Slike strani

Wilson, Emma

Chico Teacher, Chico State Normal S. Wilson, Frances

Berkeley Wilson, Jean

Riverside Teacher, Alliance H. S., Ohio Wilson, Joseph

Stockton Student, Ú. C. Wilson, Katherine

San Jose Student, San Jose H. S. Wilson, Oren

Payson, Utah Teacher, Grouse Creek G. S. Wiltz, Bertha

San Jose Teacher, Santa Clara H. S. Wiltz, Lena

San Jose Teacher, Shasta Co. H. S. Winder, Perry

Highgrove Principal, Highgrove G. S. Wing, Robert

Piedmont Student, U. C. Winter, Arthur

Ione Music Student Wirt, J. Benton

Oakland Student, U. C. Wist, Benjamin 0.

Berkeley Teacher, Almira H. S., Wash, Wist, Esther

Alameda Student, Alameda H. S. Witchie, Sophie

San Francisco Teacher, Y. W. C. A. Wittig, Edward

San Francisco Cotton Expert Wolcott, Lucie Emma Tombstone, Ariz.

Teacher, Douglas schools Wolf, Minnie

Winnemucca, Nevada Teacher, Winnemucca schools Wolfe, Roy

Berkeley Teacher, Walla Walla H. S. Wolfenden, Andrew

Oakland Teacher, San Luis H, S. Wong. Yick

Berkeley Student, Boone's School Wood, Beverly

Fairfield Teacher, Fairfield Wood, Laura

San Francisco Teacher, Ferndale H. S. Wood, Mildred

San Francisco Teacher, Nurse's Settlement Wood, Norma

Pomona Teacher, Pomona H. S. Wood, Mrs. Viola

San Francisco Wood, William Flack Lisbon, New York

Teacher, Sioux Falls H. S., S. Dakota Wood, William S.

Claremont Teacher, Highland schools Wood, Mrs. Zella

Fairfield Woodham, Harry

Sisson Student, U. c. Woodhead, Katherine

Berkeley Student, U. C.

Woodman, Allison

Berkeley Student, U. C. Woods, Charles F.

Berkeley Library Apprentice Woods, Michael

Berkeley Student, U. C. Woollet, Mrs. Constance

Berkeley Woolley, Thomas

Berkeley Sergeant of Police Woolverton, Monta G.

Alhambra Real Estate Dealer Woolworth, Elizabeth San Angelo, Texas

Teacher, San Angelo H. S. Worth, William Leonard

Fresno Teacher, Fresno schools Worthington, Dale

Berkeley Student, U. C. Worthley, M. Elizabeth

Los Angeles Teacher, Los Robles Girls' School Wright, Laura

Leadville, Colorado Music Supervisor, Leadville schools Wuthrich, Maude

Hoquiam, Wash. Teacher, Hoquiam schools Wyllie, Oliver

Stockton Student, U'. C. Wynne, Sidney

San Francisco Student, Trinity School Wythe, Anna

San Jose Teacher, Univ. of the Pacific Yeager, Fannie

El Paso, Texas Teacher, El Paso schools Yelland, William Raymond Los Gatos

Student, U. C. Yelmena, Viola

Alameda Student, Alameda H. S. Yim, Bing Jue

Oakland Student, Univ. of Illinois Yim, Daniel

San Francisco Student, Trinity School Yoe, Mrs. Anna

Anaconda, Montana Teacher, Anaconda schools Yolland, Willa

Berkeley Student, Mills College Young, Madeline

Los Angeles Teacher, Pasadena H. S. Youngberg, Hulda Salt Lake City, Utah Yü, Lin Chang

Berkeley Student, U. C. Zeitfuchs, Edward

Berkeley Machinist Zellerbach, Julian David San Francisco

Student, U. c. Zimmer, Arthur Grand Rapids, Mich.

