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The offices of the President, Secretary, Recorder, Appointment Secretary, and Manager of the University Press are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on week days, except on Saturday, when they close at 12 m.

The University Library is open from 7:55 a.m. to 5:45 p.m., and from 7 to 10 p.m., daily, except on Saturdays, when it is open from 7:55 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. and from 7 to 10 p.m., and on Sundays, when it is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Infirmary is open daily, excepting Sundays, from 8 to 10 a.m. and from 5 to 6 p.m. for men; and from 10 to 12 a.m. and from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. for women. Sundays, 9 to 10 a.m. for men; 10 to 11 a.m. for women, by appointment only.


President of the University :

Dr. Benjamin Ide Wheeler

217 California Hall Secretary of the Regents and Land A gent :

Mr. Victor H. Henderson

222 California Hall Deans in the Academic Colleges! The Graduate School :

Professor David P. Barrows

2014 California Hall. The Faculties :*

Professor Alexis F. Lange

Faculty Room, California Hall
The Lower Division :
Professor Lincoln Hutchinson,

209 California Hall
Professor Lucy Sprague

205 California Hall
Agriculture :

Professor Edward J. Wickson

11 Agricultural Building Mechanics :

Professor Clarence L. Cory

33 Mechanics Building Mining:

Professor Samuel B. Christy

132 Hearst Mining Building
Ciril Engineering:

Professor Charles Derleth, Jr.
204 Civil Engineering Building

Chairmen of Committees on Graduation.
Letters, Social Sciences, Natural

Sriences :
Professor Alexis F. Lange

Faculty Room, California Hall
Agriculture :

Professor Edward J. Wickson

11 Agricultural Building Mechanics:

Professor Clarence L. Cory

33 Mechanics Building Mining:

Professor Samuel B. Christy

132 Hearst Mining Building Civil Engineering:

Professor Charles Derleth, Jr.

204 Civil Engineering Building Chemistry:

Professor Edmond O'Neill

221 Chemistry Building Commerce : Professor Henry R. Hatfield, Secre.

tary of the College

114 California Hall Dean of the College of Medicine :

Dr. A. A. D'Ancona

Affiliated Colleges, San Francisco University Physician :

Professor George F. Reinhardt

Medical Eraminer:

Dr. Wilbur A. Sawyer

* The duties of the Dean of the Academic Faculties concern the personal well-being and conduct of the student body as a whole and the provisions for their instruction, and include in addition thereto the special duties heretofore assigned to the Deans of the Colleges of Letters, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Commerce.

Medical Examiner for Women :

Manager of the University Press :
Dr. E. S. Bancroft

Mr. Albert H. Allen

207 California Hall
Recorder of the Faculties:
Mr. James Sutton

Superintendent of Grounds and Buildings: 204 California Hall

Mr. E. A. Hugill
Secretary to the President:

Superintendent's Office
Mr. Farnham P. Griffiths

Accountant :
217 California Hall

Mr. H. EGibson
Acting Director of University Extension:

212 California Hall
Professor D. E. Smith
108 California Hall

Purchasing Agent :

Mr. Noris Hovey Appointment Secretary:

220 California Hall Mrs. May L. Cheney 203 California Hall

Alumni Secretary: Librarian :

Mr. Milton T. Farmer Mr. Joseph C. Rowell

2013 California Hall Library

Secretary for University Extension :
Superintendent of the University Printing

Office :
Mr. Joseph W. Flinn
Printing Office


Director of the Lick Observatory:

Dr. William W. Campbell
Lick Observatory, Mount Hamilton, Cal.


Treasurer of the Regents :

Isaias W. Hellman, Jr., Esq.

Union Trust bldg Counsel for the Regents :

Fletcher A. Cutler, Esq.

506 Crocker bldg San Francisco Institute of ArtDirector: Professor R. H. Fletcher

California and Mason sts
Dean: Professor Theodore Wores

California and Mason sts
Hastings College of the Law-
Dean: Professor Edward R. Taylor

Whittell bldg

Registrar: Mr. George J. Martin

928 Pacific bldg
*Medical Department-
Dean : Dr. Arnold A. D'Ancona

Affiliated Colleges
College of Dentistry-
Dean: Professor James G. Sharp

Affiliated Colleges
California College of Pharmacy-
Dean: Professor Franklin T. Green

Affiliated Colleges


*L08 Angeles Medical Department:
Dean: Dr. W. Jarvis Barlow

616 Security bldg
* The work of the first two years of the Medical Department is in Berkeley,



JANUARY-MAY, 1911. The name appearing first under each department is that of the chairman of the department. Jurisprudence: Jones, McMurray, *Boke.

