The Political Register, and Impartial Review of New Books, Količina 2

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J. Almon, 1768

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Stran 404 - C'est elle qu'on adore, et non pas ta personne, Tu n'as crédit ni rang qu'autant qu'elle t'en donne, Et pour te faire choir je n'aurois aujourd'hui Qu'à retirer la main qui seule est ton appui.
Stran 404 - Si je t'abandonnais à ton peu de mérite. Ose me démentir: dis-moi ce que tu vaux; Conte-moi tes vertus, tes glorieux travaux, Les rares qualités par où tu m'as dû plaire, Et tout ce qui t'élève au-dessus du vulgaire.
Stran 404 - J'aime mieux toutefois céder à ton envie : Règne, si tu le peux, aux dépens de ma vie; Mais oses-tu penser que les Serviliens, Les Cosses, les Métels, les Pauls, les Fabiens, Et tant d'autres, enfin, de qui les grands courages Des héros de leur sang sont les vives images, Quittent le noble orgueil d'un sang si généreux Jusqu'à pouvoir souffrir que tu règnes sur eux?
Stran 187 - Farce. As it is performed at the Theatre Royal in Covent Garden. By the Author of Midas & The Golden Pippin [ie by K.
Stran 402 - It is well known, that every government must come to a period, and that death is unavoidable to the political, as well as to the animal body.
Stran 119 - Give thy mind sea-room ; keep it wide of earth, That rock of souls immortal; cut thy cord ; Weigh anchor; spread thy sails; call every wind: Eye thy great Pole-star; make the land of Life ! Two kinds of life has double-natured man, And two of death ; the last far more severe.
Stran 176 - What a shame was it to see the security of this country. in point of military force, complimented away, contrary to the opinion of royalty itself, and sacrificed to the prejudices and to the ignorance of a set of people the most unfit, from every consideration, to be consulted on a matter relative to the security of the house of Hanover!
Stran 156 - BY the fame fallacious fophiftry, a ftate may object to the payment of the ranfoms of fhips taken at fea, and to contributions levied in a country which is the feat of war. But it is always allowed that in fuch cafes, a part muft be facrificed to...
Stran 405 - ... will be more at our command; men will make their situation in this world abundantly more easy and comfortable; they will probably prolong their existence in it, and will grow daily more happy, each in himself, and more able (and, I believe, more disposed) to communicate happiness to others.
Stran 155 - ... againft thofe wretched fuppliants ; although my own fecretary, lieutenant Fryar, had been murdered, as he was carrying a flag of truce to the town. The admiral and I told the archbifhop and principal mag'iftrates, that we were defirous to fave fo fine a city from...

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