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town where it was inspected, and “Rhode Island,” in legible letters not less than three-fourths of an inch long.

Sec. 9. No deputy or assistant appointed by this act shall inspect or brand any cask of beef or pork out of the town or county for which he shall be appointed, under the penalty of fifty dollars; and if any person other than the said inspector, his deputy or assistant, shall stamp or brand any cask of beef or pork in manner directed by this act, he shall forfeit the sum of twenty dollars for each and every cask so unlawfully branded.

Sec. 10. The inspector general shall have two cents for every barrel inspected by virtue of this act, and the deputy in each county shall have two cents for each barrel of beef or pork inspected as aforesaid in the county whereof he shall be inspector ; and each assistant inspector shall have for his services in cutting, weighing, packing, salting, pickling, heading and branding each barrel of beef or pork, twenty cents ; and for performing the same exclusive of cutting, he shall receive for each barrel twelve and a half cents, to be paid by the owner thereof; and any deputy inspector shall on any special occasion be authorized to send an assistant inspector from the town in which such assistant resides into an adjoining town, to perform the duties of his office in said town.

SEC. 11. If the inspector general or any deputy inspector or assistant, appointed by virtue of this act, shall be guilty of any neglect or fraud in inspecting any beef or pork contrary to the true intent and meaning of this act, or shall mark with their respective brands any cask containing beef or pork which has not been actually inspected, he shall forfeit and pay ten dollars for each and every offence.

Sec. 12. If any person shall intermix, take out or shift any beef or pork out of any cask inspected or branded as by this act is required, or put in any other beef or pork for sale or exportation, contrary to the intent of this act, he shall for each and every offence forfeit and pay the sum of twenty dollars.

Sec. 13. No salted beef or pork shall be exported out of this state for sale unless the master or owner of the vessel exporting the same produce to the collector, or any other officer authorized by the laws of the United States to clear vessels out, a certificate from the inspector general, his deputy or assistants, that the same has been inspected and branded according to the directions in this act; and each certificate shall express the number of barrels of beef and pork of each sort; and the master or owner of any vessel in which beef or

pork is so exported, producing said certificate, shall take and subscribe the following oath before the officer authorized as before, to wit: I of do swear, (or affirm,) that according to the best of my knowledge and belief, the certificate hereunto annexed contains the whole quantity of salted beef or pork on board the

master, and that no salted beef or pork is shipped on board said vessel, for the ship’s company or freight, or as cargo, but what is inspected and branded according to law : so help me God; (or this affirmation I make on peril of the penalty of perjury.)

SEC. 14. For each and every certificate given by the inspector, deputy inspector or assistant, for beef or pork exported, he shall receive ten cents, to be paid by the shipper; and they are severally required to give such certificate whenever requested.

Sec. 15. Nothing in this act shall prevent the exportation of rounds of beef in kegs or tubs : provided, however, that the name of the owner or exporter and the town where he resides shall be branded on one head of each keg or tub, under the penalty of one dollar for each keg or tub not branded.

Sec. 16. If any person shall export or ship for exportation out of this state any salted beef or pork not inspected or branded as by this act is provided, every such exporter or shipper and the master of every vessel having on board such uninspected beef or pork shall, on conviction, respectively pay and forfeit the sum of six dollars, and the master of every vessel having the same on board, the sum of two dollars, for every cask exported or shipped for exportation.

Sec. 17. Whenever any inspector, surveyor or packer shall be requested to cut, pack or repack any beef or pork in any store, yard or place, other than his customary store or yard, the owner or owners of such beef or pork shall, without delay, furnish all materials and conveniences necessary to perform the same, excepting the tools of such inspector, surveyor or packer, who shall not be liable to any expense for the use of the store, yard or place wherein such beef or pork shall be deposited ; and in case any inspector or packer shall in the discharge of his office use any steelyards or weights which shall not have been tried and sealed according to law, he shall for each offence forfeit and pay ten dollars. .

SEC. 18. A certificate or certificates as is required by this act, shall accompany all beef or pork which shall be exported from this state to any of the United States : and in case the owner of any salted beef or pork shall export any beef or pork from this state into any of the United States in casks which

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shall not have been marked or branded, and for which a certificate or certificates shall not have been given as in this act provided, such owner shall for each cask forfeit and pay two dollars; and in case any salted beef or pork shall be taken on board any vessel for which a clearance shall be by law required, to be transported or exported coastwise, it shall be the duty of the owner or master of such vessel to produce to the collector or other officer authorized by law to give such clearance, a certificate or certificates as is in this act provided, together with a copy or copies thereof, and therein or annexed thereto to take and subscribe the oath as is in this act directed, and to lodge such copy or copies with such collector or other officer, and to retain such original certificate in his possession.

