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Technical Paper No. 304—Water-Gas Tar Emulsions. By W. W. Odell. Technical Paper No. 302—Leaching Nonsulphide Copper Ores with Sulphur

Dioxide. By C. E. van Barnevel. Technical Paper No. 262—Certain Interfacial Tension Equilibria Important in

Flotation. By W. H. Coghill and Carl O. Anderson, Technical Paper No. 274–Efficiencies in the Use of Bituminous Coking Coal as

Water-Gas Generator Fuel. By W. W. Odell. Technical Paper No. 289—Change Houses in the Lake Superior Region. By

Cleve E. Kindall. Technical Paper No. 310_Recovery of Gasoline from Uncondensed Still

Vapors. By D. B. Dow. Technical Paper No. 319—Methods of Decreasing Evaporation Losses of

Petroleum. By J. H. Wiggins, Report of Investigations : Serial No. 2510—The Use of Highly Volatile Natural-Gas Gasoline as a

Refrigerant.-By L. D. Wyant. Serial No. 2511–Survey of Pacific Coast Petroleum Products. Part 3-Burn

ing and Fuel Oils.-By Earl C. Lane and N. F. LeJeune. Serial No. 2512—Graphite for Steel-Melting Crucibles.-By R. T. Stull and

G. A. Bole. Serial No. 2513—Preparation and Detonating Properties of Cyanuric Tria

zide.—By C. A. Taylor and Wm. H. Rinkenbach. Serial No. 2514—Explosives used in June, 1923.-By W. W. Adams. Serial No. 2515—The Concordia Type RM 6-0.d. Electric Cap Lamp, Approval

No. 19.—By L. C. Ilsley and A. B. Hooker. Serial No. 2516—Coal-Mine Fatalities in July, 1923.--By W. W. Adams. Serial No. 2517—Comparative Engine Tests with Crude, Acid-Refined, and

Silica-Gel Refined Motor-Benzol.-By A. C. Fieldner and G. W. Jones. Serial No. 2518-Forms of Sulphur in Steamed Coke and their Action in the

Blast Furnace.-By John II. Thompson. Serial No. 2519_-Anthracite Substitutes.-By O. P. Hood. Serial No. 2520-Fuels Available for Domestic l'se as Substitutes for Anthra

cite ('oal.—By Rudolph Kudlich. Serial No. 2521–Oxygen-Oil Explosions.—By J. J. Jakowsky and E. W.

Butzler. Serial No. 2522—Explosives Used in July, 1923.-By W. W. Adams. Serial No. 2523—Additions, Removals and Changes in Permissible List of

Explosives from January 1, 1923, to August 31, 1923.-By J. E. Crawshaw. Serial No. 2524—Progress in Blast-Furnace Research.—By P. H. Royster,

T. L.. Joseph, and S. P. Kinney. Serial No. 2525—Eighth Semi-Annual Motor Gasoline Survey.-By N. F.

LeJeune and H. M. Smith. Serial No. 2526-Strength and Sensitiveness of TNT as Determined by the

Laboratory. “Sand-Test” Bomb.-By C. A. Taylor and R. D. Leitch. Serial No. 2527—Air Measurement Methods for Experimental Work on Fan

Pipe Installations.-By G. E. McElroy and A. S. Richardson. Serial No. 2528–The Transportation of Explosives in and about Mines.—By

L. C. Ilsley. Serial No. 2529—Coal-Mine Fatalities in August, 1923.—By W. W. Adams. Serial No. 2530-Lifting Costs at Oil Well Properties.—By H. C. George. Serial No. 2531—Effect of Cooling Systems on Evaporation Losses of Gasoline.

-By Ludwig Schmidt. Serial No. 2532–Drilling and Broaching in Slate Quarries.—By Oliver Bowles. Serial No. 2533—The Preparation and Properties of Normal Lead Trinitro

resorcinate.—By C. A. Taylor and W. H. Rinkenbach. Serial No. 2534–Bibliography of Magnesian Cements.—By G. H. West, R. L.

Sebastian and W. A. Darrow. Serial No. 2535—Who Pays for the Accidents?-By Richard V. Ageton. Serial No. 2530-Explosives Used in August, 1923.-By W. W. Adams. Serial No. 2537—Relation of Operating Practice to Composition of Light Oil

from Carbureted Water Gas.—By R. L. Brown, E. F. Pohlman, and H. G.

