The New International Encyclopæeia, Količina 4

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Daniel Coit Gilman, Harry Thurston Peck, Frank Moore Colby
Dodd, Mead, 1909

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Stran 96 - CAMPBELL : — THE NATURE OF THE ATONEMENT AND ITS RELATION TO REMISSION OF SINS AND ETERNAL LIFE. Fourth and Cheaper Edition, crown 8vo. 6s. "Among the first theological treatises of this generation.
Stran 338 - A CAUSE is an object precedent and contiguous to another, and so united with it, that the idea of the one determines the mind to form the idea of the other, and the impression of the one to form a more lively idea of the other.
Stran 378 - Bishops, Priests, and Deacons, are not -commanded by God's Law, either to vow the estate of single life, or to abstain from marriage : Therefore it is lawful for them, as for all other Christian men, to marry at their own discretion, as they shall judge the same to serve better to godliness.
Stran 139 - The post exchange will combine the features of reading and recreation rooms, a cooperative store, and a restaurant. Its primary purpose is to supply the troops at reasonable prices with the articles of ordinary use, wear, and consumption not supplied by the Government, and to afford them means of rational recreation and amusement.
Stran 280 - Vice-Président is president of the Senate, but has no vote except in case of a tie (Art. I., Sec. 3). State constitutions contain similar provisions relating to the Lieutenant-Governor. The Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives is chosen from .among its members, and in some cases has the right of a double vote. In State legislatures the usage varies, the Speaker of the Lower House being limited, not infrequently, to a single vote which must be given with the votes of the other members.
Stran 338 - We have no other notion of cause and effect, but that of certain objects, which have been always conjoin'd together, and which in all past instances have been found inseparable. We cannot penetrate into the reason of the conjunction.
Stran 71 - ... and the common council by wards. In the administrative departments the majority of officials are appointed by the mayor, subject to the confirmation of the board of aldermen...
Stran 111 - Loans' and ' Redemption ' include the deposits in and withdrawals from the Post Office and Government Savings Banks, the amount on deposit forming part of the floating or unfunded debt of the country. Under the head of ' Open Accounts' are included investments, trust funds, Province accounts, and expenditure on capital account on public works.
Stran 45 - Hence to read the calipers multiply the number of divisions visible on the scale of the barrel by 25, and add the number of divisions on the scale of the thimble from zero to the line coincident with the base-line of the graduations on the barrel.
Stran 356 - Sale, 94); but the result of the older authorities is, that there is by the law of England no warranty of title in the actual contract of sale, any more than there is of quality. The rule of caveat emptor applies to both; but if the vendor knew that he had no title, and concealed that fact, he was always held responsible to the purchaser as for a fraud, in the same way that he is if he knew of the defective quality.

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