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istrator, and shall receive for his services as Coroner com- Fees of pensation as follows: For general services in holding an Coroner. inquest, ten dollars; for each witness subpoenaed, twenty-five cents; for each mile necessarily traveled in going to the place of inquest, twenty-five cents; for directing or attending the interment of each body upon which an inquest has been held, two dollars; for swearing each witness or juror, twenty-five cents; for writing down testimony, twenty-five cents per folio.

Public Ad

SEC. 16. The Public Administrator shall receive for his Fees of services the same fees as are or may be allowed by law to ministrator. executors and administrators.


SEC. 17. The Treasurer shall receive an annual salary of Salary of two thousand dollars in full compensation for all services required of him by law, payable monthly, out of the Common Fund.


SEC. 18. The County Judge shall receive an annual salary salary of of twenty-four hundred dollars in full compensation for all County services required of him by law, payable monthly, out of the Common Fund of the county.



SEC. 19. For the first mile actually run with compass and Fees of chain in wood, or brush, or salt marsh lands, the County Surveyor. Surveyor shall receive the sum of four dollars; for each succeeding mile, two dollars; for each mile run with compass alone, one dollar and fifty cents; for the first mile actually run with compass and chain in open land, three dollars; for each succeeding mile, one dollar and fifty cents; for each mile run with compass alone, one dollar; for each lot laid out and platted in any city or town, one dollar; for recording a survey, seventy-five cents; for calculating the quantity of every tract of land, or any subdivision thereof (town lots excepted), ten cents for each course; for traveling to the place of survey, for each mile, in going only, thirty cents; and if he shall be required and duly notified, or otherwise, to make other surveys while in the discharge of his official duty while in the field, he shall be entitled to mileage only from the place last surveyed by him; for ascertaining the location of every town lot in an old survey, measuring and making the same, one dollar; for copies and certificates, per folio, fifteen cents; for erecting a monument at the corner of any survey when required, fifty cents; for erecting a monument when running a line at a variation or offset, when required, twenty-five cents; for copy of plat of any survey and certificate required by any person, or to be transmitted to the Surveyor-General, one dollar, to be paid by the party requiring the survey. Expenses of assistants shall be an additional charge to be agreed upon between the parties; or, in cases of surveys ordered by the Court, or Board of Supervisors, such compensation as shall be by them allowed.

Fees of



SEC. 20. The Court Commissioners shall be entitled to Court Com charge and receive for their services the following fees, viz.: For hearing and determining every ex parte motion for any order or writ, three dollars; for hearing and determining such contested motions or issues of law or fact as may be referred to them, or for taking proof upon or determining any matter of fact upon which information may be required by the Court, five dollars; for taking and certifying every affidavit and for the approval of every bond or undertaking, fifty cents; for taking and certifying depositions, twentyfive cents per folio; for every delinquent tax case referred to the Commissioner, for all the services performed by him, three dollars.

Supervisors' fees.

Fees of Justices of the Peace.


SEC. 21. Each member of the Board of Supervisors shall receive the sum of six dollars per day for each day necessarily employed, and said members shall, in addition thereto, be allowed a mileage of twenty cents per mile in traveling to and from the county seat; provided, no charge shall be made for more than one trip going from and returning to the residence of such Supervisor at each regular term.