Berger. Serial No. 2538_Coal-Mine Fatalities in September, 1923.-By W. W. Adams. Serial No. 2539–Carbon-Monoxide Ilazards from Tobacco Smoke.—By G. W.

Jones, W. P. Yant, and L. B. Berger. Serial No. 2540_Friction Factors for Fan-Piping used in Mine Ventilation.

By G. E. McElroy and A. S. Richardson. Serial No. 2541—Electrical Safety Inspection; Suggestions for Mine-Safety

Engineers.—By L. C. Ilsley. Serial No. 2542–Graphites for Brass-Melting Crucibles.-By R. T. Stull and

L. E. Geyer. Serial No. 2543—Explosives Used in September, 1923.—By W. W. Adams. Serial No. 2544—Lead-Zinc Separation by Volatilization.-By G. L. Oldright. Serial No. 2345—Determination of the Fineness of Powdered Coal.-By W. A.

Selvig and W. L. Parker. Serial No. 2546—Mine Timber in Pennsylvania Coal Mines.-By Harry E.

Tufft. Serial No. 2547-A Floating Roof for Oil Tanks.--By Ludwig Schmidt. Serial No. 2548—Solubility of Finely Divided Rock Dusts in Water, Kerosene,

and Alcohol.-By W. M. Myers. Serial No. 2549_Coal-Mine Fatalities in October, 1923.-By W. W. Adams. Smithsonian Institution :

The Foraminifera of the Atlantic Ocean.-By J. A. Cushman.

The History of the Electric Light.-By Henry Schroeder. Library of Congress :

Report of the Librarian for the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 1923.

Annual Report of the Chief of Engineers, U. S. Army, 1923. Parts I, II and III. Director of the Mint:

Annual Report for the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 1923. Federal Power Commission :

Third Annual Report for the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 1923.
Alabama, Geological Survey of:
Bulletin No. 26-Statistics of the Mineral Resources of Alabama for 1921.

By J. H. Wingard.
Illinois State Geological Survey :

Extract A from Bulletin No. 27.

Analysis of Illinois ('oals. By G. W. llawley.
Kansas, State Geological Survey of:

Bulletin No. 5—Elk City Gas Field. By Chas. W. Boughton.
Bulletin No. 6--Oil and Gas Resources of Kansas.

Part 1-General Geology of Oil and Gas. By R. C. Moore.
Part II–Geology of Kansas. By R. C. Moore.
Part V-Allen and Neosho Cos. By R. C. Moore and E. R. Elledge.

Part VI-Wilson and Montgomery Cos. By C. W. Boughton.
Bulletin No. 8The Economic Geology of the Arkansas City District. By

Emmett R. Elledge. Kentucky Geological Survey :

Building Stones of Kentucky. By C. H. Richardson.

Fluorspar Deposits of Kentucky. By Louis W. Currier. Michigan, Geological Survey Division : Production and Value of Mineral Products

in Michigan for 1921 and Prior Years. Pennsylvania, Department of Forests and Waters :

Bulletin No. 79—Tidioute Oil Pool, Warren Co., Pa. By Meredith E. Johnson. Bulletin No. 80%Coal Beds in Northern Somerset Co., Pa. By James D.

Sisler. Tennessee, Division of Geology : Bulletin No. 30--A Study of the Smaller Unde

veloped Water Powers of Tennessee. By J. A. Switzer, Hydraulic Engineer. Washington, State of, Division of Geology : Bulletin No. 28—Geological Investiga

tion of the Coal Fields of Western Whatcom County, Washington. By Olai

P. Jenkins.
South Australia :
Geological Survey of: Bulletin No. 10—The Building Stones of South Australia.

By R. Lockhard Jack.
Royal Society of: Transactions and Proceedings, Vol. XLVI.

Index to the Transactions, Proceedings and Reports, Vols. XXV-XLIV. Woods and Forests Department: Annual Progress Report upon State Forest

Administration in South Australia.

Canada :
Department of Mines: Summary Report, 1922, Part A and Part D.
Memoir No. 1:3–The Southern Part of the Sydney Coal Field, Nova Scotia.

By A. 0. llaves and W. A. Bell.
Memoir No. 134--Brockville-Mallorytown Map-Area, Ontario. By J. F.

