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University of California Press, 1914

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Stran 47 - Lawes whatsoever, for the raising of money for the publick use of the said Province, or for any other End, apperteyning either unto the publick state, peace, or safety of the said Countrey...
Stran 75 - The Rights of the Subject are so secured by Law, that they cannot be deprived of the least Part of their Property, but by their own Consent...
Stran 49 - Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
Stran 49 - I must remind you, that in a former message you said you were a plain people, that had no joy in disputation. But let your minutes be examined for fifteen years past, not to go higher, and in them will be found more artifice, more time and money spent in frivolous controversies, more unparalleled abuses of your governors, and more undutifulness to the crown, than in all the rest of his Majesty's colonies put together.
Stran 72 - Lordship's rights," he explains that nineteen out of twenty of the Representatives of the people consult their own interests ; " therefore by throwing out a Sop in a proper manner to these noisy animals it will render them not only silent, but tame enough to bear stroking and tractable enough to follow any directions that may be thought fit to be given to them.
Stran 56 - Governor means by an equitable and constitutional Militia' Law we readily perceive by his amendments; a Law that will oblige the Inhabitants to take a Test as to their religious and Conscientious Scruples ; if this be equitable and constitutional, it is the Equity and Constitution of Portugal or some other Popish Countries where the inquisition is in use, and not of any free Government, where the People enjoy their religious Liberties.
Stran 12 - The proposal, in said plan contained, for the President-General and Council to lay and levy taxes, &c. as they please, throughout this extensive government, is a very extraordinary thing, and against the rights and privileges of Englishmen...
Stran 35 - ... with rigor every proprietary command, however injurious to the province or offensive to the assembly, he is recalled; that if he does not gratify the assembly in what they think they have a right to claim, he is certain to live in perpetual broils, though uncertain whether he shall be able to live at all; and that, upon the whole, to be a governor upon such terms is to be the most wretched thing alive.
Stran 83 - Frederic for assistance, the people of the latter refused their aid, answering, " Let them defend themselves, as we shall do if they come to us.

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