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Mathematical models, I, 145.
Mathematics, courses in, II, 100.

for admission, I, 54, 58.

summer session courses in, V, 11.
Matriculation credit, excess, I, 51.
Matriculation deficiencies, I, 50.
Matriculation examinations, I, 69.

dividing of, I, 70.
Matriculation requirements in the aca-

demic colleges, I, 47.
in Hastings College of the Law, VII,

in the California College of Phar

macy, X, 11.
in the colleges of Agriculture, Chem

istry, Civil Engineering Commerce,
Letters, Mechanics, Mining. Nat.
ural Sciences, and Social Sciences,

I. 49.
in the College of Dentistry, XI. 14.

in the College of Medicine. VIII, 8.
Matriculation subjects (see preparatory

Mechanical and electrical laboratories,

I, 150.
Mec inical arts, for admission, I, 65.
Mechanical Engineering, courses in, II,

Mechanics, admission to college of, I,

49, 82.
curriculum of college of, I, 92, 93.
foundation of the college of, I, 34.
Junior Certificate in the college of,

I, 82, 84.
Medal loan fund, I, 126.

the University, I, 127.

the Carnot, I, 127.
Medical Department (see under the Col.

lege of Medicine).
Medical Department. Los Angeles (see

under Los Angeles Department of

Medical Jurisprudence, VIII, 31.
Medical literature, IX, 30.
Medicine, College of, VIII, I, 50.
admission requirements, I, 50, 84;

VIII, 8.
advanced standing in, VIII, 8.
calendar, VIII, 3.
clinical facilities, VIII, 9.
courses of instruction, VIII, 16.
examinations, VIII, 13.
faculty, VIII, 6.
fees, VIII, 10.
first two years of, I, 46.
graduates, 1911. VIII, 32; XII, 23.
graduation requirements, VIII, 14,
hospitals, VIII, 9.
library, VIII, 11.
number of officers, I, 164.
organization of instruction, VIII, 12.
regents of the University, VIII, 4.
schedule of studies, VIII, 14.
State laws governing the practice of

Medicine, I, 50, 85.
students, VIII, 32: XIII, 103.

summer session courses in, V. 14.
Memorial loan fund of the class of 1886,

I. 126.
Metal work, for admission, I, 65.

Metallurgy (see under Mining).
Meteorology (see under Geography).
Microscopical and Chemical diagnosis,

VIII, 26.
Mid-year reports, II, 3.
Military commissions conferred, 1911,

XII, 29.
Military science and tactics, courses in,

II, 203,
required, I, 101.
Military Uniforms, I, 124.
Mineralogical laboratory, I, 150.
Mineralogy, courses in, II, 151.
Mining Building. Hearst Memorial, I,

Mining, admission to the College of, I.

49. 82.
course in, IT, 169,
curriculum of the college of, I, 94,

foundation of the college of, I, 34.
Hearst Memorial Building, I, 153.
Junior Certificate in the college of,

I. 84.
Modeling (see Architecture).

courses in. VI, 5.

for admission. I. 65.
Modern Languages, II, 69.
Molding, for admission, I, 65.
Moot courts in the academic colleges,

II, 16.
in Hastings College of the Law, VII,

Morals of trade, Weinstock lectureship

on, I, 135.
Morrill College Aid Fund, I, 42.
Morrill Land Grant Act. I, 34,
Mt. Hamilton (see Lick Astronomical

Museums, Dental, XI, 41.
Museums, I. 141.
Music, courses in, II, 214.

for admission. I, 68.

summer session courses in, V, 9.
Musical composition, for admission, I,

Musical notation, for admission, I, 68.
Musical technique, for admission, I, 69.
Natural Sciences, admission to the col.

lege of. I, 49.
Junior Certificate in the college of,

I. 83.
Nature study in the summer session, V.

Neurology. VIII, 17; IX. 25.
Von-resident fee, I. 39, 81.
Normal schools, admission from, I, 77.
Norse (see under Germanic Philology).
Numbering of courses, II, 1.
Nutrition, courses in. II, 189.
Oakland High School Scholarship, I,

Observatory, students'. I, 148.
Obstetrics, VIII, 27; IX, 23.
Officers of the California College of

Pharmacy, x, 5.
of the Lick Observatory, III, 1.
of the regents, I, 8.
of the University. XIII, 11.

statistics concerning, I. 164.
Olive testing laboratory, I, 157.

