The General Welfare and the Maternity Law: Remarks of Hon. Horace M. Towner of Iowa in the House of Representatives, June 29, 1922

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1922 - 16 strani

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Stran 6 - But what color can the objection have, when a specification of the objects alluded to by these general terms immediately follows, and is not even separated by a longer pause than a semicolon, If the different parts of the same instrument ought to be so expounded as to give meaning to every part which will bear it shall one part of the same sentence be excluded altogether from a share in the meaning?
Stran 3 - The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imports and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States; but all duties, imposts and excises shall be uniform throughout the United States.
Stran 10 - London, for the purpose of founding "at Washington an establishment under the name of the Smithsonian Institution, for the increase and diffusion of knowledge among men.
Stran 6 - They are not to lay taxes ad libitum for any purpose they please but only to pay the debts or provide for the welfare of the Union. In like manner, they are not to do anything they please to provide for the general welfare but only to lay taxes for that purpose.
Stran 5 - Confederation ought to be so corrected and enlarged as to accomplish the objects proposed by their institution; namely, "common defense, security of liberty and general welfare." 2. Resolved therefore that the rights of suffrage in the National Legislature ought to be proportioned to the Quotas of contribution, or to the number of free inhabitants, as the one or the other rule may seem best in different cases.
Stran 7 - The phrase is as comprehensive as any that could have been used; because it was not fit that the constitutional authority of the Union to appropriate its revenues, should have been restricted within narrower limits than the " general welfare;" and because this necessarily embraces a vast variety of particulars, which are susceptible neither of specification nor of definition.
Stran 14 - It shall be the duty of the Children's Bureau to make or cause to be made such studies, investigations, and reports as will promote the efficient administration of this Act.
Stran 5 - The Legislature of the United States shall have the power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises...
Stran 7 - It is, therefore, of necessity left to the discretion of the national Legislature to pronounce upon the objects which concern the general welfare, and for which, under that description, an appropriation of money is requisite and proper. And there seems to be no room for a doubt that whatever concerns the general interests of learning, of agriculture, of manufactures, and of commerce are within the sphere of the national councils, as far as regards an application of money.
Stran 6 - These three qualifications excepted, the power to raise money is plenary and indefinite, and the objects to which it may be appropriated are no less comprehensive than the payment of the public debts, and the providing for the common defence and general welfare. The terms "general welfare...

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