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"What though on Simois' or Scamander's fhore, "Far off from home, the Greeks your death deplore? "No matter where, or when: it once must be, "And nothing can revoke the firm decree.

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Though Thetis' fon, though third from mighty Jove, "Eternal monarch of the realms above,

"Nor Jove, nor Thetis, can your days recal,

"Or for an hour defer your destin'd fall.

"Mean while a loofer reign to pleasure give : Time flies in hafte, be you in hafte to live: "Seize on the precious minutes, as they fleet; "Your life, however fhort, will be compleat, "If at the fatal moment you can say,

"I've liv'd, and made the most of every day!
"One precept more I fain would recommend,
"And then old Chiron's tedious leffons end.
"Learn, gen'rous prince, what's little understood,
"The godlike happiness of doing good.
"How glorious to defend, and to bestow!
"From nobler fprings can human pleasure flow?
"A folid good which nothing can destroy,
"The best prerogative the great enjoy.

"For this, remember, monarchs firft were made,
"For this, young prince, be lov'd, and be obey'd,
"At once yourself, and mighty nations blefs,
"And make humanity your happiness.
"But now Aurora ufhers in the day,

"And fond, expecting Peleus chides your ftay.

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Or from an endless chain of caufes wrought,
And of unthinking fubftance, born with thought ♪
By motion which began without a caufe,
Supremely wife, without defign or laws?

Am I but what I feem, mere flesh and blood;
A branching channel, with a mazy flood?
The purple stream that through my veffels glides,
Dull and unconscious flows, like common tides :
The pipes through which the circling juices ftray,
Are not that thinking I, no more than they :

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ftoration; and received his education at Aberdeen, where he took his Doctor's degree. He foon afterwards removed to London, and was employed fometime in teaching the mathematics. On St. Andrew's day 1704, he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society; and on the 30th October following, was fworn Physician extraordinary to Queen Anne; upon the indifpofition of Dr. Hannes, he was appointed fourth Phyfician in ordinary to the Queen; and on 27th April 1710, was admitted a Fellow of the College of Phyficians. The death of Queen Anne deprived him of his place and refidence at Court. On 30th September 1723, he was named fecond Cenfor of the College of Physicians; and on the 5th October 1727, became an Elect of the fame Society. ›During the latter part of his life, he was afflicted with an asthma, of which he died on the 27th February 1734-5. Dr. Johnson obferves of Arbuthnot, "that he was a man eftimable for his learning, amiable for his life, and venerable for his piety." The fame writ alfo adds, "that he was a man of great comprehenfion, skilful in his profeffion, verfed in the sciences, acquainted with ancient literature, and able to animate his mass of knowledge by a bright and active imagination: a scholar with great brilliancy of wit; a wit, who in the crowd of life, retained and difcovered a noble ardour of religious zeal."

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This frame compacted with transcendent skill,
Of moving joints obedient to my will,

Nurs'd from the fruitful glebe, like yonder tree,
Waxes and waftes; I call it mine, not me.
New matter ftill the mould'ring mast sustains,
The manfion chang'd, the tenant still remains;
And from the fleeting ftream, repair'd by food,
Distinct, as is the fwimmer from the flood.
What am I then? fure, of a nobler birth,
By parents right, I own as mother, earth;
But claim fuperior lineage by my SIRE,

Who warm'd th' unthinking clod with heavenly fire:
Effence divine, with lifelefs clay allay'd,

By double nature, double instinct fway'd :
With look erect, I dart my longing eye,
Seem wing'd to part, and gain my native sky ;
I ftrive to mount, but strive, alas! in vain,
Ty'd to this mafly globe with magic chain.
Now with swift thought I range from pole to pole,
View worlds around their flaming centers roll :
What fteady powers their endless motions guide,
Through the fame trackless paths of boundless void!
I trace the blazing comet's fiery trail,

And weigh the whirling planets in a scale:
These godlike thoughts while eager I pursue,
Some glittering trifle offer'd to my view,
A gnat, an infect, of the meaneft kind,
Erafe the new-born image from my mind;



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