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Unirersity of California (connecting with all telephones on the University system)

Berkeley 10 To connect with any University telephone from outside, ask for Berkeley 10; when the operator at the University answers, give the number desired with the word "Local." For example “Local 4."

To connect with any University telephone from any University office, it is sufficient to use the word local with the desired number.

To connect with a telephone outside of the University system, give the operator the number as printed in the Telephone Company's directory.

Local 55--Academy of Pacific Coast History, Bancroft Library.
Local 4-Accountant (Mr. Gibson, 212 California Hall).
Local 83-Advisor (Professor Hutchinson, 207 California Hall).
Local 80-Agricultural Building (New) Construction Office.
Local 19—Agricultural Building.
Local 60- Professor Leroy Anderson.
Local 81- Professor Babcock.
Local 19– Mrs. Bunnell, Agricultural Building.
Local 86– Irrigation Investigation Laboratory.
Local 79- Professor Wickson, Dean.
Local 10—Allen, Mr. A. H., Manager University Press.
Local 14–Alumni Secretary (Mr. Farmer, 201 California Hall).
Local 54-Alvarez, Mr. A. C., Testing Laboratory, Civil Engineering Building.
Local 33-Anatomy Laboratory.
Local 60—Anderson, Professor Leroy, 17 Agricultural Building.
Local 8--Appointment Secretary (Mrs. Cheney, 203 California Hall).
Local 42—Architecture Building.
Local 48- Armes, Professor W. D., Faculty Club.
Local 70-Armory (Professor E. M. Lewis, Harmon Gymnasium).
Local 101-Associated Women Students Office, 51 North Hall.
Local 73-Bacon Hall.
Local 102- Professor Lawson.
Local 66- Professor Merriam.
Local 24—Bacteriology Laboratory.
Local 55-Bancroft Library.
Local 11—-Barrows, Professor D. P., Faculty Room, California Hall.
Local 4-Benedict, Mr. H. H., Assistant Accountant, Comptroller's Office.
Local 78—"Blue and Gold" Office, North Hall.
Local 69—Boalt Hall of Law.
Local 23—Botany Building.
Local 19-Bunnell, Mrs. D. L., Agricultural Building.
Local 64-Burd, Professor J. S., Fertilizer Control Laboratory.
Local 65--California Museum of Vertebrate Zoology.
Local 68-Californian Office, North Hall.
Local 84--Campus House, Miss L. Stebbins, Assistant Dean of Women.

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Local 26-Chemistry Building.
Local 100-Chemistry Annex (Inspector).
Local 57–-Christy, Professor S. B., Dean of the College of Mining.
Local 36—Civil Engineering Building.
Local 54 Mr. Alvarez, Testing Laboratory.
Local 47- Professor Derleth, Dean.
Local 49 Professor Hyde.
Local 31- Photographer (Mr. White).
Local 8--Cheney, Mrs. M. L., Appointment Secretary.
Local 27—Committee Room, Recorder's Office, 202 California Hall.
Local 3-Comptroller's Office.
Local 67 Comptroller's Private Office (Mr. Merritt).
Local 4- Accountant (Mr. Gibson).

Bill Clerk (Mr. Phinney).
Local 46- Purchasing Agent (Mr. Hovey).
Local 97- Clerk (Mr. Wright).
Local 82---Conservatory (Mr. Perrine).
Local 58-Coöperative Store.
Local 40-Cory, Professor C. L., Dean of the College of Mechanics.
Local 68---Daily Californian.
Local 11-Dean of the Faculties (Professor Lange, Faculty Room, California Hall).
Local 83-Dean of the Lower Division (Prof. Hutchinson, 207 California Hall).
Local 83—Dean of the Summer Session (Professor Rieber, 207 California Hall).
Local 9-Dean of Women (Miss Sprague, 205 California Hall).
Local 47—Derleth, Professor C., Jr., Dean of the College of Civil Engineering,
Local 25-East Hall.
Local 17--Entomology Laboratory.
Local 28-Faculty Club.
Local 48- Professor Armes.
Local 14—Farmer, Mr. M. T., Alumni Secretary.
Local 64-Fertilizer Control Laboratory.
Local 56— Fire Corps (Pyra Club).
Local 41—Flinn, Mr. J. W., Superintendent of University Printing Office.
Local 551–Garnett, Mr. Porter, Acad. Pac. Coast Hist., Bancroft Library,
Local 4--Gibson, Mr. H. E., Accountant.
Local 38-Greek Theatre.
Local 1-Griffiths, Mr. F. P., Secretary to the President.
Local 65—Grinnell, Mr. J. (California Museum of Vertebrate Zoology).
Local 16-Gymnasium (Harmon).
Local 70- Armory.
Local 63 Training quarters.
Local 88-Haring, Professor C. M.
Local 30-Hearst Hall.
Local 53—Hearst Memorial Mining Building.
Local 57- Professor Christy, Dean, Private Office.
Local 34 Herbarium, Hearst Memorial Mining Building.
Local 342 Hearst Memorial Mining Building, Machine Shop.
Local 2-Henderson, Mr. V. H., Secretary of the Regents.
Local 96--Hog Serum Laboratory (Dr. Mitchell).
Local 46—Hovey, Mr. N., Purchasing Agent, Comptroller's Office.
Local 20-Hugill, Mr. E. A., Supt. of Grounds and Buildings--Office.
Local 13-Hugill, Mr. E. A., Supt. of Grounds and Buildings--Residence.
Local 81—Hummel, Mr. W. G., 20 Agriculture Building.

