Slike strani

†Hengstler, L. T., Prof. of Law (H) Kohl bldg, S F

Kearny 2442 †Herms, W. B., Asst. Prof. of Entomology m 225 Ent Lab Tu Th, 10-11, 2-4 1424 LeRoy av

Bkly 3302 +Herrick, H. M., Asst. in Mining and

Mechanical Draughtsman
222 HM
1541 Grant st-

Bkly 5898 †Hersam, E. A., Assoc. Prof of Metallurgy

204 HM-daily, 9-10
2500 Bancroft way-

Bkly 1848 Hesse, F. G., Prof. of Hydraulics, Emeri

tus. (Died January 27, 1911.) Hilgard, E. W., Prof. of Agriculture,

2728 Bancroft way-

Bkly 1392 †Hoag, E. B., Lectr. in Hygiene 2715 Woolsey st

Bkly 5908 Hobe, Miss A. M., Carnegie Asst. in the

Lick Observatory (LO) Mt. Hamilton $Hodgen, J. D., Prof. of Operative Dentistry

Schroth bldg., 240 Stockton st, SP-

Douglas 3400 Holway, R. S., Asst. Prof. of Physical

51 N-MW F, 9-9:30
2577 Buena Vista way-

Bkly 3163 ^ Horne, W. T., Asst. Prof. of Plant Path

PDL-M Tu W Th, 9-12, 2-4.

2701 Virginia st
Hovey, N., Purchasing Agent

220 Cal
1819 Grove st-

Home F 2627 Howard, C. S. H., Instr. in French

15B N

Laurel st, nr Eunice st- Bkly 1823 *+Howard, J. G., Prof. of Architecture 2421 Ridge rd

Bkly 72 *Howison, G. H., Prof. of Philosophy,

2631 Piedmont av-

Bkly 1393 Hugill, E. A., Supt. of Grounds and

University Cottage No. 6— Local 13
#Hunkin, S. J., Instr. in Orthopedic Sur-

gery (M)
2161 Sutter st, SF-

West 4612 Huntington, T. W., Prof. of Clinical Sur

gery (M)
350 Post st, SF-

Douglas 2222 Hussey, S. W., Demonstrator in Clinical

Dentistry (D) 3038 San Pablo av Hutchinson, L., Asst. Prof. of Commerce

on the Flood Foundation and Dean

of the Lower Division, or Advisor. m 209 Cal-daily, 9.10; Tu Th, 10-11;

MW F, 2-3 9 Canyon rd

Bkly 2893

+Hyde, C. G., Prof. of Sanitary Engineer

101 CE-W, 9-10; Tu, 2-5
2579 Buena Vista way-

Bkly 870 Ingerson, C. F., Asst. Prof. of Decorative

Design (A) 1321 Sutter st, SF- Franklin 4648 †Jacobs, L. H., Lectr. in Law

1616 Leroy av--

Bkly 2991 †Jaffa, M. E., Prof. of Nutrition m 8 A-daily, 9-12 2637 Virginia st

Bkly 949 #James, E. O., Fellow in Education

201 Cal-Th, 3
1474 Holly st-

Bkly 5442 Jepson, W. L., Asst. Prof. of Dendrology

5 B-Tu Th, 10-10:30

2702 Hillegass av Johnson, Miss M. M., Asst. in Anatomy 2505 College av

Bkly 808 Johnstone, G. I., Asst. in Physics

2522 Virginia st
+ Jones, W. O., Prof. of Jurisprudence

2625 Benvenue av-

Bkly 1582 +Judson, C. C., Asst. Prof. of Drawing (A)

and Asst. Prof. of Drawing
Arch-Tu, 9-12, 1.4
1590 LeRoy ay-

Bkly 4633 Kerr, W. W., Prof. of Clinical Medicine

(M) 2605 California st, SF- West 2190 Kesner, H. J., Instr. in Civil Engineering

207 CE-M W, 2-4; F, 3-4

Faculty Club- Local 28 or Bkly 5234 Kidd. A. M., Asst. Prof. of Law

BHL-Tu Th, 1.2
349 Cherry st, SF-

Pacific 1636 Kiess, C. C., Fellow in Astronomy (LO) 1801 Euclid av

Bkly 782 +Kofoid, 0. A., Prof. of Zoology m 19 E-M W, 10 2616 Etna st

Bkly 1059 +Kower, H., Assoc. Prof. of Drawing

6 E-Tu Th, 8:30; W, 1-2
601 E 37th st, 0-

Mer 3803 Kress, G. H., Secretary Los Angeles Dept.

