF-

Pacific 1715 *Curtis, H. D., Astronomer (LO)

Santiago, Chile
Daggett, S., Asst. Prof. of Railway Eco-

nomics on the Flood Foundation
105 Cal-Tu Th, 3; WF, 4
2510 LeConte ay-

Bkly 5957 fdal Piaz, A. M., Instr. in Anatomy

5 Anat-daily exc S, 11-12

610 Fourteenth st, O +D'Ancona, A. A., Dean of the Faculty of

the College of Med.; Supt. of the

University of California Hospital (M) h University of California Hospital, S F

Park 178 Daniel, J. F., Instr. in Comparative Anat

16 E-daily, 11-12
1430 Arch st

Bkly 3327 Dargan, E. P., Asst. Prof. of French

17B N
2619 Dwight way-

Bkly 6584 Davidson, G., Prof. of Geography, Emeritus

2221 Washington st, SF Davidson, T. A., Asst. in Physics

11 S

2215 Fulton st Davis, L. M., Instr. in Dairy Industry,

University Farm Davis Day, R. A., Instr. in Orthodontia Technic

(D) Elkan Gunst bldg, cor Powell and Geary sts, SF

Douglas 4300 Demeter, L. J., Asst. Prof. of German

180 N--M, 2; W, 11-12; F, 10
1300 Grove st-

Bkly 234 Derleth, C., Jr., Prof. of Civil Engineering;

Dean of the College ivil En

gineering m 204 CE--Tu Th, 11-12:15 2834 Webster st

Bkly 293 * Deutsch, M. E., Instr. in Latin

9 N--daily, 10
2314 Haste st-

Bkly 5250 Durham, E. B., Assoc. Prof. of Mining

101 HM-MWF, 11•11:30.
2227 Ward st-

Bkly 6529 fEakle, A. S.. Asst. Prof. of Mineralogy,

37 S-MW, 10-11
1518 Euclid av

Bkly 1134

+Ebright, G. E., Iustr. in Medicine (M)

2446 Washington st, SF- West 24 Eddy, A. J., Instr. in Civil Engineering

403 CE-M Tu Th F, 11-12; M, 3-4
2630 Fulton st-

Bkly 6350 † Edwards, G. O., Prof. of Mathematics

5 N-M Tu W Th, 11
2546 Dana st-

Bkly 1613 Edwardes, V. P., Asst. in Chemistry 2102 Clinton av, A

Ala 2591 Einarsson, S., Instr. in Practical Astron

omy m 10 0-Tu Th S, 11 Faculty Club

Bkly 5234 Elston, T. S., Instr. in Physics

2B E-Tu Th, 10:30-12; W, 2-3
Eucalyptus path, Claremont Park-

Bkly 1093 Engert, Adolph van Hemert, Teaching Fel

low in History 1824 Hearst av

Bkly 3080 1 English, D., Asst. in Economics 2525 Hillegass av—

Bkly 3088 † Etcheverry, B. A., Assoc. Prof. of Irriga

tion Engineering
12 A-Tu Th, 9-10, 11-12, 1-4
2598 Buena Vista way-

Bkly 3366 ťEvans, E. E., Asst. Instr. in Dentistry (D) 210 Union Savings Bank bldg, O

Oakd 2016 Farmer, M. T., Alumni Secretary and

Graduate Manager of A. S. U. c.
201B Cal
2616 Virginia st-

Bkly 824 Faucheux, G., Asst. Prof. of French Lit

erature 1213 E Twentieth st, O Flagg, I., Prof. of Greek, Emeritus

Ukiah Flaherty, M. O., Assoc. Prof. of Forensics

24B N--S, 10-11

325 Twenty-fourth st, O Oakd 6967 † Fletcher, R. H., Asst. Prof. of the History

of Art (A) and Director of the San

Francisco Institute of Art 2429 Channing way Flinn, J. W., Supt. of University Printing

1799 University av-

Bkly 2174 + Foulet, L., Prof. of the French Language

and Literature
150 N
2246 College ay-

Bkly 1850 † Franklin, W. S., Instr. in Ophthalmology

Butler bldg, 135 Stockton st, SF-

Douglas 2051 † Fryer, J., Agassiz Prof. of Oriental Lang

uages and Literatures
1 N
2620 Durant av-

Bkly 3095 Garnett, P., Asst. Curator, Academy of

Pacific Coast History BL-daily, exc. S, 9-12, 1-5; S, 9-12 2558 Buena Vista ar

Bkly 2322 Gaumnitz, A. J., Asst. in Agronomy

University Farm, Davis
†Gay, F. P., Prof. of Pathology (M)

