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sioners of the funds received by this state from the United States, by virtue of an act of Congress approved June 23, 1836, with full power to regulate the custody and safe keeping thereof according to the provisions of this act, and of such other acts as the general assembly may from time to time pass on the subject.

SEC. 2. Said commissioners may deposite in such of the banks as have complied and shall comply with the laws relating to banks, and shall assent to the provisions of this act, their rateable proportion of said sum, according to the capital actually paid in; each bank obligating itself in writing to pay interest on the amount deposited with it, to the general treasurer, on the second Monday in April in every year, at the rate of five per cent. per annum, and to pay over said amount deposited, or any part thereof, to the order of the commissioners.

Sec. 3. Said commissioners, whenever they shall deem the deposite in any bank to be insecure, may require sufficient security of such bank, and in default of giving the same when required, or of paying the interest on the same, shall demand and receive payment of the sum deposited. In case of the refusal of any bank to make payment of said deposites when demanded, the said commissioners may issue a warrant of distress, directed to the sheriff or either of his deputies in the county in which such bank is located, commanding him to distrain the goods, chattels and effects of every kind belonging to such bank, and the same to sell and dispose of to an amount equal to that due from said bank, and the cost of such proceedings; and to pay the proceeds over to said commissioners.

Sec. 4. "The deposites made by said commissioners agreeably to this act, in any bank, shall remain therein until the general assembly shall order some other disposition thereof; unless they shall be voluntarily relinquished by such bank or shall be called for by the secretary of the treasury of the United States, or shall be drawn out by reason of insecurity, or for non-payment of interest, or unless such bank shall be adjudged by the supreme court guilty of violating the law concerning banks.

Sec. 5. Whenever the money deposited with this state shall be demanded by the secretary of the treasury of the United States, notice thereof as soon as may be, shall be given by the said commissioners to the banks holding any part thereof, and they shall be required to make payment rateably if the whole amount shall not be demanded by said secretary. Sec. 6. Whenever any bank shall voluntarily relinquish the deposite placed with it in pursuance of this act, and whenever any such deposite shall be withdrawn for any reason other than for payment to the United States, said commissioners may loan any portion of said fund to any town in this state; but in that case the treasurer of said town shall give bond to said commissioners with condition to pay interest on the second Monday in April on the amount received, at the rate of five per cent. per annum ; to pay the whole or such part of the sum loaned as may be required by the commissioners for the purpose

of repayment to the United States, when the same shall be demanded; to pay the whole or such part thereof as shall be required by the general assembly, and when so required; and to apply the money so received for the purposes of education exclusively.

Sec. 7. The sum so loaned to any town shall not exceed the proportion of the whole amount deposited with the state to which such town would be entitled according to the ratio of the white population of such town, under the age of fifteen years, and the colored population under ten years, and five-fourteenths of the colored population between the ages of ten and twenty-four years, to the whole population of the state, according to the census of the United States next preceding such loan. SEC. 8.

Whenever any monies returned or withdrawn as aforesaid shall not be applied for, in whole or in part as aforesaid, within five days of the time of return or withdrawal, the commissioners are hereby authorized, in their discretion, to place the same or the balance thereof in deposite with some other bank or banks, subject to the conditions and limitations mentioned in this act; or to invest the same in the capital stock of some bank or banks within this state.

An Act to regulate the Inspection of Beef and Pork.

1. Beef and pork to be inspected.
2. Inspector general to be annually ap-

pointed-give bond—be sworn-may
appoint deputies-deputy may ap-
point assistants-death of inspector
general not to abate their powers-va-

cancy how filled. 3. Deputies to make return to inspector

-inspector to make return at May

session. 4. Beef how to be packed and salted; divi

ded into three kinds, mess,prime,cargo.

5. Beef barrels how made, hooped, di-

mensions, &c.
6. Pork divided into three kinds, clear,

mess, prime-how salted and pack

ed-branded—refuse, what. 7. Pork barrels how made, hooped, &c.

dimensions. 8. Casks containing beef or pork to be

branded. 9. Penalty on deputy or assistant for

branding out of his precinct-on others, for unlawfully branding.


SECTION 10. Fees of inspector, &c.

ing in case, &c.-penalty for using 11. Penalty for fraud of inspectors, &c. weights, not sealed. 12. Penalty for intermixing or shifting 18. Certificate to accompany all beef or beef or pork.

pork exported to be produced to col13. Master of vessel exporting, to produce lector-penalty for exporting without. to collector a certificate from inspec- 19. Beef or pork inspected in any other

state may be exported without re-in14. Inspector's fee for certificate.

spection, &c. 15. Beef in kegs may be exported—to be 20. Penalty for selling before inspection. branded.

21. Penalties how recovered. 16. Penalty for exporting beef or pork not 22. City of Providence may appoint ininspected.

spector, &c. 17. Owners to provide store room for pack- 23. Beef and pork inspected under former

laws may be exported.

tor, &c.

It is enacted by the General Assembly, as follows:
SECTION 1. Nor person shall sell

, ship or export for sale from this state, any salted beef or pork, except in casks of the quality and dimensions herein after provided, nor unless the contents thereof shall be inspected and packed and the casks containing the same branded, agreeably to the directions in this act.

