Memoirs of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Količina 2

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Stran 31 - I have Old England set against me, and do you think I will have New England likewise?
Stran 9 - That no man shall, by any ways or means, in word or deed, affront or wrong any Indian but he shall incur the same penalty of the law as if he had committed it against his fellow planter...
Stran 10 - ... planters and the natives, shall also be ended by twelve men, that is by six planters and six natives, that so we may live friendly together as much as in us lieth, preventing all occasions of heart-burnings and mischief.
Stran 150 - And thou, Philadelphia, the virgin settlement of this province, named before thou wert born, what love, what care, what service, and what travail, has there been to bring thee forth and preserve thee from such as would abuse and defile thee...
Stran 151 - O that thou mayest be kept from the evil that would overwhelm thee; that, faithful to the God of thy mercies, in the life of righteousness thou mayest be preserved to the end ! My soul prays to God for thee, that thou mayest stand in the day of trial, that thy children may be blessed of the Lord, and thy people saved by his power.
Stran 9 - Lieutenant, or Deputy, or some inferior Magistrate near him, who shall, to the utmost of his power, take care with the king of the said Indian, that all reasonable satisfaction be made to the said injured planter.
Stran 106 - William Coleman, then a merchant's clerk, about my age, who had the coolest, clearest head, the best heart, and the exactest morals of almost any man I ever met with.
Stran 161 - Such was the effect of this pleasing discovery, that in a few days there were a number of grates put in operation. This brought the stone-coal into popular notice. I need not mention the many uses to which it may be applied, as you, who are in the coal concern, have the means of knowing its value. I find we have various qualities of coal, but our best specimens are said to be superior to any yet known, and we have it in sufficient quantity to supply the world.
Stran 9 - The third object may be seen in his petition for this grant ; for in this he stated, that he had in view the glory of God by the civilization of the poor Indians, and the conversion of the Gentiles by just and lenient measures to Christ's kingdom.
Stran 185 - Courts of Justice therein. There are in it some laws which may be accounted obsolete, others hurtfull, others imperfect, that will need improvement ; and it will be requisit to make some new ones. Wee cannot go too slowly to make them, nor too fast to execute them when made, and that with diligence and discretion.

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