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Stran 225 - In short, we are of opinion that, so far as a treaty made by the United States with any foreign nation can become the subject of judicial cognizance in the courts of this country, it is subject to such acts as Congress may pass for its enforcement, modification, or repeal.
Stran 5 - For the preservation and maintenance of existing river and harbor works, and for the prosecution of such projects heretofore authorized as may be most desirable in the interests of commerce and navigation...
Stran 83 - And they constitute navigable waters of the United States within the meaning of the acts of Congress, in contradistinction from tiic navigable waters of the States, when they form in their ordinary condition by themselves, or by uniting with other waters, a continued highway over which commerce is or may be carried on with other States or foreign countries in the customary modes in which such commerce is conducted by water.
Stran 83 - Those rivers must be regarded as public navigable rivers in law which are navigable in fact. And they are navigable in fact when they are used, or are susceptible of being used, in their ordinary condition, as highways for commerce, over which trade and travel are or may be conducted in the customary modes of trade and travel on water.
Stran 11 - The United States High Commissioner shall receive the same compensation as is now received by the Governor General of the Philippine Islands, and shall have such staff and assistants as the President may...
Stran 194 - ENGINEERS FOR RIVERS AND HARBORS. The Board of Engineers for Rivers and Harbors is a permanent body created by the river and harbor act of June 13, 1902. To it are referred for consideration and recommendation all reports upon examinations and surveys provided for by Congress, and all projects or changes in projects for works of river and harbor improvement upon which...
Stran 119 - ... under such regulations as may be prescribed by the President of the United States.
Stran 7 - Canal from services rendered or materials and supplies furnished to the United States, the Panama Railroad Company, the Canal Zone government, or to their employees, respectively, or to the Panama Government; from hotel and hospital supplies and services; from rentals, wharfage, and like...
Stran 196 - Congress that flood control on navigable waters or their tributaries is a proper activity of the Federal Government in cooperation with States, their political subdivisions, and localities thereof...
Stran 112 - That in comparing bids and in making awards the board may consider such factors as relative quality and adaptability of supplies or services, the bidder's financial responsibility, skill, experience, record of integrity in dealing, ability to furnish repairs and maintenance services, the time of delivery or performance offered, and whether the bidder has complied with the specifications.

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