of the College of Medicine Bradbury bldg, Los Angeles. Kroeber, A. L., Asst. Prof. of Anthro

pology, Sec. of the Dept. of Anthropology and Curator of the Anthro

pological Museum Mus-M W F, 11; m Affiliated Colleges 2848 Washington st, S F

Fillmore 1237 +Kugeler, H. B., Instr. in Surgery (M)

3636 Washington st, SF- West 1348 Kuno, Y. S., Asst. in Japanese

2 Mec 1184 Arch st

+Linforth, I. M., Asst. Prof. of Greek

9 N
2742 Derby st-

Bkly 3451 †Linsles, E. G., Instr. in Geography

51 N-M W, 10:30-11
71 Emerson st, (-

Mer 260 Lipman, C. B., Asst. Prof. of Soils

21 A-S, 9-12

Faculty Club- Local 28 or Bkly 5234 Long, J. A., Instr. in Zoology

21 E-MW F, 9
2735 Bancroft way-

Bkly 1369 Louderback, G. D., Assoc. Prof. of Geology

30 S-M, 3; Tu, 11; W, 10; Th, 4. 2713 Derby st

Bkly 3260 Loughridge, R. H., Prof. of Agr. Chem

istry, Emeritus 2218 Union st

Bkly 2967 Lynch, M. C., Instr. in Law

2611 Durant av

Bkly 45 25 #McCharles, C. H. Instr. in Agricultural


†Kurtz, B. P., Asst. Prof. of English, Sec.

of the English Dept., Lectr. in Univ.

19B N-MW F, 11.12
59 Santa Clara av, 0-

Oakd 6276 Kuschke, C., Instr. in Mathematics

18 N_Tu Th, 10
2217 Fulton st-

Bkly 3810 Lamare, E. B., Instr. in French

178 N
2213 Union st-

Bkly 4045 +Lange, A. F., Prof. of the Theory and

Practice of Education, and Dean of

the Faculties
Faculty Room, Cal-daily, 11.12
2629 Haste st-

Bkly 424 Lartigau, A. J., Asst. Prof. of Gynecology

(M); Instr. in Bacteriology and

Pathology (D) 1502 2 Golden Gate av, SF-West 2638 +Lawson, A. C., Prof. of Mineralogy and

21 S
1515 La Loma av

Bkly 3812 Lea, E. J., Instr. in Agricultural Chem

8 A
2840 Parker st

Bkly 3901 #LeConte, J. N., Asst. Prof. of Mechanical

4 M-M Tu W, 9-10
19 Hillside court-

Bkly 2283 #Lee, A. W., Instr. in Pathology (M) 1107 Stanyan st, S F

Park 3208 Leet, R. A., Lectr. in Pharmacy (Ph) 31 Athol av, 0

Mer 3618 #Lehmer, D. N., Assoc. Prof. of Mathematics

18 N
2736 Regent st-

Bkly 4129 Leupp. H., Assoc. Librarian and Purchas

ing Agent
1-daily, exc S, 2-5
2700 Piedmont av---

Bkly 4639 Leuschner, A. O., Prof. of Astronomy;

Director of Students' Observatory m 3 0 1816 Scenic av

Bkly 2182 +Lewis, E. M., Prof. of Military Science

and Tactics m Armory-M W and alt F, 9:30-10:55 :

