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Entered according to act of Congress, in the year 1846, by


In the Clerk's office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts.


"To the Hon. J. Y. MASON, Attorney-General of the United States.


"THE undersigned, the Joint Committee of the last Congress upon the Library, having had an opportunity of examining the first volume of the new edition of the Laws and Treaties of the United States, published by Messrs. Little & Brown, under the Resolve of the last session, passed in pursuance of the Report of that Committee, have thought it might not be improper to express an opinion upon this specimen of the work. And we have great satisfaction in saying, that it most fully answers the expectations with which we recommended, and with which, as we think, Congress invited, the publication of this edition. It conforms substantially to the plan. which the Resolve instructed, improving upon it where it differs at all; is executed with great mechanical neatness; and, if the whole shall be completed as it is here begun, the Government, the Profession, and the Country, will have the entire series of all our Public and Private Legislation, in force or obsolete, and of all our Diplomacy, in a natural, easy arrangement, for consultation and reference; with very perfect indices, with references in the margin, and notes to all the other Statutes, Resolves, or Treaties, relating to the matter of the text, and to all Judicial Decisions of all the Federal Courts applicable to the same matter; constituting an absolutely authoritative national work. We learn that every law and treaty has been carefully collated with the originals in the Department of State.

"It was deemed of much importance that the judgment of the Attorney-General should be pronounced upon the successive volumes of the edition, as they should appear, and before they should be accepted, and we think the Publishers may with great confidence hope for your approval of this first of the series.

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