Slike strani

• Alike unpitied when depos'd they growMen mock the idol of their former vow.

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Adieu! ye parks !-in fome obfcure recefs,
Where gentle ftreams will weep at my distress,
• Where no false friend will in my grief take part,
• And mourn my ruin with a joyful heart;

There let me live in fome deferted place,
• There hide in fhades this loft inglorious face.
Plays, operas, circles, I no more muft view!
My toilette, patches, all the world adieu !'



To Mr. Chandler.

By the Same.


T length, by fo much importunity prefs'd,

Take, Chandler, at once the infide of my breaft.

This ftupid indiff'rence fo often you blame,

Is not owing to nature, to fear, or to fhame.
I am not as cold as a virgin in lead,

Nor is Sunday's fermon fo ftrong in my head:
I know but too well how time flies along,

That we live but few years, and yet fewer are young.

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But I hate to be cheated, and never will buy
Long years of repentance for moments of joy.
Oh! was there a man (but where shall I find
Good-fenfe, and good-nature fo equally join'd ?)
Would value his pleasure, contribute to mine;
Not meanly would boast, nor would lewdly defign,
Not over fevere, yet not ftupidly vain,

For I would have the power, though not give the pain.

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No pedant, yet learned; nor rake-helly gay,
Or laughing because he has nothing to say;
To all my whole fex, obliging and free,
Yet never be fond of any but me:

In public preferve the decorum that's juft,
And fhow in his eyes he is true to his truft;
Then rarely approach, and refpe&fally bow,
But not fulfomely pert, nor foppishly low.



But when the long hours of public are past,
And we meet with champagne and a chicken at last,
May every fond pleasure that moment endear
Be banish'd afar both difcretion and fear!
Forgetting or fcorning the airs of the crowd,
He may ceafe to be formal, and I to be proud,
"Till loft in the joy, we confefs that we live,
And he may be rude, and yet I may forgive..


And that my delight may be folidly fix'd,
Let the friend and the lover be handsomely mix'd,
In whofe tender bofom my foul may confide,

Whose kindness can footh me, whose counsel can guide.
From fuch a dear lover, as here I defcribe,

No danger should fright me, no millions fhould bribe;
But 'till this aftonishing creature I know,
As I long have liv'd chafte, I will keep myself fo.


I never will share with the wanton coquet,
Or be caught by a vain affectation of wit.
The toafters and fongfters may try all their art,
But never shall enter the pass of my heart.

I loath the lewd rake, the drefs'd fopling defpife:
Before fuch purfuers the nice virgin flies:

And as OVID has fweetly in parables told,
We harden like trees, and like rivers grow cold..

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Written extempore on a Window.

By the Same.

WHILST thirft of praife, and vain defire of fame,

In every age, is every woman's aim ;

With courtship pleas'd, of filly toafters proud,
Fond of a train, and happy in a crowd;
On each poor fool beftowing fome kind glance,
Each conqueft owing to fome loose advance:
While vain coquets affect to be pursu'd,

And think they're virtuous, if not grossly lewd:
Let this great maxim be my virtue's guide;



fhe is to blame that has been try’d— He comes too near, that comes to be deny'd.






HILST pretty fellows think a woman's fame
In every ftate and every age the fame ;
With their own folly pleas'd the fair they toaft,
And where they leaft are happy, fwear they're moft;
No difference making 'twixt coquet and prude;
And her that feems, yet is not really lewd;
While thus they think, and thus they vainly live,
And tafte no joys but what their fancies give:

Let this great maxim be my action's guide,

May I ne'er hope, though I am ne'er deny'd;

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Nor think a woman won, that's willing to be try'd.



By the Same.

OW happy you! who varied joys purfue;


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And every hour presents you something new!

Plans, fchemes, and models, all Palladio's art,
For fix long months have gain'd upon your heart;


• Allen Bathurst one of the twelve Peers created by Queen Anne. A

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