Agriculture: Wickson, 11 A; Anderson, 20

A; Jaffa, Colby, 8 A; Bioletti, 18 A;
Woodworth, 225 Ent Lab, Smith, A;
Shaw, 15 A; Major, 17 A; Clark, 16 A;
Haring, Bac Lab; Babcock (secretary),
19 A: Burd 1 FCL; Herms, 380 Ent
Lab; Horne, PDI; Lipman, Bac Lab;
Mansell, Conservatory; Lea, 8 A; Brid-
well, Quayle, 210 Ent Lab; Norton,
Hopper, Hagemann, Coit, Phillips,
Hawk, B. S. Brown, L. M. Davis,
Stebbins, McCharles, A.

Tu, 4. p.m.--February 7, March 7,
April 4, May 2, 13 A.
anatomy: Moody (secretary), 3 Anat; dal
Piaz, Harvey, Anat.

W, 11 a.m.-February 1, March 1, April 5, May 3, 4 Anat. Anthropology: Kroeber, Waterman, Nelson,

Mus. Architecture: *Howard, Hays, Cummings, Sea well, Gutterson, Arch.

M, 8. p.m.- February 6, March 6, April 3, May 1, Arch. Astronomy: Leuschner, 30; Crawford, 11 0; Einarsson, Meyer, 10 0.

Tu, 4 p.m.-January 3, February 7, March 7, April 4, May 2, 3 0. Botany: Setchell, Harper, 7 B; Jepson,

6 B; Hall (secretary), 307 HM. Chemistry: O'Neill, 221 Chem; Biddle, 264

Chem; Cottrell, 205 Chem; Booth, 294 Chem; Morgan, 201 Chem; Blasdale (secretary), 234 Chem.

Mondays, 4 p.m.--224 Chem. Civil Engineering: Derleth, 204 CE; Tib

betts, 304 CE; Hyde, 101 CE; Sears, 305 CE; Alvarez, 106 CE; Kesner, 207 CE; Eddy, 403 CE; Griswold, 109 СЕ.

Th, 4. p.m.-January 19, February 16, March 16, April 20, May 18, 204

CE Drawing: Kower, 6 E; Wythe (secretary),

24 E; Judson, Arch; Monges, 24 E; Neuhaus, 11 E.

F. 4 p.m.-January 27, February 24, March 31, April 28, 6 E.

Economics: Miller, 104 Cal; Plehn, 105

Cal; Hatfield 114 Cal; *Mitchell, 102 Cal; Hutchinson, 209 Cal; "Peixotto, 103 Cal; *Whitney, Daggett (secretary), Scotford, Mowbray, 105 Cal.

Wednesdays, 11 a.m.-104 Cal. Education: Lange, Faculty Room, Cal;

Barrows, Thomas, Rugh, Boone, 201

English: Gayley, 25 N; Bradley, 23B N;

Armes, 33 N ; *Wells, 23 N; Sanford,
Flaherty, 24B N; Hart, 33 N: Kurtz
(secretary), 19B N; von Neumayer, 24
N: Smithson, 18 E; Blanchard, 24 N
and 18 E; Cory, 23 N; Mac Minn, 22 N;
Bacon, 25 N. Special students, consult
Prof. Bradley; graduate students, Prof.
Hart; all others, Prof. Kurtz.

F, p.m.-February 17, March 17,
April 14.
Geography: Holway, Linsley, 51 N; Smith,

108 Cal; Hutchinson, 209 Cal. Geology and Mineralogy: Lawson, 21 S;

Louderback, 30 S; Eakle, 37 S; Wood, 170 S.

German: Schilling, 32 N; Senger, 34 N;

Demeter, 18C N; Paschall (secretary),
Pinger, 7 N.

W, 3 p.m.--January 25, February 1,
March 1, April 5, May 3.
Greek: Clapp, Allen (secretary), 8 N;

Washburn, Mus; Linforth, 9 N.
History: Stephens, 108 Cal; Moses, 106

Cal; Bacon 108 Cal; Smith (secretary),
Bowman, Scholz, McCormac, 108 Cal.