Sec. 19. Any beef or pork which may be brought into this state from any state in the United States, that shall have been inspected and branded in the state from which the same is brought into this state conformably to the law thereof, may be exported from this state without re-inspection : provided, such beef or pork shall be accompanied by a certificate from the inspector by whom the same was so inspected and branded, specifying the marks, numbers and quality of the same.

Sec. 20. If any person shall sell or offer for sale any salted beef or pork in casks, before it shall have been inspected and branded as aforesaid, he shall forfeit the sum of five dollars for each cask.

SEC. 21. All penalties and forfeitures arising by force of this act, shall be recovered in an action of debt before any court competent to try the same ; one half thereof to the use of the state, and the other half thereof to him who shall sue for the same.

SEC. 22. This act shall not be construed to repeal or to affect an act entitled an act authorizing the city of Providence to elect an inspector of beef and pork for said city, passed June 29th, 1833, nor the inspection of beef and pork in said city: provided the inspection be conformable to this act.

Sec. 23. Nothing in this act contained shall be construed to affect the exportation of any beef or pork that shall have been inspected agreeably to the laws in force before the passing of this act.

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SECTION 1. Packers of fish to see that they have 4. Penalty for shifting fish from cask, been properly pickled, &c.

&c.-making false brand. 2. Fish to be sorted-casks well season 5. Penalty on packer for fraud or neg.

ed and hooped-capacity of casks lect.

6. Packer's fees.
3. Penalty for offering for sale or export 7. Packer to give bond.

ing fish without inspection-exception. / 8. Penalties how recovered.

It is enacted by the General Assembly, as follows :

SECTION 1. In every town in which pickled fish are packed up for sale, or exportation from this state, the packers of such town shall see that the same have been properly pickled ; that they are properly repacked in casks, in good shipping order, with good salt, sufficient in each cask to preserve such fish from damage to any foreign port.

Sec. 2. Pickled fish, whether codfish, mackerel, menhaden, herrings, or other fish, shall be sorted, and one kind only be put into one cask. Each cask shall be well seasoned, and bound with twelve hoops; those for menhaden and herrings, of the capacity to hold twenty-eight gallons; and those for other fish, of the capacity, if a barrel, to hold two hundred pounds, and if a half barrel, one hundred pounds' weight of fish ; each cask to be full, and the fish sound and well cured. Each cask being first searched, examined and approved by a packer, shall, when packed or repacked for exportation, be branded legibly on one head, with the kind of fish it contains, and the weight thereof; or the capacity of the cask, with the first letter of the christian and the whole of the surname of the packer, with the name of the town, and with the word “ Rhode Island," in letters not less than three fourths of an inch long, to denote that the same is merchantable and in good order for exportation. In addition to the foregoing, each cask of pickled codfish and mackerel offered for sale or for exportation from this state, shall also be branded No. 1., No. 2., or No. 3., to denote the quality of such fish : provided, however, that nothing in this act contained shall hinder any fisherman or owners of fish coming to this state from their fishing trips, from selling or reshipping their fish to any other of the United States, without being packed into barrels or half barrels.

SEC. 3. If any person shall offer for sale in or attempt to export from this state any pickled fish which have not been approved by a sworn packer, or in casks which are not brand

ed as afore provided, he shall forfeit the sum of ten dollars for each offence.

SEC. 4. If any person shall shift any fish from any cask after the same have been branded by the packer, and shall offer to sell or export the same from this state, or shall brand any cask into which the same shall be shifted, or shall brand any cask with the branding iron of a packer, or with any iron made in imitation thereof, shall forfeit a sum not less than thirty dollars, nor more than one hundred and sixty dollars, for each offence.

Sec. 5. If any packer shall be guilty of any fraud or neglect in packing any fish contrary to this act, or shall brand any cask not thoroughly examined according to the provisions of this act, he shall forfeit the sum of sixteen dollars for each offence.

Sec. 6. The packers of fish shall be paid for opening, assorting, inspecting, weighing, pickling, packing or repacking, heading up, nailing and giving a certificate, if pickled codfish or mackerel, twenty cents for every barrel, and fifteen cents for every half barrel

, by the owner thereof : provided, however, that for all pickled codfish or mackerel which have been inspected in some one of the United States, and which shall not in the judgment of the packer require repacking, the said owner shai

pay to the packer eight cents only, for unheading, inspecting, reheading, branding, nailing and giving a certificate thereof; and for all other except codfish and mackerel, the owner thereof shall pay the packer twelve and a half cents for every cask.

Sec. 7. Every packer shall give bond to the town treasurer of the town in which he shall be appointed, in the sum of one thousand dollars, with sufficient surety or sureties, to the satisfaction of such town treasurer, for the faithful performance of the duties of his office.

Sec. 8. All penalties or forfeitures incurred under this act shall and may be prosecuted for and recovered by action of debt, before any court competent to try the same ; one half thereof to and for the use of the person who shall sue for the same, and the other to and for the use of the state.

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