One-mile liquor law, I, 123. Ophthalmology, VIII, 30; IX, 28. Oratory (see under English). Organization and government of the

University, I, 39. Organization of instruction, I, 46. Oriental languages, courses in, II, 48, Orthodontia, XI, 31. Orthopedic Surgery, VIII, 31. Otology, VIII, 30; IX, 28. Paget scholarship, I, 133. Palaeography (see under Latin). Palaeontological collections, I, 146. Palaeontology, courses in, II, 144 (see

also under Geologs). Partial courses, I, 46. Pathology, VIII, 20.

courses in, II, 209. in Los Angeles Department of Medi

cine, IX, 19. in College of Dentistry, XI, 32. Pedagogy (see Education). Pediatrics, VIII, 29; IX, 26. Pen and ink (see under Architecture). Perspective, courses in, VI, 3. Petrographical Laboratory, I, 150. Petography (see under Geology). Ph.C., degree of, x, 11. Phar. B. degree of. X, 13, 26. Pharmacal Jurisprudence, X, 21. Pharmacognosy, courses in, X, 20. Pharmacology (see under Physiology). in Los Angeles Department of Medi

cine, IX, 21. Pharmacy (see California College of

Philosophy, courses in, II, 3.

summer session courses in, V, 8. Phonetics, II, 69 (see also under the

Several language departments). Physical culture, courses in, II, 204.

required, 1, 101.

summer session courses in, V, 14. Physical laboratory, I, 148. Physics, courses in, II, 107.

for admission, I, 58. summer session courses in, V, 12. Physiography (see under Geography). Physiological laboratories, I, 150. Physiology. VIII, 19.

courses in. II, 137.
for admission, I, 60.
in College of Dentistry, XI, 34.

summer session courses in, V, 14.
Pixley scholarship, I, 134.
Plant disease experiment station, I, 158.
Plant Pathology, courses in, II, 200.

laboratories in, I. 157.
Plumbing, for admission, I, 65.
Polish (see under Slavic languages).
Political Science, courses in, II, 27.
Pomology (see under Horticulture).
Poultry husbandry, courses in, II, 193.
Preparatory subjects, I, 48, 52.
Principal's recommendation, I, 71.

awards of, 1910-11, XII, 38.
Bennett, I, 127.
Bonnheim, I, 127.
Bryce Historical Essay, I, 127.
Dante, I, 127.

Emily Cook, I, 128.
in San Francisco Institute of Art,

VI, 3.
W. C. T. U., I, 128.

Truxtun Beale, I, 128.
Professional Council, I, 40.
Prosthetic Dentistry, XI, 29,
Prytanean loan fund, I, 25.
Psychological laboratory, I, 147.
Psychology (see under Philosophy).
Purpose of the summer session, V, 3.
Quarters for the students at the Lick

Observatory, III, 5. Recommendations from accredited

schools, I, 72. Recommendations, University, I, 121. Regents of the University, I, 8; VIII,

4; X, 3; XI, 3; XIII, 3. standing committees of, I, 9. Registration, undergraduate, I, 100. Regular students, I, 47. Regulations, concerning engineering

theses, I, 118. concerning graduate students, I, 110. concerning students at the Lick Ob.

servatory, III, 4.
concerning undergraduate students,

I, 99.
Religions (see under Philosophy).
Reports, instructors' final, II, 3.
Residence at the University, I, 80.

of graduate students, I, 111, 114.
Rhinology, VIII, 30; IX, 28.
Romanic Languages, courses in, II, 90.
Rudolph Spreckels Physiological labor-

atory, I, 150. Russian (see under Slavic Languages). San Diego Marine Biological Survey,

IV. San Francisco Girls' High School Schol

arship, I, 130.
San Francisco Institute of Art, VI.

administrative officers, VI, i.
certificates, VI, 2.
courses of study, VI, 3.
directors, board of, VI, 1.
number of officers in, I, 164.
privileges, VI, 2.
prizes and scholarships, VI, 3.
schedule of courses, VI, 5.
site. VI, 1.

tuition fee, VI, 4. San Jose High School Scholarship, I,

130. Sanskrit, courses in, II, 52. Santa Cruz High School Scholarship,

I. 131.
Saturday class in Art, VI, 5.
Saxon (see under German).
Scholarship, grades of, I, 104.

in College of Dentistry, X, 21.
in College of Dentistry. XI, 21.
in Los Angeles Department of Medi.

cine, IX, II.
Scholarships, graduate, I, 131.

awards of, 1911-12, XII, 31. Scholarships, undergraduate. I, 128.

awards of, 1911-12, XII, 35, Scholarships in Pharmacy, Faculty, x,

11. Schools, list of accredited, I, 73.

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Science note books, I, 58.
Self-support, opportunities for, I, 124.
Seminary fund, I, 42.
Semitic Languages, courses in, II, 45.
Senate, Academic, I, 15, 19.

committees of. I, 13; XIII. 8.
Servian (see under Slavic Languages).
Sewing, for admission, I, 65.
Sheffield-Sanborn scholarships, I, 131.
Shop work, for admission, I, 65.
Site of the University, I, 41.
of the California College of Phar.

macy, X, 8.
of the College of Dentistry, XI, 11.

of the Lick Observatory, III, 2.
Slavic Languages, courses in, II, 98.
Social Sciences, admission to the col-

lege of, I, 49.
Junior Certificate in the college of, I,

Sociology (sep under Economics).
Soil and cereal investigations, Tabora.

tory for, I, 156.
Soils, courses in. II, 187.
Spanish, courses in, II, 93, 96.

for admission, I, 64.