W. 7:30 p.m.—January 18. Febru. ary 1, 15, March 1, 15, 29, April 12,

26, Faculty Club. Hygiene: Reinhardt, Bancroft, Inf; Hoag.

110 Ent Lab; Sawyer (secretary), Iní; Miss Henderson, Bac Lab.

Tu, 8 p.m.-January 24, March 7, April 18, Inf. Irrigation: Etcheverry, Chandler, 12 A.

Meets with the Department of Civil Engineering.

BHL; Kidd (secretary), Thelen, Jacobs,
White, Griffiths, Tasheira, Lynch, Colby,

Tu, 7 p.m.—January 17, May 9,
Faculty Club.
Latin: Merrill, 9 N; Richardson, 11 N;

Price, Nutting (secretary), Washburn,
3 N; Petersson, Deutsch, Clark, 9 N.

Tu, 4 p.m.--February 7, March 7,
April 4; M, May 8, 9 N.
Mathematics: Haskell, 6 N; Edwards. 5

N; Noble, 14B N; *Whitney, 105 Cal;
Lehmer, 18 N: Putnam, 4 N: McDon.
ald (secretary), 10 N: Bernstein, 14B
N; Kuschke, 18 N; Woods, 10 N; Mow-
bray, 105 Cal.

Tuesdays, 2 p.m.-6 N.
Mechanics: Cory, 33 M; Reynolds, 28 M:

LeConte, 4 M; G. C. Noble, Gilcrest,
32 M; Griffiths, 28 M.

Th, 4 p.m.-January 26, February 23, March 30, April 27; M, May 15, 34 M.

Palaeontology: Merriam, 23 S; Clark, 24 S.
Pathology: Gay, Lee, Rusk, Path.
Philosophy: Stratton, 9 P; Rieber, 2 P;

Adams (secretary), 6 P; Brown, 10 P;
Becker, 2 P.

F. 4 p.m.-January 27, February
24, March 24, April 28, 3 P.
Physical Culture: W. E. Magee, Ligda, HG.
Physics: Slate, 15 S; *Lewis, 16 S; Rar.

mond, 17A S; Minor, Hall (secretary),

19 S; Elston, 5 S; Abbott, 4 E. Physiology: Maxwell, Robertson, Burnett,

Political Science: Moses, Reed, 106 Cal;

Noyes, 22 N.
Romanie Languages: Foulet, Schevill. 150

N; Chambers (secretary), Clark, Fau.
cheux, Howard, BransbyChild, Dar.
gan, Lamare, Solomon, Mrs. Greenleaf,
17B N.

W, 4 p.m.-January 18, February 1. 15, March 1, 15, 29, April 12, 26, May

10, 17B N.
Sanskrit: Ryder, 2 N.
Semitic Languages: Popper, 2 N.
Slavio Languages: Noyes, 22 N.
Zoology: Kofoid, 21 E; Ritter, 16 E; Tor.

rey, 14 E; Long, 21. E; Daniel (secre.
tary), 16 E; Grinnell, VZ.

Mondays, 11 a.m. -19 E.

Military Science and Tactics: Lewis, Arm

ory Mining: Christy, 132 HM; Hersam (secre

tary), 204 HM; Durham, 101 HM;
Morley, 108 HM.

W. 4 p.m.-February 1, March 1,
April 5, May 3, 223 HM.
Music: Wolle, 1 0.
Oriental Languages: Fryer, 1 N.



University Extension : President Wheeler, Dr. Campbell, Dr.

Professors Stephens, D. E. Smith, Kurtz,
D'Ancona, Professors Maxwell,

Anderson (secretary).
Sharp, Millberry, Green, Nish, University Welfare :
Fletcher, Judson, Lange, Haskell,

Professors Hilgard, Jones, Merrill,
Jones, Merrill (secretary), Rieber,

Christy, Rieber, Senger, Lange.
Slate, Hatfield, Wickson, O'Neill,
Christy, Derleth, Cory.

Regulations :

Professors Merrill, Barrows, Lange, Academic Council.

Noyes, Derleth, Haskell, Lawson,

Cottrell, Plehn. Graduate Council.

Musical and Dramatic:

Professors Armes, Haskell, O'Neill, Professional Council.

Hutchinson. Advisory Members: Pro

fessor Wolle, Mr. von Neumayer. Editorial Committee:

Summer Session :
Professors Merriam, Stratton, Schilling,
Kofoid, Noyes, Kroeber, Leuschner,

Professors Lange, Morgan, Dean of the

Summer Session.
Mr. Allen (secretary).

