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An excellent clinic has been built up in diseases of the ear, nose, and throat at the College Dispensary, so that ample material is at hand to draw upon for a demonstration. The County Hospital and private hospitals furnish a further supply of clinical material.


Course I. Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology.


Recitations on anatomy, physiology, pathology of the ear, nose, and throat. Large models, wet and dry specimens, and charts are used to illustrate the instruction.

Junior year. One hour a week for half the year.

Course II. Systematic Lectures.

Professor HASTINGS.

The diseases of the ear, of the nose and its accessory cavities, of the pharynx, fauces, and larynx are systematically studied both from their local importance and in their connection with constitutional conditions. Special attention is paid to treatment.

Senior year. One hour a week for half the year.

Course III. Clinical Teaching.

Professor HASTINGS and Drs. KELSEY, DUDLEY, and MONTGOMERY. The ample material of this department permits the students to acquire a thorough acquaintance with both normal and abnormal conditions.

DEPARTMENT OF SKIN AND GENITO URINARY DISEASES. GRANVILLE MACGOWAN, M.D., Professor of Genito-Urinary Diseases. RALPH WILLIAMS, M.D., Professor of Diseases of the Skin.

I. R. BANCROFT, M.D., Clinical Instructor.

LASHER HART, M.D., Clinical Assistant.


These branches demanding for their proper understanding, clinical demonstration, the instruction is carried on almost exclusively in the College Dispensary and the Los Angeles County Hospital.


Course I. Dermatology and Syphilology.

Professors MACGOWAN and WILLIAMS. Clinical teaching at the Dispensary covering the anatomy and physiology of the skin and its appendages, venereal and genito-urinary diseases. Especial attention is paid to the differential diagnosis between syphilitic and non-syphilitic affections.

Senior year. Lectures one hour a week throughout the year and two hours of clinics a week at the Dispensary.

Course II. Genito-Urinary Diseases

Professors MACGOWAN and WILLIAMS. The principal operations upon the male urinary and genital organs are demonstrated before the class, students in turn being allowed to assist. Special attention is given to diagnosis and to post-operative management of cases.

Senior year.

Two hours a week throughout the year at County Hospital, and two hours of clinics a week at the Dispensary.


The Barlow Medical Library is a handsome, dignified, dome-shaped, reinforced concrete, alsolutely fireproof structure, containing a main reading room with stacks for books, and a series of smaller rooms where research and special studies can be carried on.

The library is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is in charge of a trained librarian, who gives her entire time to the work.

A modified Dewey system of classification is used, the books being catalogued by author, subject, and title, so that they can readily be used for consultation in the reading room or for withdrawal from the library.

The privileges of the library are open not only to the medical students of the various colleges and to the physicians of Los Angeles, but to the entire profession of the Southwest, and alumni and friends are requested to send books and publications which they are willing to donate, to the librarian. Due acknowledgement will be made for all donations or loans.

The library has on its shelves some four thousand volumes and about three thousand pamphlets, and accessions are being constantly made by purchase, by exchange and by donations. All the more important texts and monographs and files of journals needed for reference in making original investigations are to be found here. In addition, arrangements have been made with other large medical libraries to obtain for loan use such volumes as may be needed in pursuing research work.


Course I. Study of Medical Literature.

Miss WEIR, Librarian.

A course designed to familiarize students with the underlying principles of medical card-cataloguing.

Elective. Hours to be announced.

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