History of California

Sprednja platnica
American Book Company, 1908 - 302 strani
General history of California with list of counties, list of governors, and electoral votes 1852-1908.

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Stran 135 - What do we want with this vast, worthless area? This region of savages and wild beasts, of deserts, of shifting sands and whirlwinds of dust, of cactus and prairie dogs?
Stran 132 - It has hitherto been the fate of these regions," writes Kotzebue, "like that of modest merit or humble virtue, to remain unnoticed; but posterity will do them justice; towns and cities will hereafter flourish where all is now desert; the waters, over which scarcely a solitary boat is yet seen to glide, will reflect the flags of all nations ; and a happy prosperous people receiving with thankfulness what prodigal nature bestows for their use, will disperse her treasures over every part of the world.
Stran 65 - ... whereupon was engraved her Majesty's name, the day and year of our arrival there, with the free giving up of the province and people into her Majesty's hands, together with her Highness...
Stran 151 - I saw another piece in the water. After taking it out I sat down and began to think right hard. I thought it was gold, and yet it did not seem to be of the right color: all the gold coin I had seen was of a reddish tinge ; this looked more like brass. I recalled to mind all the metals I had ever seen or heard of, but I could find none that resembled this. Suddenly the idea flashed across my mind that it might be iron pyrites. I trembled to think of it!
Stran 135 - that we will dissolve this Union sooner than abandon Texas." Still another convention in the same State resolved, "and we hold it to be better and more to the interest of the Southern and Southwestern portions of this confederacy to be out of the Union with Texas than in it without her.
Stran 141 - Ide says the captain of the guard was arrested a little way out, perhaps referring to the same occurwhole party together, they were about as rough a looking set of men as one could well imagine. It is not to be wondered at that any one would feel some dread in falling into their hands.
Stran 152 - I remember one day, in the spring of 1848, that two men, Americans, came into the office and inquired for the Governor. I asked their business, and one answered that they had just come down from Captain Sutter on special business, and they wanted to see Governor Mason in person. I took them in to the colonel, and left them together. After some time the colonel came to his door and called to me. I went in, and my attention was directed to a series of papers unfolded on his table, in which lay about...
Stran 186 - While in the employ of A. Majors, I agree not to use profane language, not to get drunk, not to gamble, not to treat animals cruelly, and not to do anything else that is incompatible with the conduct of a gentleman...

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