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Some frolic drunkard, reeling from a feaft,

Provokes a broil, and ftabs you for a jeft.

n Yet ev❜n these heroes, mifchievously gay,
Lords of the street, and terrors of the way;
Flush'd as they are with folly, youth, and wine,
Their prudent infults to the poor confine;
Afar they mark the flambeau's bright approach,
And fhun the shining train and golden coach.
• In vain thefe dangers paft, your doors you clofe,
And hope the balmy bleffings of repose:
Cruel with guilt, and daring with despair,
The midnight murd'rer burfts the faithlefs bar;
Invades the facred hour of filent reft,

And plants, unfeen, a dagger in your breast.

P Scarce can our fields, ́fuch crowds at Tyburn die,
With hemp the gallows and the fleet fupply.
Propose your schemes, ye fenatorian band,
Whose ways and means fupport the finking land;
Left ropes be wanting in the tempting spring,
To rig another convoy for the king.

Sed, quamvis improbus annis,

Atque mero fervens, cavet hunc, quem coccina læna
Vitari jubet, et comitum longiffimus ordo,
Multum prætereà flammarum, atque ænea lampas.

• Nec tamen hoc tantum metuas: nam qui fpoliet te
Non deerit: claufis domibus, &c.

P. Maximus in vinclis ferri modus: ut timeas ne

Yomer deficiat, ne marræ et farcula defint.

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A fingle jail, in ALFRED's golden reign, open)
Could half the nation's criminals contain ;ond
Fair Juftice then, without constraint ador'd,
Held high the fteady fcale, but deep'd the fword;
No fpies were paid, no fpecial juries known,

Bleft age! but ah! how different from our own by aler ↑ Much could I add, but see the boat at hand,

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Farewel!-When youth, and health, and fortune spent, Thou fly'ft for refuge to the wilds of Kent; And tir'd like me with follies and with crimes, In angry numbers warn'ft fucceeding times; Then shall thy friend, nor thou refuse his aid, Still foe to vice, forfake his Cambrian fhade In virtue's caufe once more exert his rage, Thy fatire point, and animate thy page.

9 Felices proavorum atavos, felicia dicas
Secula, quæ quondam fub regibus atque tribunis
Viderunt uno contentam carcere Romam.

His alias poteram, & plures fubnectere caufas ::
Sed jumenta vocant.-

Ergo vale noftri memor: & quoties te

Roma tuo refici properantem reddet Aquino,

Me quoque ad Elvinam Cererem, veftramque Dianam
Convelle a Cumis: fatirarum ego, ni pudet illas,
Adjutor gelidas veniam caligatus in agros..


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At the Opening of the Theatre in DRURY-LANE, 1747.

By the Same.

WHEN learning's triumph o'er her barb'rous foes

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Firft rear'd the ftage, immortal SHAKSPEARE Jofe Each change of many-colour'd life he drew, bed mor Exhaufted worlds, and then imagin'd new: Exiftence faw him fpurn her bounded reign, And panting Time toil'd after him in vain His powerful ftrokes prefiding truth impress'd, but And unrefifted paffion form'd the breaft. wal odd 44 Jasie Then JONSON came, inftructed from the fchool To please in method, and invent by rules emimotna DNA His ftudious patience, and laborious art,195 odd new the By regular approach affail'd the heart; ended plum baA Cold approbation gave the ling'ring bays, ragadro'I For those who durft not cenfure, fcarce could praise. wah A mortal born, he met the general doom, But left, like Egypt's kings, a lasting tomb. 0 3

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The wits of Charles found eafier ways to fame, Nor wish'd for JONSON's art, or SHAKSPEARE's flame: Themselves they ftudied, as they felt their writ ; Intrigue was plot, obfcenity was wit.

Vice always found a fympathetic friend,

They pleas'd their age, and did not aim to mend.
Yet bards like these afpir'd to lafting praise,
And proudly hop'd to pimp in future days.

Their caufe was gen'ral, their fupports were ftrong,
Their slaves were willing, and their reign was long;
'Till shame regain'd the post that sense betray'd,
And Virtue call'd Oblivion to her aid.

Then crush'd by rules, and weaken'd as refin'd,
For years the power of tragedy declin'd;
From bard to bard the frigid caution crept,
"Till declamation roar'd, while paffion flept.
Yet ftill did Virtue deign the stage to tread,
Philofophy remain'd, though Nature fled.
But forc'd at length her ancient reign to quit,
She faw great Fauftus lay the ghoft of Wit:
Exulting Folly hail'd the joyful day,
And pantomime and fong confirm'd her sway.
But who the coming changes can prefage,
And mark the future periods of the stage?
Perhaps if skill could diftant times explore,
New Behns, new Durfeys, yet remain in ftore.
Perhaps, where Lear has rav'd, and Hamlet dy'd,
On flying cars new forcerers may ride.


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