SEC. 22. For filing each paper, twenty-five cents; issuing any writ or process by which suit is commenced, fifty cents; for entering every cause upon his docket, fifty cents; for issuing subpoena, twenty-five cents: for administering an oath or affirmation, twenty-five cents; for each certificate, twenty-five cents; for issuing writ of attachment or of arrest, or for delivery of property, fifty cents; for entering any final judgment, for the first folio, one dollar; for each additional folio, twenty cents; for taking or approving any bond or undertaking directed by law to be taken or approved by him, fifty cents; for taking justification to a bond, fifty cents; for swearing a jury, fifty cents; for taking deposition, per folio, twenty cents; for entering satisfaction of a judgment, fifty cents; for copy of a judgment, order, docket, proceedings, or paper in his office, for each folio, twenty cents; for issuing commission to take testimony, fifty cents; for issuing supersedeas to an execution, fifty cents; for making up and transmitting transcript and papers on appeal, one dollar and fifty cents; for issuing search warrant, fifty cents; for issuing an execution, fifty cents; for celebrating marriage and returning certificate thereof to the Recorder, five dollars; for taking bail, after commitment in criminal cases, one dollar; for entering cause without process, one dollar; for entering judgment by confession, and only on affidavit, as required in District Court, three dollars; for entering every motion, rule, exception, order, or default, twenty-five cents; for transcript of

judgment, per folio, twenty cents; for all services and proceedings before a Justice of the Peace in a criminal action. or proceeding, whether on examination or trial, three dollars; for taking an acknowledgment of any instrument, for the first name, fifty cents, for each additional name, twentyfive cents; for all services connected with the posting of strays, including the transcript for the Recorder, two dollars. In cases before Justices of the Peace, when the venue shall be changed, the Justice before whom the action shall be brought, for all services rendered, including the making up and transmission of the transcript and papers, shall receive two dollars, and the Justice before whom the trial shall take place shall receive the same fee as if the action had been commenced before him. All fees of the Justices of the Peace, including those on file and those on appeal, must be paid before the Justice shall be compelled to forward any papers on appeal. For all services appertaining to the Coroner's office which the Coroner is unable to attend to, the Justices of the Peace shall receive the same fees as are allowed the Coroner for similar services.



SEC. 23. For serving summons in civil cases, for each Fees of defendant, fifty cents; for summoning any jury before a Justice of the Peace, including mileage, two dollars; for making sales of estrays, the same fees as for sales on execution; for all other services, the same fees as are allowed to Sheriffs for similar services performed by the several officers under the Act concerning water-craft found adrift and lost money and property, passed April fifth, eighteen hundred and fifty. They shall receive the fees as are prescribed in said Act.


SEC. 24. Grand and trial jurors shall receive two dollars Fees of and fifty cents per day for attendance upon a Court of record jurors. and twenty-five cents per mile for traveling from their residence to the place of trial. No juror who shall be excused from attendance, upon his own motion, on the first day of his appearance in obedience to the venire, shall receive per diem, but mileage only. In civil cases the party in whose favor verdict is rendered, before the same be entered, shall pay the jury fees, but the same may be recovered as costs from the party losing the case; provided, that Clerks of Courts of record shall keep an account of all moneys received for trials by each juror during the term, and if the sum so received by such juror shall not amount to two dollars and a half per day and mileage, he shall deliver to such juror a certificate of the time and mileage for which he is still entitled to receive pay, which shall be paid out of the county treasury as other county dues. If in any trial in a civil case the jury be, for any cause, discharged without finding a verdict, the fees of the jury shall be paid by the party who demanded the jury, but may be recovered as costs if he after

Fees of witnesses.

Compensation of

Clerks of

wards obtain judgment; and, until they are paid, no further proceedings shall be allowed in this action. Jurors in a Justice's Court, in civil cases, shall receive two dollars per day, but no mileage, to be taxed against the party losing the On the first day of each regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors, the Clerks of Courts of record shall file with the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors a detailed statement containing a list of the jurors and the amount of fees and mileage earned by each juror to be paid out of the county treasury. No allowance shall be made to the Clerk for any service performed by him until the statement required by this section shall have been filed as aforesaid.


