The Lives of the Scotish Poets: With Preliminary Dissertations on the Literary History of Scotland, and the Early Scotish Drama. In Two Volumes, Količina 1

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Longman, Hurst, Rees and Orme, 1810
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Stran 33 - For the wit and mind of man, if it work upon matter, which is the contemplation of the creatures of God, worketh according to the stuff, and is limited thereby, but if it work upon itself, as the spider worketh his web, then it is endless, and brings forth indeed cobwebs of learning, admirable for the fineness of thread and work but of no substance or profit.
Stran 32 - ... did out of no great quantity of matter and infinite agitation of wit spin out unto us those laborious webs of learning which are extant in their books.
Stran 343 - Minstrels (A) were an order of men in the middle ages, who subsisted by the arts of poetry and music, and sang to the harp verses composed by themselves, or...
Stran 37 - Quhen Alysandyr oure kyng wes dede, That Scotland led in luwe and le, Away wes sons of ale and brede, Of wyne and wax, of gamyn and gle : Our gold wes changyd in-to lede, Cryst, borne in-to virgynyte, Succour Scotland and remede, That stad is in perplexyte.
Stran 351 - Sloggorne (gatheringwords or war-cries) of most of the true ancient surnames of Scotland, from old experience and observation. Some of them I have discoursed, and found to have reason and discretion. One of them told me there were not now above twelve of them in the whole isle ; but he remembered when they abounded, so as at one time he was one of five that usually met at St Andrews.
Stran 98 - ... are the effects of a genius the most polite and verdant that ever the Scottish nation produced, although it be a commendation not to be rejected, (for it is well known that that country hath afforded many rare and admirable wits,) yet it is not the highest that may be given him ; for should I affirm that neither Tasso nor Guarini, nor any of the most neat and refined spirits of Italy, nor even the choicest of our English poets, can challenge to themselves any advantages above him, it could not...
Stran 238 - I WAs at [Erceldoune :] With Tomas spak Y thare ; Ther herd Y rede in roune, Who Tristrem gat and bare. Who was King with croun ; And who him forsterd yare ; And who was bold baroun, As thair elders ware, Bi yere : — II.
Stran 298 - It was the misfortune of James, that his maxims and manners were too refined for the age in which he lived. Happy ! had he reigned in a kingdom more civilized; his love of peace, of justice, and of elegance, would have rendered his schemes successful ; and, instead of perishing because he had attempted too much, a grateful people would nave applauded and seconded his efforts to reform and improve them.
Stran 343 - These arts rendered them extremely popular and acceptable in this and all the neighbouring countries; where no high scene of festivity was esteemed complete, that was not set off with the exercise of their talents; and where, so long as the spirit of chivalry subsisted, they were protected and caressed, because their songs tended to do honour to the ruling passion of the times, and to encourage and foment a martial spirit...
Stran 99 - Had there been nothing extant of him but his History of Scotland, consider but the language, how florid and ornate it is, consider the order, and the prudent conduct of his story, and you will ranke him in the number of the best writers, and compare him even with Thuanus himselfe. Neither is he less happy in his verse than prose : for here are all those graces met together that conduce anything...

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