Tu, 1:30-3:30 3014 College av

Bkly 4960 *+Lewis, E. P., Prof. of Physics Care of Knauth, Nachod, and Kühne,

Leipzig, Germany #Lewitt, W. B., Prof. of Pediatrics (M) 2702 California st, SF

West 6242 Ligda, V. V., Asst. Prof. of Physical Cul

HG-M Tu W Th, 9:30-12, 3-4
675 33rd st, 0

Pied 2277 #Lindley, C. II., Hon. Prof. of the Law of

Mines and Water 2015 Pacific av, SF

West 7104

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2646 Bancroft way

Bkly 4331 #McCormac, E. I., Asst. Prof. of American

History 108 Cal

15 Panoramic way McDonald, J. H., Asst. Prof. of Mathe

matics 10 N

3136 Lewiston av #McLean, R. A., Prof. of Clinical and Op

erative Surgery, Emeritus (M) 111 Ellis st, SF

Kearny 1544 Mac Minn, G. R., Instr. in English

22 N–Tu Th, 3
2334 Durant av-

Bkly 3465 #McMurray, 0. K., Prof. of Law

BHLM W, 10-10:30
2327 LeConte av--

Bkly 3273 † Magee, Mrs. G. E., Asst. in Physical Cul

HLM Tu W Th, 2-4
2400 College av--

Bkly 6109 +Magee, W. E., Prof. of Physical Culture HG-M Tu W Th, 9:30; H-M Tu W

Th, 2
2400 College av-

Bkly 6109 † Major, E. W., Assoc. Prof. of Animal In

dustry and Manager of Univ. Farm 17 A--Tu, 10-11

University Farm, Davis +Mansell. R. E., Instr. in Horticulture, in

charge of Agricultural Grounds Conservatory-MW Th F S, 9-12

University Cottage No. 2-- Bkly 6340 +Mauk, E. H., Instr. in Dental Technics (D)

135 Stockton st, SF- Douglas 4271 #Maxwell, S. S., Assoc. Prof. of Physiology

PL-M WF. 10-11
15 Hillside court-

Bkly 1982


Mead, H. R, Reference Librarian and

Classifier, L 1533 Grant st

Bkly 1186 †Merriam, J. C., Assoc. Prof. of Paleon

tology and Historical Geology m 23 S-Tu Th, 11:15 2401 Bowditch st

Bkly 1908 Merrill, P. W., Fellow in Astronomy (LO) 1801 Euclid av

Bkly 782 *Merrill, W. A., Prof. of the Latin Lang

nage and Literature
12 N-M W F, 9:45; M W, 12; F, 11
2609 College av-

Bkly 1790 Meyer, W. F., Instr. in Astronomy

10 0-MW F, 11-12
Students' Observatory--

Local 43 Millberry, G. S., Supt, of the Infirmary and

Prof. of Dental Chemistry

Metallurgy (D) 1043 Clayton st, SF

Park 4190 † Miller, A. C., Flood Prof. of Political

Economy and Commerce 104 Cal-M W F, 11; W, 3 2420 Ridge rd

Bkly 3730 Miller, L, II., Instr. in Palaeontology Minor. R. S., Assoc. Prof. of Physics

4 E-daily, 1.1:30
2745 Parker st--

Bkly 1267 *Mitchell, W. C., Prof. of Political Economy

on the Flood Foundation
104 Cal
2250 Prospect st-

Bkly 5660 † Moffitt, H. C., Prof. of the Principles and

Practice of Medicine (M) 1818 Broadway, SF- Franklin 21 Monges, H. B., Jr., Instr. in Drawing

24 E
1719 Channing way-

Bkly 4679 Montgomery, D. W., Prof. of Diseases of

the Skin (M)
323 Geary st, SF--

Sutter 487 Moody, R. O., Asst. Prof. of Anatomy 3 Anat--daily, exc S, 9:30-10:30, 2:30

2826 Garber st-

Bkly 3058 Moore, A. R., Asst. in Physiology

PAW, 1.4

Physiological Laboratory- Local 29 Moore, H. T., Lectr. on Surgery (D)

391 Sutter st, SF- Douglas 4138 Moore, J. H., Acting Astronomer in charge

of the Mills Expedition (LO) Santiago, Chile Moore, W. G., Instr. in Gynecology (M) 2375 Jackson st, SF