Path-M Tu, 9-10
2353 Prospect st-

Bkly 1041 #Gayley, C. M., Prof. of the English Lang

uage and Literature
25B N
2328 Piedmont av-

Bkly 2950 George, J., Asst. in Mechanics and Fore

man in Ironwork
24 M-daily, 9-4; S, 8-11

2600 Grant st +Gibson, H. E., Accountant in Secretary's

Office 212 Cal

University Cottage No. 3— Bkly 504 Gilcrest, C. F., Instr. in Electrical En

32 M
4175 Montgomery st, 0-

Pied 4299 Goddard, M., Instr. in Comparative Anat

omy (D) Butler bldg, SF

Sutter 73 Goodwin, C. L., Teaching Fellow in His

tory 2438 Roosevelt av

Bkly 3861 Graff, U., Head of Circulation Dept., L

3350 23rd st, SF îGreen, F. T., Prof., Chem., Director of

Chemical Lab., and Dean of the
Faculty of the Calif. Coll. of Phar.

macy (Ph)
500 Devisadero st, SF-

Park 478 +Greenleaf, Gen. C. R., Hon. Prof. of Mili

tary and Public Hygiene 2340 Piedmont av

Bkly 514 †Greenleaf, Mrs. J. H., Instr. in French

17B N
1437 LeRoy av

Bkly 5044 Gregory, E. M., Asst. in Spanish 1619 La Loma av

Bkly 4797 Griffiths, F. P., Lectr. in Law, Secretary

to the President m 217 Cal-daily, 9-12

Faculty Club- Local 28 or Bkly 6453 Griffiths, W. M., Instr. in Mechanical En

28 M-M W F, 10-11
2214 Union St-

Bkly 2483 †Grinnell, J., Director of the California

Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
V Z-daily, 8:30-4:30
2615 Channing way-

Bkly 5003 Griswold, H. S., Instr. in Civil Engineer

109 CE-M W, 10-11; Tu, 10-12
2401 Le Conte av-

Blky 1279 Gunthorp, Miss P., Head Cataloguer, L

2513 Bancroft way
Gutterson, H. H., Instr. in Architecture

Arch-M W F, 3-5
2516A Hillegass av-

Bkly 4527 Hagemann, E. H., Instr. in Dairying

University Farm, Davis

+Hale, G. E., Hitchcock Lectr, in Astron

omy for 1910-11 †Hall, E. E., Assoc. Prof. of Physics. 19 S-M F, 8:45-9; Tu Th, 2-4; S,

1501 LeRoy ar-

Bkly 1024 *Hall, H. M., Asst. Prof. of Economic Botany;

sst. Bo nist to Agr. Exper. Station m 307 HM-M WF, 1:30-2:30 1615 La Loma av

Bkly 4188 +Hall, S. W., Instr. in Extracting (D) 2419 Bancroft way

Bkly 1286 Hamilton, Miss A., Asst. in Entomology

2533 Durant av Haring, C. M., Asst. Prof. of Veterinary

Science 2 A-WF, 2; University Farm, Davis

-M, 1-5; Tu, 8-12 2318 Channing way

Bkly 5533 Harper, R. A., Prof. of Botany

1 B-M, 11.12

Faculty Club Local 28 or Bkly 5234 Harrison, M. E., Teaching Fellow in Eng:

lish. 3329 Washington st, SF- West 295 Harrison, R. C., Instr. in Law (H) Mills bldg. S F

Douglas 799 Hart, W. M., Assoc. Prof. of English Phil.

33 N-M W, 9:30-10, 1:30-2
2255 Piedmont av-

Bkly 2078 +Harvey, R. W., Instr. in Anatomy

4 Anat
2515 LeConte av-

Bkly 5334 Haskell, M. W., Prof. of Mathematics

6 N
2019 Durant av--P. O. Box 3—

Bkly 1211 #Hatfield, H, R., Prof. of Accounting on the

Flood Foundation, and Sec. of the

College of Commerce. 114 Cal-MWF, 11•11:30; Tu, 10-11,

1-2; Th, 10-10:30. 2633 LeConte av

Bkly 2302 Hawk, F. D., Instr. in Animal Industries

17 A
2240 Telegraph av-

Bkly 1249 Hays, W. C., Asst. Prof. of Architecture

Arch-Th, 1-2
Cloyne Court-

Bkly 4617 Heald, Miss E., Agassiz Research Asst. in

2223 Chapel st-

Bkly 492 Heller, E., Curator of Mammals, Cal. Mus.

of Vert. Zool. National Musum, Washington, D. O. Henderson, Miss M., Instr. in Bacteriology

Bne Lab-daily, 1-5
2816 Derby st-

Bkly 1716 Henderson, V. H., Secretary of the Reg

ents and Land Agent m 220 Cal

156 Tunnel rd, Claremont-Bkly 1386

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