Teacher, Grand Rapids H, S. Zoffman, Christine

San Jose Teacher, San Jose schools Zweifel. Elsie

Napa Teacher, Napa schools



A, Subject. I, 48, 52.
Absence, excuses for, I, 123.

graduate study in, I, 112.
leave of, I, 105.

leave of, College of Dentistry, XI, 22.
Academic Council, I, 43.

committees of, I. 12,
Academic Senate, I, 15.

committees of, I, 12.
Accounting (see under Economics).

summer session courses in, V, 15.
Accredited Schools in California:

admission from, I, 71.

list of, 1910-11, I, 74.
Accrediting of High Schools, I, 38.
Adams Fund, I, 42.
Addition of courses, I, 100.
Administration :

Academic Council, I, 40.
Academic Senate, I, 40.
Faculties of the several colleges, I,

officers of, number, I, 64.
Regents, 1, 39.

University Council, I, 40.
Administrative Officers, I, 10,

XIII, 5.
Admission :
from schools and colleges in Japan

and China, I, 79.
to advanced standing, I, 78.
to graduate courses, I, 80.
to graduate standing, I, 110.
to undergraduate status, I, 99.

to California Bar, VII, 7.
Admission, methods of, I, 69.

by examination, I, 69.
College Entrance Examination Board,

I, 70.
on credentials from secondary schools

outside of California. I, 78.
on recommendations from accredited

schools, I, 71.
on recommendations from State Nor-

mal Schools, I, 77.
on teachers' diplomas, I, 77.

with deficiencies, I, 50.
Admission requirements, I, 47 (see also

under Matriculation).
Advanced standing, admission to, I, 78.

in Dentistry, XI, 19.
in Medicine, VIII, 8.
in Los Angeles Department of Medi-

cine, IX, 10.
Affiliated Colleges (see Law, Art, Den.

tistry, Medicine, and Pharmacy).
Aesthetics (see under Philosophy and

Agricultural Chemistry, laboratory for,

I, 156.
courses in, II, 189.
Agricultural Collections, I, 147.

Agricultural Education, courses in, II,

summer session courses in, V, 86.
Agricultural Experiment station

sub-stations, I, 158.
Agricultural Industries, courses in, II,

Agricultural Technology, courses in, II,

A griculture:

admission to the college of, I, 82.
courses in, II. 180.
curriculum in the college of. I, 90.
experiment station publications, I,

for admission. I, 48, 66.
foundation of the college of, I, 34, 35.
Junior Certificate in the college of, I,

82, 91.
library, I, 140.
Agronomy, Experimental (see under

Experimental Agronomy).
Algebra, for admission, I, 54.

courses in, II, 101.
Alphabetical Directory of officers of the

University, XIII, 11.
Alpha Sigma Delta Scholarships of Los

Angeles High School, I, 130.
Alumni Association, Council of, I, 160;

XIII, 10.
in the College of Pharmacy, X, 29.

in Dentistry, XI, 42.
American Universities, Association of,

I. 111.
Anatomy, courses in, II, 207.

in Dentistry, XI, 35.
in Medicine, VIII, 16.
in San Francisco Institute of Art,

VI, 3.
Animal Industry, courses in, II, 192.
Anglo-Saxon (see under English).
Anthropology, courses in, II, 42.

museum of, I, 142.

summer session courses in, V, 12.
Apiculture, courses in. II, 196.
Application, for admission to summer

session, V, 6.
for examinations, I, 69, 70, 78.
for fellowships and scholarships, I,

132. 135.
Applied Art, for admission, I. 65.
Applied Science, colleges of, I, 46. (see

under Agriculture, Chemistry, Ciril
Engineering, Mechanics, and Min-

Appointment Secretary, I, 138.

student employment, I. 125.
Arabic (see under Semitic languages).
Archaeology (see under Anthropology,

Semitic Languages, and Latin).
collections in classical, I, 140.
Architectural competition, Hearst, I, 37.

