History of the San Francisco Bay Region: History and Biography, Količina 1

Sprednja platnica
American Historical Society, 1924

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Stran 489 - THE poet in a golden clime was born, With golden stars above; Dower'd with the hate of hate, the scorn of scorn, The love of love.
Stran 445 - San Francisco is a mad city — inhabited for the most part by perfectly insane people whose women are of a remarkable beauty.
Stran 84 - O solemn bells ! whose consecrated masses Recall the faith of old, — O tinkling bells ! that lulled with twilight music The spiritual fold ! Your voices break and falter in the darkness, — Break, falter, and are still ; And veiled and mystic, like the Host descending, The sun sinks from the hill...
Stran 83 - Bells of the Past, whose long-forgotten music Still fills the wide expanse, Tingeing the sober twilight of the Present With color of romance: I hear your call, and see the sun descending On rock and wave and sand, As down the coast the Mission voices blending Girdle the heathen land.
Stran 112 - Then dust arose, a long dim line like smoke From out of riven earth . The wheels went groaning by, Ten thousand feet in harness and in yoke, They tore the ways of ashen alkali, And desert winds blew sudden, swift and dry. The dust! it sat upon and fill'd the train!
Stran 57 - ... the stately lords of the forest in complete possession of the soil, which was covered with luxuriant herbage, and beautifully diversified with pleasing eminences and valleys, which, with the...
Stran 125 - Then I saw another piece in the water. After taking it out I sat down and began to think right hard. I thought it was gold, and yet it did not seem to be of the right color : all the gold coin I had seen was of a reddish tinge ; this looked more like brass.
Stran 116 - I also solemnly declare my object, in the second place, to be to invite all peaceable and good citizens of California, who are friendly to the maintenance of good order and equal rights, and I do hereby invite them to repair to my camp at Sonoma, without delay, to assist in establishing and perpetuating a Republican Government...
Stran 166 - And when I see the gold lumps there, I'll pick them off the ground. "I'll scrape the mountains clean, my boys, I'll drain the rivers dry, A pocket full of rocks bring home, So brothers, don't you cry! Oh, California ! That's the land for me, I'm going to Sacramento, With my washbowl on my knee.
Stran 84 - Borne on the swell of your long waves receding, i touch the farther Past — I see the dying glow of Spanish glory, The sunset dream and last!

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