Statistics of Land-grant Colleges and Universities, Izdaje 1–10

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1936

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Stran 100 - Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer of the Board of Education for the Year 1935.
Stran 97 - For every child education for safety and protection against accidents to which modern conditions subject him — those to which he is directly exposed and those which, through loss or - maiming of his parents, affect him indirectly.
Stran 38 - Abstracts of dissertations presented by candidates for the degree of doctor of philosophy, autumn quarter, winter quarter, 1933-34. Columbus, 1935. 233 p. (Abstracts of doctors
Stran 39 - Abstracts of dissertations for the degrees of doctor of philosophy and doctor of education, with the titles of theses accepted for the degrees of master of laws, engineer, master of education, and master of arts, 1934-35.
Stran 82 - THE CHILD that is hungry must be fed; the child that is sick must be nursed; the child that is...
Stran 40 - THERE is a wisdom in this beyond the rules of physic : a man's own observation, what he finds good of, and what he finds hurt of, is the best physic to preserve health...
Stran 21 - Mid-West Association of Directors of Physical Education for Women in Colleges and Universities: Mary McKee, University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo.; Mabel J.
Stran 1 - ... degree, or to offer specialized curriculums leading to an academic certificate. An approved institution is not barred from offering curriculums terminating at the end of one, two, or three years if they are taught at the level of collegiate instruction. The curriculum should presuppose the completion of a secondary-school...
Stran vii - The bibliography includes the several fields of education : Current educational conditions in the United States and in foreign countries, history of education, educational research, the building of the curriculum, the subjects of the curriculum, education from preschool days through higher education, the training and status of teachers, school administration and management, the education of racial and exceptional groups, and various types of libraries and their use.

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