Local 83-Hutchinson, Professor L., Advisor.
Local 49—Hyde, Professor, C. G.
Local 24-Hygienic Laboratory.
Local 15—Infirmary, 2216 College av.
Local 86-Irrigation Investigation Laboratory, 19 Agricultural Building.
Local 15—Kilgore, Dr. E. S., Medical Examiner, Infirmary.
Local 51—Kurtz, Professor B. P., Editor of Chronicle, and Sec. of Dept. of English,

19B North Hall.
Local 11-Lange, Professor A. F., Faculty Room, California Hall.
Local 102-Lawson, Professor A. C., Bacon Hall.
Local 90—Leupp, Mr. H. L., Associate Librarian.
Local 70—Lewis, Professor E. M., Armory.

Local 39 Mr. J. C. Rowell, Librarian.
Local 90- Mr. H. L. Leupp, Associate Librarian.
Local 89- Accessions room,
Local 91- Loan desk.
Local 92- Periodical room.
Local 74- Work room.
Local 40–Mechanics Building.
Local 40- Professor 0. L. Cory, Dean.
Local 77 Professor R. Sibley.
Local 76- Electric Light and Power Department.
Local 15-Medical Examiner (Dr. Kilgore, Infirmary).
Local 66- Merriam, Professor J. C., Bacon Hall.
Local 67— Merritt. Mr. R. P., Comptroller.
Local 96—Mitchell, Dr. J. F., Hog Serum Laboratory.
Local 48—Music and Dramatic Committee (Professor Armes, Secretary).
Local 45—Museum (Dept. of Anthropology).
Local 65- Museum of Vertebrate Zoology.
Local 61-North Hall (Faculty Room).
Local 101 Associated Women Students, Office, Room 51.
Local 58- Coöperative Store.
Local 87- Women's Room.
Local 43-Observatory.
Local 78—"Occident" Office, North Hall.
Local 26-O'Neill, Professor E.
Local 71—Pathology Laboratory.
Local 85- Rusk, Professor G. Y.
Local 82—Perrine, Mr. W. G., Conservatory.
Local 37— Philosophy Building.
Local 5--Phinney, Mr. H. R., Bill Clerk, Comptroller's Office.
Local 29— Physiology Laboratory.
Local 22—Plant Pathology Laboratory.
Local 21-Power House.
Local 98- Pipe Shop.
Local 1-President's Office (Mr. Griffiths, Secretary, 217 California Hall).
Local 41--Printing Office (Mr. Flinn, Superintendent).
Local 46-Purchasing Agent (Mr. Hovey, 222 California Hall).
Local 56–Pyra Club (Fire Corps).
Local 6-Recorder's Office, 206 California Hall.
Local 62 Mr. James Sutton, Recorder.
Local 27- Recorder's Office (Committee room), 202 California Hall.

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Local 83-Rieber, Professor C. H., 207 California Hall.
Local 39—Rowell, Mr. J. C., Librarian.
Local 83-Rusk, Professor G. Y., Pathology Laboratory,
Local 24-Sawyer, Dr. W. A., State Hygienic Laboratory.
Local 72--Secretary's Office.
Local 2- Secretary's Private Office (Mr. Henderson).
Local 44- Senior Hall.
Local 15—Sherman, Miss E., Superintendent of Nurses, Infirmary.
Local 18-South Hall.
Local 9—Sprague, Miss Lucy, Dean of Women, 205 California Hall.
Local 81-Stebbins, Mr. C. A., 20 Agriculture Building.
Local 84—Stebbins, Miss L., Assistant Dean of Women, Campus House.
Local 99-Storehouse.
Local 20--Superintendent of Grounds and Buildings (Mr. Hugill) --Office.
Local 13–Superintendent of Grounds and Buildings (Mr. Hugill) — Residence.
Local 6?_Sutton, Mr. James, Recorder.
Local 94-Swimming Pool.
Local 32—Teggart, Prof. F. J., Curator Acad. Pac. Coast History, Bancroft Library.
Local 10— University Press (Mr. Allen, Manager), 4 Library,
Local 75 University Press Storeroom.
Local 95— Veterinary Tract.
Local 31-White, Mr. B. F., Photographer.
Local 79— Wickson, Professor E. J., Dean of the College of Agriculture.
Local 87—Women's Room, North Hall.
Local 97-Wright, Mr. H. L., Clerk, Comptroller's Office.


Berkeley 4132—Dairy Barn.
Berkeley 5234—Faculty Club.
Berkeley 1361-Newman Club, 2630 Ridge rd.
Berkeley 481—Stiles Hall (Y. M. & Y. W. C. A.).

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