SEC. 25. For attending in any civil suit or proceeding before any Court of record, Referee, Commissioner, or Justice of the Peace, for each day, two dollars; for traveling to the place of trial, for each mile, twenty cents. In case of an impeachment and contested election, for traveling to the place of trial, ten cents per mile. No person shall be obliged to attend or testify in a civil action unless his fees shall have been tendered or he shall have not demanded the same. No fees shall be allowed any witness in a criminal action or proceeding unless he shall attend before a Grand Jury or Court of record as a witness on behalf of the people upon a subpoena, or by virtue of a recognizance, and it shall appear that he has come from any place out of the county, or that he is poor, the Court, if the attendance of the witness be upon a trial by an order upon its minutes, or in any other case, the County Judge, by an order subscribed by him, may direct the Treasurer of the county to pay the witness a reasonable sum, to be specified in the order, for his expenses, and no person who resides without any county shall be obliged, in a civil action or proceeding, to attend as a witness in said county, unless, the distance be less than thirty miles from his place of residence to the place of trial.

SEC. 26. The Judges and Clerks of Election shall be Judges and allowed such compensation as the Board of Supervisors shall prescribe, not exceeding three dollars per day each, for the time they are necessarily employed, and not exceeding five days' pay in any one year for each of the Judges, and six days for the Clerks, which shall be full compensation for all services required by law to be by them performed.


tion of inter

preters and

SEC. 27. Interpreters and translators shall be allowed such compensation for their services as the Court shall allow, translators. to be taxed and collected as other costs, but the same shall not exceed three dollars per day.

SEC. 28. All allowances made by the State to the different officers, excepting mileage of Sheriff in conveying prisoners to the State Prison and insane persons to the Insane Asylum, and mileage of the County Treasurer, shall be paid into the Common Fund of the county.

SEC. 29. All salaried officers receiving any compensation whatever for services rendered as such officer, not enumerated

in this Act, shall pay the same into the county treasury to the credit of the Common Fund.



amount of

lected with


SEC. 30. It shall be the duty of every officer in this Act officers to named, authorized to receive any fees for official services of keep fee himself or deputies, to keep a fee book, in which he shall enter an exact and full account in detail of all fees, commissions, or compensations of whatever nature or kind, by him or his deputies earned, collected, or chargeable, with the date, the name of the payer, and the nature of the services in each case. In the first week of March and September, respectively, in shall file every year, he shall file in the office of the Clerk of the Board statement of of Supervisors a sworn statement, in writing, of the amount fees colof fees earned, collected, or chargeable, by him or his dep- Clerk of uties, for the official services during the calendar months Board of ending on the last day of the previous month. If any person shall hold more than one office, he must keep a separate book for each office, and must make separate statements for each. The Clerk of the Board of Supervisors is hereby Clerk to required to make an abstract of the amount of fees returned make and to him as having been earned, collected, or chargeable by abstract to the respective officers named in this Act, and shall forward State of the same, duly certified, to the Secretary of State, in the amount of month of March of every year, to be by him filed in his lected. office. SEC. 31. If any officer named in this Act shall charge or Penalty for receive fees in excess of the amounts in this Act specified, or refuse or neglect to keep a fee book, or to file a sworn statement, or to make returns to the Secretary of State, as herein required, he shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction shall be punished by a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars, and by removal from office. It shall be the duty of the District Attorney to prosecute all offenses arising under this Act.

transmit an

Secretary of

fees col

neglect of


their busi

close of term.

SEC. 32. It shall be the duty of all the officers in this Act Officers to named to complete the business of their respective offices to complete the time of the expiration of their respective terms, and in ness until case any officer, at the close of his term, shall leave to his successor official labor to be performed for which he has received compensation, or which it was his duty to perform, he shall pay to his successor all the fees received by him for such services.

allowed to

SEC. 33. None of the officers herein before mentioned officers not shall be allowed to charge or receive any other compensa- receive tion whatever for any services that now are or may be here- other comafter required of them in the discharge of the duties of their pensation. respective offices.

in his office.

SEC. 34. Every officer named in this Act shall set up in shall keep his office a table of his fees, according to this Act, within table of fees one month after this Act goes into effect, in some conspicuous place for inspection of all persons who have business in his office, upon pain of forfeiting for each day the sum of Penalty for twenty dollars, which may be recovered by any person by

failure of same.

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