summer session courses in, V, 11.
Special courses. I, 51.
Special students, I, 47, 51.
in California College of Pharmacy,

X, 10.
State of California scholarships, I, 129.
State pure food laboratories, I, 156.
Statistical summary, 1910-11, I, 161;

XIII, 109.
Statistics, course in (see under Eco-

of students. I, 161.

of officers, I. 161.
Status of students. I, 47.
Stenography for admission, I, 68.

summer session courses in, V. 15.
Strauss, Levi, scholarship, I, 129.
Students, at large, I, 47, 51, 83.

catalogue of. XIII, 22.
expenses of, I, 123.
graduate, I, 47: XIII, 22.
in California College of Pharmacy, X,

28; XIII, 108.
in College of Dentistry, XI, 49:

XIII, 106.
in College of Medicine, VIII, 32;

XIII, 103.
in Hastings College of the Law, XIII,

in San Francisco Institute of Art,

XIII, 95.
in summer session, XIV.
limited, I, 47, 51.
non-resident in California. I, 39. 80.
opportunities for employment of, I,

regular, I, 47.
special, I, 47, 51,
statisties concerning, I, 161; XIII,

supplementary list of, XIII, adden.

undergraduate, XIII, 36.
Students' Observatory, I, 148.
Study-list, I, 100.

committee, I, 100.

restrictions, I, 101.
Subject A, for the Junior Certificate,

I, 48.
Sugar-house practice, I, 156.
Summaries, of officers, I, 164.

of students, I, 161.
Summer session, I, 139.

admission to, V, 3.
courses of instruction in, V, 8.
examinations and credit, V, 3.
expenses, V, 3.
faculty of, V, 4.
fees, V, 3.
laboratory fees, V, 4.
library privileges, V, 3.
of surveying, V, 13.

registration in, V, 3.
Surgery, VIII, 24; IX, 26.
Surveying, summer session in, V, 13.
Syriac (see under Semitic Languages).
Tactics (see under Military Science and

Teacher's certificate, grammar grade, I,

high school, I, 120.
Teachers' courses, I, 110.
Teacher's life diploma, admission on, I,

Telephones, guide to Berkeley, XIII,

list of University, XIII, 122.
Text books used in the College of Den

tistry, XI, 27.
Theatre, Greek, I, 37.
Therapeutics and Materia Medica, Col.

lege of Dentistry, XI, 34.
Los Angeles Department of Medicine,

IX. 21.
Theses, for higher degrees, I, 114, 118.
agriculture and undergraduate engi-

neering, I, 107.
Thompson, Willard D., memorial fund,

I, 134.
Toolwork for admission, I, 65.
Toxicology, courses in. X, 20.
Trigonometry for admission, I, 58.
Tuition in the academic colleges, I, 80,

in California College of Pharmacy,

X, 27.
in College of Dentistry, XI, 27.
in College of Medicine, VIII, 10.
in San Francisco Institute of Art,

VI. 4.
Typewriting for admission, I, 68.

summer session courses in, V, 15.
l’ndergraduate courses in the academic

colleges, I, 16.
Undergraduate regulations concerning

admission, I, 99.
concerning athletics, T, 106.
concerning units of work and credit,

concerning conditions and failures, I,

concerning degrees. I, 108.
concerning discipline. I, 106.
concerning examinations. I. 103.
concerning grades of scholarship, I.



concerning honorable mention, I, 108.
concerning honors, I, 107.
concerning leave of absence and hon-

orable dismissal, I, 105.
concerning registration and attend.

ance, I, 100.
Undergraduate students at Berkeley,

XIII, 36.
Uniforms, military, I, 124.
University, history of, I, 33.
University dairy, I, 157.
University extension, I, 136.

in Agriculture, I, 38.
University farm,' I, 157.
University fellowships, I, 132.
University Library, II, 2.
University medal, I, 127.
University medal loan fund, I, 125,

University telephones, list of, XIII,

Upper Division, I, 85.

courses in, II, 1.
departments offering major work, I,

major courses, I, 86.
tabulated summary of requirements

in, I, 87.

Veterinary Science, courses in, II, 193.

laboratory in, I, 157.
Visitors at the Lick Observatory, III, 5.
at the San Francisco Institute of

Art. VI, 2.
Viticultural laboratory, I, 156.
Viticulture (see under Horticulture).
Walton, Frank J., Memorial Loan Fund,

I, 126.
Water color (see under Architecture).
W. C. T. U. prize essay, I, 128.
Weinstock lectureship. I, 135.
Whiting fellowship, İ, 133.
Wood carving, for admission, I, 65.
Woodwork, for admission. I, 65.
Yale Alumni fellowship, I, 133.
Year courses, II, 3.
Y. M. C. A., I, 125,
Y. W. C. A., I, 125.
Zoological collections, I, 146.

laboratories, I, 149.
Zoology, courses in, II, 131.

for admission, 59.

summer session courses in, V, 12.
Zymological laboratory, I, 157.
Zymology (see under Agricultural In-



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