West 967 †Morgan, W. C., Asst. Prof. of Chemistry

201 Chem-MWF, 11
2440 Hillside av-

Bkly 1951 Morin, Miss G., Asst. Instr. in Drawing

2410 Russell st-

Bkly 4179

†Morley, W. S., Asst. Prof. of Metallurgy

108 HM-M Tu Th F, 11-12
2738 Webster st-

Bkly 4859 † Morrow, H., Asst. Prof. of Diseases of the

Skin (M)
Butler bldg, Geary and Stockton sts, SF

Douglas 2397 † Moses, B., Prof. of History and Political

106 Cal--daily, 9
Alta Vista apts-

Bkly 3471 Mowbray, A. H., Instr. in Insurance on

the Flood Foundation
105 Cal-MWF, 8:45-9; Tu Th, 3:45-

522 Lake st. S F-

Pacific 329 Nagel, C. S. G., Instr. in Ophthalmology

209 Post st, SF-

Douglas 2778 † Neff, J. B., Conductor of Farmers' In

stitutes Anaheim Nelson, N. O., Instr. in Anthropology and

Asst. Curator of the Anthropological

Affiliated Colleges, SF
† Neuhaus, K. E., Instr. in Drawing

10 E
2922 Derby st-

Bkly 6454
Newlin, W. A., Asst. in Mathematics

18B N
2542 Chilton way-

Bkly 5488
Nish, F. W., Prof. of Pharmacy (Ph)

1022 Masonic av, SF- Park 5810 Noble, C. A., Asst. Prof. of Mathematics

and Asst. Examiner of Schools 14B N-MW F, 9 202 Cal (for Credentials Committee)

Tu Th 5, 10-11. 2224 Piedmont av

Bkly 2533 +Noble, G. C., Asst. Prof. of Electrical En

32 M
2535 Chilton way-

Bkly 6356 Norton, J. II., Asst. Prof. of Agricultural

Chemistry Riverside †Noyes, G. R., Asst. Prof. of Slavic Lang

22 N
2249 College av-

Bkly 5603 Nutting, H. C., Asst. Prof. of Latin

3 N-M W, 3; 1 N-Tu S, 9
1425 Walnut st

Bkly 304
O'Hegarty, J. J., Reader in Irish

1 X-MWF, 3-4, 5-6
1834 Hearst av-

Bkly 859
* Olnev, W., Jr., Lectr. in Law
Mills bldg, SF-

Kearny 1651 O'Neill, E., Prof. of Inorganic Chemistry m 221 Chem-daily, 9.10, 2-3 2522 College av

Bkly 436 14 Overstreet, H. A., Assoc. Prof. of Phil



Paddock, G. F. Mills Asst. Astronomer in

the Lick Observatory (LO)
Casilla 1219, Santiago, Chile
† Paschall, C., Asst. Prof. of German

13 NMWF, 2-2:15
2736 Parker st-

Bkly 3448 2 Peixotto, Miss J. B., Asst. Prof. of Sociol

00 LC_Th, 2-4
Cloyne Court-

Bkly 3757 † Petersson, T., Instr. in Latin

9 N
2508 Etna st-

Bkly 6147
Phillips, H., Instr. in Animal Industry

University Farm

† Pinger, W. R. R., Instr. in German

13 N-Tu F, 11-11:30
2551 Benvenue av-

Bkly 4303
Place, Miss L. A., Asst. in Physical Cul-

H-M Tu W Th, 2-4
2638 Woolsey st-

Bkly 4883 † Plehn, C. C., Prof. of Finance the

Flood Foundation
105 Cal-M W F, 3; Tu Th, 12
2308 Warring st-

Bkly 1385 †Popper, W., Asst. Prof. of Semitic Lang

2 N
2326 Russell st-

Bkly 3306 † Powers, G. H., Prof. of Ophthalmology,

Emeritus (M) 111 Ellis st, SF

Kearny 1648 Pracy, Miss E., Asst. in Chemistry

1069 Church st, SF- Mission 1021 † Price, C., Asst. Prof. of Latin

3 N-M W F, 11
23 Panoramic way-

Bkly 1061 Purpus, C. A., Botanical Collector for the

University Zacuapam, Mexico † Putnam, T. M., Asst. Prof. of Mathematics

4 N-daily, 9
202 Cal-Tu Th, 9:30 (Special stu-

1541 Hawthorne ter-

Bkly 771
Putzker, A., Prof. of German Literature,

2600 Telegraph av-

Bkly 5148
Quayle, H. J., Asst. Prof. of Entomology

110 Ent Lab Tu Th, 10-12
2311 Bowditch St

Home F 2478 #Raymond, W. J.. Assoc. Prof. of Physics 174 S-M Tu W Th, 11•11:30; F, 9.