Memoir No. 127-—La Region de Beauceville. By B. R. McKay.
Geological Survey : Index to Reports 1906–1910 and Summary Reports 1905

1916. By F. J. Nicholas. Summary Report, 1922, Part B.

Summary Report, 1922, Part C. China : Reprint from Far Eastern Review, “Gold-Ore Deposits of the Linglung.

shan Region, Tsaoyuen, Shantung, China." By Y. Tsenshan Wang. Japan : Imperial Geological Survey : Report No. 88–Landslides at Minowamura in the Prefecture of Ful Fuku

shima. By Rokuro Kimura, Geologist. Report No. 89—The Geology and Mineral Deposits of British East Africa.

By Kyukichi Watanabe, Geologist. Explanatory Text of the Geological Map of Japan. By Tsutomu Ogura. Mexico, Instituto Geologico de: Boletin Num. 42—Algunas Faunas Cretacicas de

Zacatecas, Durango y Guerrero. By Dr. E. Bose.
Ontario : Department of Mines :

Vol. XXXI, Part X, 1922.
Vol. XXXI, Part IX, 1922.
Thirty-First Annual Report of the Ontarion Department of Mines.

Geology of the Watabeag Area. By Douglas G. II. Wright.
Phillipine Journal of Science, The-October, November, 1923.

Department of Mines : Annual Report of the Under Secretary for Mines in 1922. Geological Survey : Publication No. 273— Mesozoic Insects of Queensland. By

R. J. Tillyard and B. Dunstan. Spain, Real Academia de Ciencias Artes, Barcelona : Vol. XVII, Num. 23

Correccion Bacteriologica del Agua de Bebida por Medio de los Hipocloritos

Alcinos y por El Cloro Liquido. By M. Itre et al. Transvaal, Chamber of Mines: Monthly Analyses of Gold Production in the Trans

vaal, July, August September, October, November, Victoria, Department of Mines : Memoir No. 14–The Ballarat Goldfield, with Plates and Figures. By W.

Baragwanath. Memoir No. 48—The Morning Star, Victorian Al, New Loch Fyne, and Start

of the West Mines, Woods Point District. By II, S. Whitelaw.

Societies and Educational Institutions.
American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers, Transactions of the,

Vol. LXIX.
American Philosophical Society, Vol. LXII, Nos. 3, 4, and 5.
California Academy of Sciences :

Fourth Series, Vol. XII, Nos. 6 to 21, inc.
Expedition of the California Academy of Sciences to the Gulf of California in

Vol. XIII, Nos. 1 to 6, inc.

Proceedings of, Vol. XII, No. 26. Colorado Scientific Society :

Engineering Features of the Moffat Tunnel. By D. W. Brunton. Institution of Mining and Metallurgy:

Transactions of, Thirty-first Session, 1921–1922, Vol. XXXI.

Bulletin for October. Mining and Metallurgical Society of America : Bulletin No. 165—Special Report

on Supply, Consumption and Stocks of Petroleum (Crude and Refined) in

the United States. Bulletin No. 162—Reports of the Sub-Committees on Petroleum, Chrome and

Graphite in Connection with the Committee on Foreign and Domestic Mining Policy.

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University of California : Bulletin of the Department of Geological Sciences :
Vol. 14, No. 5–Fauna of the Sooke Formation, Vancouver Island. By Bruce L.

Clarke and Ralph Arnold— With a Description of a New Coral by T. Way

land Vaugn. Vol. 14, No. 6—The San Lorenzo Group of the San Emigdio Region, Cali

fornia. By C. M. Wagner and Karl II. Schilling. Vol. 14, No. 7-Revision of the Rimella-Like Gastropods from the West Coast

of North America. By Bruce L. Clarke and Dorothy Kemper Palmer. Vol. 14, No. 8-A Fauna from the Middle Eocene Shales near Vacavilla, Cali

fornia. By Dorothy Palmer. Vol. 14, No. 9—Some Eocene Foraminifera near Vacaville, California. By

G. Dallas Hanna. Vol. 14 No. 10—Basin Range Structure in the Great Basin. By George D.

Louderback. Vol. 14, No. 11–Some New Forms of West Coast Fossil Echinoidea. By

Merle C. Israelsky. Vol. 14, No. 12—Alticamelus Alexandrae, A New Camel from the Barstow

Upper Miocene of the Mojave Desert. By Pirie Davidson. University of Montana : Bulletin No. 5—The Location, Representation and

Patenting of Mineral Lands in Montana. Prospecting and Leasing of Coal,

Oil, Oil Shale, Gas, Phosphate and Sodium Deposits. By A. E. Adami. University of New Mexico, State: Bulletin No. 114—Tables for Determining

Common Minerals and Rocks. By Robert W. Ellis. New York State Museum Bulletin 249–250—The Magnetite Iron Ore Deposits of

Southeastern New York. By R. J. Colony.