Architecture, admission to the course

in, I, 88.
courses in, II, 176.

curriculum in. I, 88.
Argumentation (see under English).
Art (see under San Francisco Institute

of Art).
certificate of proficiency in, VI, 2.
Art Association (see under San Fran-

cisco Institute of Art).
Association of American Universities,

I, 111.
Astronomical buildings and instruments

at Lick Observatory, III, 2.
Astronomical Department at Mt. Hamil-

ton, I. 116 (see Lick Astronomical

Astronomy, courses in, II, 112.

summer session courses in, V, 12.
Athletics, regulations concerning, I, 106.
At large, courses, I, 47.
Attendance in Dentistry, XI, 20.
Authority of Instructors, I, 102.
Bacteriology (see under Hygiene).

and Pathology, in Dentistry, XI, 36.
and Veterinary Science laboratories,

I. 136.
courses in, II, 209.
in the California College of Phar-

macy, X. 20.
laboratory in, I, 156.

in College of Medicine, VIII, 20.
Bancroft Library, I, 140; II, 2.
Banking (see under Economics).
Bar, admission to California, VII, 7.
Bennett Prize, I, 127.
Biblical Archaeology (see under Semitic

Biological Station at La Jolla, IV.
Biology (see under Physiology).
Boalt Memorial Hall of Law, I, 38; II,

announcement for 1911-12, X, 7.
calendar, X, 6.
chemical laboratory, X, 14.
courses of instruction, X, 13.
degrees, X, 9, 13.
examinations, X, 24.
faculty, X, 5.
fees, X, 27.
garden of medicinal plants, X, 10.
graduating class, 1911, X, 28.
graduation requirements, X, 26.
location, X, 8.
officers, number of, I, 164.
officers, X. 5.
students, X, 30.
theory and practice of pharmacy, X,

California HI, I, 37.
California School of Design (see San

Francisco Institute of Art).
California State scholarships, I, 129.
Candidacy for higher degrees, I, 111.
Carnot medal, I, 127.
Catalogue of Officers and Students,

Celtic, courses in, II, 97.
Censure, grades of, I, 106.
Cereal Agricultural Experiment Sub-

station, I, 158.
Cereal laboratory, I, 156.
Certificate, grammar grade teacher's, I,

of proficiency in Art, VI, 2.
regulations concerning high school

teacher's, I, 120,
Charter of the University, I, 35.
Chemical laboratories, I, 149.
Chemistry, admission to the college of,

I, 49.
courses in, II, 121.
curriculum of the college of, I, 98.
for admission, I, 59.
in California College of Pharmacy,

X. 13.
in College of Dentistry, XI, 33.
Junior Certificate in the college of,

I. 82.
summer session courses in. V, 12.
Chinese (see under Oriental

Citrus Branch of Agricultural Experi.

ment Station, I, 158.
Civil Engineering, admission to the col.

lege of, I, 19.
courses in. II, 159.
curriculum of the college of, I, 96,

foundation of the College of. I, 134.
Junior Certificate in the college of,

I. 84.
laboratories, I, 152.

2, 14,
Board and Lodging. I, 124.
Bohemian (see under Slavic Lan

Bonnheiin contests. I, 127.
Bonnheim, Joseph, memorial fund, I,

Bonnheim research fellowship, I. 133.
Bookkeeping for admission, I, 68.
Botanical collections, I, 145.

garden, I, 149.
laboratories, I, 149.

museum, I, 146.
Botany, for admission, I, 59.

courses in, II, 127.
summer session courses in, V. 12.

in the College of Pharmacy, X, 17.
Bryce Historical Essay Prize, I, 127.
Business administration (see under Eco-

Calendar in academic colleges. I, 5.
in California College of Pharmacy, X,

in College of Medicine, VIII, 3.
in Hastings College of the Law, VII,

California, College of, I, 33.
California College of Pharmacy,

admission requirements, x, 11.
alumni association, X, 29.

summer session courses in, V, 77.
Class of 1895 loan fund, I, 126.
Class of 1903 loan fund, I, 126.
Class of 1909 loan fund, T, 126.
Class of 1911 loan fund, I. 126.
Classical Archaeology.(see under Latin)

collections in, I. 142.
Classifications of courses, II, 1.
Clay modeling for admission, I, 65.
Climate, I, 11; V, 12.

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