Credentials :

Professors C. A. Noble, Linforth, Professors Senger, D. E. Smith, Kower.

Moody, Kidd, Minor, Adams, Mr.

STANDING COMMITTEES OF THE ACADEMIC COUNCIL. NOTE.-The Dean' of the Lower Division is ex officio a consulting member of the following committees of the Academic Council: Students' Affairs, Study-Lists, Special Students, Scholarships. Military and Gymnasium :

Bennett Prize : Professors E. M. Lewis. Hutchinson,

Professor Reed, Dr. W. Brown, Mr. Magee.

Blanchard. Schools :

Bonnheim Prizes : Professors Morgan, Rieber, Lange,

Professors Hart, Bowman, McMurray. Hatfield, Chambers, Holway, Babcock, Allen, Thomas.

Bryce Historical Essay: Scholarships :

Professors Stephens, Scholz, and a third Professors Price, Edwards, Dean of

to be selected by them. Women, Blasdale, Scholz.

Barbara Weinstock Lecture: Rhodes Scholarship:

Professors Miller, Gayley, Hatfield. Professors Stephens, Popper, Stratton, Merrill, Scholz.

Emily Chamberlain Cook Prize in Poetry:

Professors Gayley, Jones, Bacon.
Frank J. Walton Memorial Loan Fund:
President Wheeler, Professors Haskell,

Commencement Speakers :
Hutchinson (to serve until 1912-13,

Professors Gayley, Flaherty, Clapp, inclusive).

Kidd, Petersson,

Honors: Schedule of Exercises :

Professors Jones, Haskell, Schilling Professors Haskell, Plehn, Crawford.

Louderback, Sears, Hersam, Biddle. Applications for Admission : Professors Washburn, E. E. Hall, Leh

Engineering Curricula :

Professors Cory, Christy, Wickson, E. mer.

M. Lewis, Magee, Hersam, Derleth, Study-Lists :

Slate, Minor, O'Neill, Crawford, Lower Division, Colleges of Letters,

Haskell, Reynolds, Kower, EtcheSocial Sciences, Natural Sciences,

verry, Hyde, Lawson.
Agriculture, and Commerce : Profes-

Carnot Debate:
sors Hutchinson, Richardson, Kofoid,
Putnam, McCormac, Babcock, Hat-

Professor Flaherty, Mr. von Neumayer,

Professor D. E. Smith, field, Dean of Women, Special Students :

Subject A: Professors Putnam, Reed, Christy,

Dr. Boone, Professor Paschall, Mr. A. O'Neill, Rugh, Hatfield, Lipman.

H. Allen. Dr. H. E. Cory, Dr. W.

Brown, Dr. Elston, Dean of Women. Students' Affairs : Professors Cory, Rieber, Jones, Lange,

Prescribed Science :

Professors O'Neill, Crawford, Haskell, Setchell, Hutchinson.

Louderback, Jaffa, Leuschner, Rav. Athletics :

mond, Merriam, Morgan, H. M. Hall, Professors O'Neill, Crawford, Putnam.

Robertson, Slate, Kofoid, Herms. Commencement and Other Public Celebra. Faculty Elections : tions:

Professors Christy, Stratton, Hutchin. Professors Richardson, E. M. Lewis,

son, Wickson, Dean of the Graduate Ligda, Demeter, Ryder, Scholz,

Linforth, Dr. Pinger.

Disqualified Students:
Health :

Professors Lange, Hutchinson, Mr. Professors Reinhardt (or Dr Sawyer),

Hyde, Blasdale, and Dr. E. S. Ban.

Board of Freshman Adrisors:

Professors Hutchinson, Etcheverry, University Representation :

Herms, Moody, Paschall, Reynolds, Professors Gayley, Bradley, Clapp, Howi.

Torrey, Babcock, Anderson, H. M. son, Edwards.

Hall. Morgan, C. A. Noble. Price, Non-Residents :

Scholz, Washburn, Biddle, Linforth,

Morley, Nutting, D. E. Smith, Hart, Professors McMurray, Kidd, Bowman.

Dr. H. E. Cory, Dr. Elston, Mr. Al. Unirersity Meetings :

varez, Mr. Deutsch, Mr. Kesner, Mr. Mr. Griffiths, Professors Scholz, Kurtz,

Eddy, Mr. Lynch.

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