A Collection of Poems in Six Volumes, Količina 1

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Robert Dodsley
J. Dodsley, 1782
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Stran 351 - wifhes bleft ! When Spring with dewy fingers cold, Returns to deck their hallow'd mold, She there fhall drefs a fweeter fod, Than FANCY'S feet have ever trod. By fairy hands their knell is rung, By forms unfeen their dirge is fung ; There HONOUR, conies, a PILGRIM grey, To blefs the turf that wraps their clay, And FREEDOM
Stran 229 - is the fmile of fate! A little rule, a little fway, A fun-beam in a winter's day, Is all the proud and mighty have Between the cradle and the grave. And fee the rivers how they run, Through woods and meads, in made and fun, Sometimes fwift,
Stran 229 - flow, Wave fucceeding wave, they go A various journey to the deep, Like human life to endlefs fleep ! Thus is nature's vefture wrought, To inftruft our wand'ring thought} Thus fhe drefles green and gay, To difperfe our cares away, Ever charming, ever new, When will the landfkip tire the view
Stran 261 - fairy throng, and turns her wheel around, VI. Her cap, far whiter than the driven fnow, Emblem right meet of decency does yield : Her apron dy'd in grain, as blue, I trowe. As is the Hare-bell that adorns the field : And in her hand, for fcepter, me does wield Tway birchen fprays ; with anxious Fear
Stran 24 - of the dead. Through breathing ftatues, then unheeded things, Through rows of warriors, and through walks of kings! What awe did the flow folemn knell infpire ; The pealing organ, and the paufing choir ; The duties by the lawn-rob'd prelate pay'd ; And the laft words, that duft to duft convey'd ! While fpeechlefs o'er thy
Stran 353 - laft cool gleam. But when chill bluft'ring winds, or driving rain, Forbid my willing feet, be mine the hut, That from the mountain's fide, Views wilds, and fwelling floods, And hamlets brown, and dim-difcover'd fpires, And hears their fimple bell, and marks o'er all Thy dewy fingers draw The gradual dufky veil. While Spring
Stran 26 - or when pleafure charms, In filent whifp'rings purer thoughts impart, . And turn from ill a frail and feeble heart; Lead through the paths thy virtue trod before, 'Till blifs fhall join, nor death can part us more. That awful form (which, fo the heav'ns decree, Muft
Stran 262 - Hole was o'er her fhoulders thrown ; A ruflet kirtle fenc'd the nipping air ; 'Twas fimple ruflet, but it was her own ; 'Twas her own country bred the flock fo fair ; 'Twas her own labour did the fleece prepare ; And footh to fay, her pupils, rang'd around, Through pious awe, did term it
Stran 230 - banifh quiet from the foul; \ 'Tis thus the bufy beat the air; And mifers gather wealth and care. Now, ev'n now, my joys run high. As on the mountain-turf I lie ; While the wanton Zephyr fings, And in the vale perfumes his wings ; While the waters murmur deep ; While the /hepherd charms his
Stran 198 - by fudden fate away, But all whom hunger fpares, with age decay ; Here malice, rapine, accident; confpire, And now a rabble rages, now a fire ; Their ambufh here relentlefs ruffians lay, And here the fell attorney prowls for prey ; Here falling houfes thunder on your head, And here a female atheift talks you dead.

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