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Stran 19 - chosen in the several States shall be in proportion to the respective numbers of their people, but aboriginal natives, and persons of any race disqualified by any State law from voting, shall not be counted. This provision has distinct reference, I believe, to the Chinese and Japanese. It is expressly declared that the number of
Stran 44 - Pig." He must be roasted. I am not ignorant that our ancestors ate them seethed or boiled—but what a sacrifice of the exterior tegument 1 There is no flavour comparable, I will contend, to that of the crisp, tawny, well-watched, not over-roasted crackling, as it is well
Stran 45 - care. His memory is odoriferous; no clown curseth while his stomach half rejecteth the rank bacon; no coal-heaver bolteth him in reeking sausages; he hath a fair sepulchre in the grateful stomach of the judicious epicure; and for such a tomb might be content to die. Charles Lamb
Stran 49 - Leisure. I am to be met with in trim gardens. I am already come to be known by my vacant face and careless gesture, perambulating at no fixed pace nor with any settled purpose. I walk about; not to and from. They tell me a certain cum
Stran 44 - thou imaginest. In the meantime I am alive, I move about, I am worth twenty of thee: know thy betters. Perhaps the best known of the essays is "A Dissertation upon Eoast Pig." He must be roasted. I am not ignorant that our ancestors ate them seethed or boiled—but what a sacrifice of the exterior tegument
Stran 45 - but an indefinable sweetness growing up to it—the tender blossoming of fat—fat cropped in the bud—taken in the shoot—in the first innocence—the cream and quintessence of the child pig's yet pure food, the lean, no lean but a kind of animal manna.
Stran 43 - But at the desk Tipp was quite another sort of creature. Thence all ideas that were purely ornamental were banished. You could not speak of anything romantic without rebuke. Politics were excluded. A newspaper was thought too refined and abstracted. The whole duty of man consisted in writing off dividend warrants.
Stran 43 - had the air and stoop of a nobleman. You would have taken him for one had you met him in one of the passages leading to Westminster Hall. By stoop, I mean that gentle bending of the body forwards, which in great men must be supposed to be the effect of an habitual condescending attention to the applications of their inferiors.
Stran 43 - I have no ear.—Mistake me not, reader, nor imagine that I am by nature destitute of those exterior twin appendages, hanging ornaments, and (architecturally speaking) handsome volutes to the human capital
Stran 17 - shall be binding on the courts, judges, and people of every State, and every part of the Commonwealth, notwithstanding anything in the laws of any State; and

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