2622 Piedmont av

Bkly 4807 17 Reed, T. H., Asst. Prof. of Political

Executive Office, State Capitol, Sacra.

Rehfuess, L. P., Asst. in Physics
2247 Bancroft way-

Bkly 989

+Reinhardt, G. F., Prof. of Hygiene and

University Physician Infirmary-daily, 8-10 2434 Durant av

Bkly 1320 † Reynolds, H. W., Assoc. Prof. of Mechan.

ical Engineering
28 M
1531 Euclid av-

Bkly 3035
Rhodes, M. T., Demonstrator in Clinical

Dentistry (D)
Affiliated Colleges, SF
†Richardson, L. J., Assoc. Prof. of Latin

11 N-M W, 3; Tu Th, 12
2415 College av-

Bkly 5115
Riddell, W. C., Asst. in Chemistry
301 Alvarado rd, Claremont Park-

Bkly 6269 †Rieber, C. H., Assoc. Prof. of Logic

2 P-M, 3-4
15 Canyon rd-

Bkly 1060 +Ritter, W. E., Prof. of Zoology The San Diego Marine Biological Sta

tion, La Jolla
Roberts, R. M., Instr. in Farm Practice

University Farm, Davis † Robertson, T. B., Assoc. Prof. of Physi

ological Chemistry
PL-MWF, 2-4
36 Panoramic way-

Bkly 1159
Rohde, H. J., Asst. in Physics
2215 Fulton st-

Bkly 1874 †Roller, 0. P., Special Instr. in Dental

Porcelain (D)
Affiliated Colleges, SF
Rose, R. S., Asst. in Spanish
1538 Hawthorne ter-

Bkly 6421 Rowell, J. C., Librarian m L-daily, 10-12 2207 West st, O

Pied 5264 +Rugh, C. E., Assoc. Prof. of Education

201 Cal-Tu W, 2-3; S, 10-11
1830 Fruitvale av, 0-

Mer 1204 *Rusk, G. Y., Asst. Prof. of Pathology

Path-- M Tu Th F, 11
2523 Ridge rd-

Bkly 5564 Russ, R. J., Instr. in Surgery (M) Schroth bldg, 240 Stockton st, sF

Douglas 3400 Russell, T. G., Instr. in Surgery (M) 350 Post st, SF

Douglas 2222
Ryder, A. W., Asst. Prof. of Sanskrit

2 N
2337 Telegraph av-

Bkly 5025
Ryfkogel, H. A., Instr. in Surgery (M)
162 Post st, SF-

Kearny 4220 Sampson, J. A., Asst. in Mineralogy and

3580 Washington st, sF- West 5820
Sanford, T. F., Asst. Prof. of English

243 N-MWF, 11
Faculty Club Local 28 or Bkly 5234

Sawyer, W. A., Medical Examiner, and

Director of the State Hygienic Lab. Infirmary-daily, incl S, 9.12. 2329 Bancroft way

Bkly 1429 Schevill, R., Prof. of Spanish

150 X-W F, 10-10:30
1538 Hawthorne ter

Bkly 6421 Schilling, H. K., Prof. of the German

Language and Literature 32 N-MWF, 1:30-2; Tu W F, 3-3:30 2316 LeConte av

Bkly 1409 Schmidt, V., Lectr. in Pharmacy (Ph) 1845 Polk st, SF

Franklin 3200 Schneider, A., Prof. of Pharmacognosy,

Economic Pharmaceutical Botany,

Histology and Bacteriology (Ph) 1325 Arch st

Bkly 3576 Scholz, R. F., Asst. Prof. of Ancient His

108 Cal
1704 Oxford st-

Bkly 930 Schraidt, F., Asst. in German

20 N
2612 Bancroft way-

Bkly 653 Scotford, F. E., Special Lectr. on Adver.