Sec. 2. There shall be an inspector general of beef and pork appointed by the general assembly annually; who, before he shall enter on the duties of his office, shall give bond with sufficient surety to the general treasurer, in the penal sum of one thousand dollars, for the faithful discharge of his duties, and shall be sworn faithfully to perform the same. He shall have power when so qualified, to appoint, and shall appoint a deputy inspector in each county, who shall be removable by him at pleasure, and for whom he shall be answerable. He shall take bonds from them to himself and successor in said office, with sufficient sureties, in the penal sum not exceeding five hundred dollars. The said deputy inspectors shall also be sworn to the faithful discharge of their duties; and each of the deputy inspectors, when so appointed and qualified, shall appoint in the several towns in their respective counties such a number of assistant inspectors, surveyors or packers, as shall be necessary; who shall give bonds with sureties to the deputy inspector from whom such assistant shall receive his appointment, in the penal sum of not less than one hundred dollars for the faithful discharge of his duties, and shall also be sworn faithfully to perform the same: provided, always, that in case of the vacancy of said office of inspector general by death, resignation or removal out of the state, his deputy inspectors and their assistants shall continue in their respective offices until the next annual election, unless sooner removed by the inspector general for the time being; and that the governor be, and he hereby is authorized and empowered to appoint an inspector general to fill such vacancy until the next annual election.

Sec. 3. It shall be the duty of every deputy so appointed, to make return to the inspector general, once in every year, of the number of barrels of beef and pork inspected by them or their assistants, agreeably to the provisions of this act; and it shall be the duty of the inspector general annually to make return to the general assembly, at their May session, of the whole number of barrels of beef and pork inspected according to the directions of this act, by him or by his deputies, the year preceding, designating the different sorts of beef and pork and the places at which it was inspected.

SEC. 4. All beef put up in casks, for sale or exportation, shall be of fat cattle. "It shall be cut in pieces as nearly square as may be, which shall not exceed eight pounds weight, nor be less than four pounds.

All beef which the inspector, deputy inspector or assistant shall find on examination to have been killed of a proper age, to be fat and otherwise good and merchantable, shall be sorted and divided by him into three different sorts for packing into casks, to be denominated mess, prime, and cargo. Mess beef shall consist of the choicest pieces of an ox or steer well fatted, not under three years old, and weighing six hundred pounds and upwards; the shin, shoulder clod and neck, shall be taken from the fore quarter, and the leg and leg round from the hind quarter; and each cask containing beef of this description shall be branded on one of the heads with the words - mess beef.” Prime beef shall consist of choice pieces of oxen, steers, cows and heifers, not under the age of three years, nor under four hundred pounds weight, and to average five hundred pounds weight, without any necks or shanks; on one head of each cask containing beef of this description shall be branded “ prime beef.” All other fat cattle of two years old and upwards, and all other parts of cattle that are not above described, which shall be packed for exportation, shall be branded on one head “cargo beef.” Every cask shall be well salted with seventy-five pounds of clean St. Ubes, Isle of May, Lisbon or Turks Island salt, or eighty pounds of coarse Liverpool salt, or other salt of equal quality, exclusive of pickle made of fresh water, as strong as salt will make it, for every two hundred pounds weight of beef that each cask may contain, and two ounces of salt petre for every one hundred pounds of beef.

Sec. 5. Every cask in which mess beef shall be packed, shall be made of good seasoned white oak or white ash staves, and heading not less than five-eighths of an inch in thickness, free from sap and every defect; to be covered three-fourths of the length with good hoops, leaving one-fourth in the centre; the hoops to be well set and drawn together; but casks containing prime beef and cargo beef may be hooped with only twelve hoops, which shall be well secured with not less than three pins on each bulge; two hundred pounds of beef shall be considered and taken as a barrel.

Sec. 6. The following part of every hog shall be deemed refuse, and shall not be put into any cask of pork inspected, to wit: nose pieces, ears, brains, tails, feet, lard and faces when separated from the cheek. There shall be three qualities of pork distinguished by the name of “ clear,” “ mess," and “prime.”. Clear pork shall consist of middling pieces taken from well fatted hogs weighing not less than two hundred and fifty pounds, excluding head, neck, shoulders, legs, the chine bone, the spareribs, the lean and the blades from the back and shoulders : mess pork shall consist of hogs well fatted, weighing not less than two hundred pounds, excluding the head, neck, legs and shoulders: prime pork shall consist of hogs well fatted, of not less than one hundred pounds weight including in each barrel three shoulders and one head and a half, not weighing more than twenty-four pounds, and excluding no part of a hog not declared refuse. Each barrel of pork shall be salted and pickled with the same weight of salt and the same kind of pickle as is in this act provided for packing and inspecting beef; and each cask when so inspected and packed or repacked, shall be branded in the same manner as is in this act prescribed for branding beef, designating the different qualities or denominations herein described. Two hundred pounds of pork shall be considered and taken as a barrel.

Sec. 7. Every cask in which clear or mess pork shall be packed, shall be made of good seasoned white oak or white ash staves, and heading, five-eighths of an inch thick, free from sap and every defect. Each cask shall in every respect be hooped in the same manner as is in this act provided for casks for packing and repacking of mess beef. Casks containing prime pork may be hooped with twelve hoops, which shall be secured with no less than three pins on each bulge.

SEC. 8. On the head of every cask in which beef or pork is packed for exportation, shall be branded the weight it contains, which shall be only even hundreds, with the first letter of the christian name and the surname at length of the inspector who has inspected the same, with the name of the

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