War in Disguise; Or, The Frauds of the Neutral Flags

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C. Whittingham, 1806 - 252 strani

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Stran 12 - England was acting in accordance with the rule of 1798 " not to seize any neutral vessels which should be found carrying on trade directly between the colonies of the enemy and the neutral country to which the vessel belonged, and laden with property of the inhabitants of such neutral country, provided that such neutral vessel should not be supplying, nor should have on the outward voyage supplied, the enemy with any articles of contraband of war, and should not be trading with any blockaded ports.
Stran viii - ... supplies shall be sent and their products shall be exported; you have lawfully destroyed his monopoly, but you shall not be permitted to possess it yourself; we insist to share the fruits of your victories, and your blood and treasure have been expended, not for your own interest, but for the common benefit of others.
Stran 9 - ... his means to such an object, what right has a third party, perfectly neutral, to step in and prevent the execution ? No existing interest of his is affected by it ; he can have no right to apply to his own use the beneficial consequences of the mere act of the belligerent; and to say, 'True it is, you have, by force of arms, forced such places out of the exclusive possession of the enemy, but I will share the benefit of the conquest, and by sharing its benefits prevent its progress.
Stran 24 - States, the line of neutral duty in this case was evidently not misconceived ; for the departures from it, were carefully concealed, by artful and fraudulent contrivance. When a ship arrived at one of their ports to neutralize a voyage that fell within the restriction, eg from a Spanish colony to Spain, all her papers were immediately sent on shore, or destroyed. Not one document was left, which could disclose the fact that her cargo had been taken in at a colonial port : and new bills of lading,...
Stran 127 - But there are some champions of neiitral pretensions who without openly contending for these extravagant doctrines maintain stoutly that neutral merchants have a right to trade on their own account with the Powers at war, wherever, and in whatsoever commodities, they please. If contraband goods, and blockaded places be graciously excepted, this is the utmost extent of their abstinence. All other neutral commerce they hold to be unquestionably legal "—see War in Disguise (3rd ed.), 1805.
Stran 14 - November, 1793, we signified, that they should stop and detain all ships laden with goods, the produce of any colony belonging to France, or carrying provisions or other supplies for the use of any such colony, and should bring the same, with their cargoes, to legal adjudication.
Stran 220 - Merchandize of the thirteen United States; and his Majesty will also continue to the Subjects of the said States, the free Ports which have been and are open in the french Islands of America. Of all which free Ports, the said Subjects of the United States shall enjoy the Use, agreeable to the Regulations which relate to them.

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