2235 Blake st-

Bkly 5675 Scott, R. M., Asst. in Physical Culture

HG-M Tu W Th, 3-4
2250 Eunice st-

Bkly 6204 † Sears, T. B., Assoc. Prof. of Railroad En

305 CE-Tu Th, 11-12; F, 10-11
2529 Virginia st-

Bkly 5362 Seawell, H. W., Instr. in Water-color and

Pen-and-Ink Drawing, and Prof. of

Drawing and Painting (A)
Arch-F, 1-4
236 Cole st, SF-

Pacific 1737 † Senger, J. H., Assoc. Prof. of German

34 N- MW F, 2
1321 Bay View pl-

Bkly 404 Setchell, W. A., Prof. of Botany

Faculty Club Local 28 or Bkly 5234 Sharp, J. G., Prof. of the Principles and

Practice of Surgery, and Dean of the Faculty of the College of Den

tistry (D) 3049 Washington st, S F- West 2464 Sharp, W. F., Prof. of Prosthetic Den

tistry (D) Union Square bldg, 350 Post st, S F

Douglas 2222 Shaw, G. W., Assoc. Prof. of Experimental

Agronomy and Agricultural Tech

15 A-daily, 9-10
1411 Arch st-

Bkly 1287 Sherman, Miss E., Supt. of the Infirmary 2216 College ar-

Local 15 Sherman, H. M., Prof. of the Principles

and Practice of Surgery (M) 412 Union Square bldg, 350 Postst, SF

Douglas 2222

#Simmons, H. M., Instr. in Materia Medica

and Therapeutics (M), Instr. in
Materia Medica and Lectr. on Toxi-

cology (Ph)
1200 Webster st, SF-

West 3880 † Slate, F., Prof. of Physics m 15 S-M Tu W, 12-12:15 2231 College ar

Bkly 838 Smith, Miss A., Asst. in Mathematics

10 N
2547 Piedmont av-

Bkly 4900 Smith, A. B., Head of the Order Dept. in

the Library 2702 Virginia st

Bkly 5459 #Smith, D. E., Asst. Prof. of History and

Geography; Sec. of Dept. of History;
Acting Director of University Exten-

108 Cal-M Tu W, 10-10:30
1704 Oxford st-

Bkly 930 Smith, F. C., Lectr, in Pharmacy (Ph) 1250 St. Charles st, A-

Ala 684 24 Smith, R. E., Assoc. Prof. of Plant Path

ology and Supt. of So. Cal. Path.

Lab. and Exper. Station
Smithson, G. A., Instr. in English Philology

23 N-M W F, 11
2320A Bancroft way-

Bkly 2212 Solomon, A., Instr. in French

17B N
2001 Allston way-

Bkly 6710 † Soulé, F., Prof. of Civil Engineering,

2511 Hillegass av

Bkly 4503 #Spalding, A. B., Prof. of Obstetrics (M) 2721 Jackson st, SF

West 7188 + Spencer, J. O., Asst. Prof. of Genito

Urinary Surgery (M)
Butler bldg. Geary and Stockton sts,

Douglas 334 Sprague, Miss L., Asst. Prof. of English,

Dean of Women m 205 Cal-daily, 10-12 2425 Ridge rd

Bkly 5190 +Stanton, J. A., Prof. of Drawing and

Painting (A) 409 Melville av, Palo Alto Stebbins, C. A., Instr. in Agricultural

5 FCI- Th, 9-10
2004 Delaware st-

Bkly 3684 Stebbins, Miss L., Asst. Dean of Women

205 Cal-daily, 9-10, 2-3
2728 Haste st-

Bkly 1172 Stephens, H. M., Prof. of History

RR LM Tu, 5 m Faculty Club- Local 28 or Bkly 5234 Stoner, P. W., Asst. in Mathematics 2424 Channing way

Bkly 1097 + Stratton, G. M., Prof. of Psychology

9 P-daily, exc S, 1-2
33 Canyon rd-

Bkly 5354

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