The Big Sandy Valley. By W. R. Jillson.

Japan, Imperial Geological Survey :


U. S. Geol. Survey Topographic Sheets:

Inglewood, Cal., Quadrangle.
Englebright Ranch Quad rangle,

Fresno Co., Cal.
Torrance, Cal.
Sawtelle, Cal.
Clovis, Fresno Co., Cal., Quadrangle.
Laguna Seca Ranch Quadrangle, Cal.
Orangedale School Q u a d r a n gle,

Mount Angel, Ore.
Watts, Cal., Quadrangle.
Bullard Quadrangle, Fresno Co., Cal.
Terra Loma School District Quad-

Fresno Co.
Compton, Cal.
Blanchardville, Wis.
Bowling Green, Ky.
Brownsville, Ky.
Dongola, Ili.
Grays Lake, Ill.-Wis.
Jonesboro, Ill.-Mo.
Lopena Island, Tex.
Mammoth Cave, Ky.
Monmouth, Ill.

rangle, Fresno Co., Cal.
Herdon Quadrangle, Cal.
Levis, Fresno Co., Cal., Quadrangle.
Monocline Ridge Quadrangle, Fresno

Malaga Quadrangle, Fresno Co.
Venice, Cal.
Wisdom Well, Cal.
Pahala, H. T.
Reedsport, Ore.
Ronceverte, W. Va.-Va.
Saltilla Ranch, Tex.
Santa Clara, N. Y.
Sierra Madera, Tex.
South Wayne, Wis.--Ill.

Current Magazines on File.

For the convenience of persons wishing to consult the technical magazines in the reading room, a list of those on file is appended:

American Petroleum Institute, New York.
Architect and Engineer, San Francisco.
Arizona Mining Journal, Phoenix, Arizona.
Asbestos, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Brick and Clay Record, Chicago.
Cement, Mill and Quarry, Chicago, Illinois.
Chemical Engineering and Mining Review, London, England.
Engineering and Mining Journal-Press, New York.
Financial Insurance News, Los Angeles, California.
Graphite, Jersey City.
Journal of Electricity and Western Industry, San Francisco.
Metallurgical and Chemical Engineering, New York.
Mining and Engineering Record, Vancouver, B. C.
Mining and Oil Bulletin, Los Angeles.
Oil Age, Los Angeles.
Oil and Gas Journal, Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Oil News, Galesburg, Illinois.
Oildom, New York.
Oil, Paint and Drug Reporter, New York.
Oil Trade Journal, New York.
Oil Weekly, Houston, Texas.
Petroleum Age, New York.
Petroleum Record, Los Angeles.
Petroleum World, Los Angeles.
Queensland Government Mining Journal, Brisbane, Australia.
Rock Products, Chicago, Illinois.
Safety News, Industrial Accident Commission, San Francisco.
Salt Lake Mining Review, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Southwest Builder and Contractor, Los Angeles.
Standard Oil Bulletin, San Francisco.
Stone, New York.
The Record, Associated Oil Company, San Francisco.


The following papers are received and kept on file in the library:
Amador Dispatch, Jackson, Cal.
Arkansas Oil and Mineral News, Hot Springs National Park (Arkansas).
Bakersfield Morning Echo, Bakersfield, Cal.
Blythe Herald, Blythe, Cal.
Bridgeport-Chrônicle-Union, Bridgeport, Mono Co., Cal.
California Oil World, Los Angeles, Cal.
Colusa Daily Sun, Colusa, Cal.
Daily Commercial News, San Francisco, Cal.
Daily Midway Driller, Taft, Cal.
Del Norte Triplicate, Crescent City, Cal.
Gateway Gazette, Beaumont, Cal.
Goldfield News, Goldfield, Nevada.
Guerneville Times, Guerneville, Cal.
Healdsburg Enterprise, Healdsburg, Cal.
Humboldt Standard, Eureka, Cal.
Inyo Independent, Independence, Cal.
Inyo Register, Bishop, Cal.
Kern County Progress, Shafter, Cal.
Lake County Bee, Lakeport, Cal.
Mariposa Gazette, Mariposa, Cal.
Mining and Financial Record, Denver, Colo.
Mining Topics, Sacramento, Cal., and Unionville, Nev.
Mountain Democrat, Placerville, Cal.
Mountain Messenger, Downieville, Cal.

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