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HE intent of the following Volumes is to preferve to the Public thofe poctical performances, which feemed to merit a longer remembrance than what would probably be fecured to them by the MANNER wherein they were originally published. This defign was firft fuggefted to the Editor, as it was afterwards conducted, by the opinions of fome Gentlemen, whofe names it would do him the highest honour to mention. He defires in this place alfo to make his acknowledgments to the Authors of feveral pieces inserted in thefe Volumes, which were never before in print; and which, he is perfuaded, would be thought to add credit to the moft judicious collection of this kind in our lanVOL. I.



guage. He hath nothing farther to premife, but that the Reader muft not expect to be pleased with every particular poem which is here presented to him. It is impoffible to furnish out an entertainment of this nature, where every part fhall be relished by every gueft it will be fufficient, if nothing is fet before him, but what has been approved by thofe of the moft acknowledged taste,


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Fronde fuper MITRAM, et fælici comptus olivá.

Ontending kings, and fields of death, too long Have been the fubject of the British fong. Who hath not read of fam'd Ramilia's plain, Bavaria's fall, and Danube choak'd with flain?



Mr. Tickell was born in the year 1686, at Bridekirk in Cumberland, where his father, a clergyman, then lived. He became a member of Queen's College, Oxford, in April 1701. On the 22d of February,

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Exhaufted themes! A gentler note I raife,
And fing returning Peace in fofter lays.
Their ury quell'a, and martial rage allay'd,
I wait our heroes in the fylvan fhade.
Difbanding hofts are imag'd to my mind,

And warring pow'rs in friendly leagues combin'd;

1708, he took the degree of M. A. and two years afterwards was chofen Fellow of his College. During his refidence at the Univerfity, the Opera of Rosamond was performed, and on its appearance, Mr. Tickell addreffed a Poem to Mr. Addifon, the Author, which was fo well received, that it laid the foundation of an intimacy between the two friends, and proved of the greatest advantage to Mr. Tickell's future fortune. When Mr. Addifon went to Ireland as Secretary to Lord Sunderland, Mr. Tickell accompanied him, and was employed in public bufinefs. In 1717, he became Under Secretary of State, and about 1725, was appointed Secretary to the Lords Juftices of Ireland, a place of great honour, in the enjoyment whereof he continued until his death, which happened at Bath, on the 23d of April 1740.

This was Dr. John Robinson, then Bishop of Bristol, but afterwards of London. He was born near Richmond in Yorkshire, and refided fome years at Oriel College, Oxford, where he took the degree of M. A. March 5, 1683, and of D. D. by diploma, 7th of August 1710. He had lived many years in Sweden, first as Chaplain to the Ambaffador, and afterwards in the quality of Ambaffador himself. In both these stations he conducted himself with great credit and advantage. to the government. On his return home, he was preferred to a Prebend at Canterbury, then to the Deanry of Windfor, and afterwards to the Bishoprick of Bristol. In 1711, the cuftody of the Privy Seal was given to him, and he was nominated one of the Plenipotentiaries to negotiate the treaty of Utrecht. On the 13th March, 1713, he was tranflated to the See of London, and died 11th of April 1723.

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