Interstate Commerce Commission Reports: Reports and Decisions of the Interstate Commerce Commission of the United States, Količina 210

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Stran 378 - ... state separately all terminal charges, storage charges, icing charges, and all other charges which the commission may require, all privileges or facilities granted or allowed and any rules or regulations which in any wise change, affect, or determine any part or the aggregate of such aforesaid rates, fares, and charges, or the value of the service rendered to the passenger, shipper, or consignee.
Stran 336 - It must be remembered that railroads are the private property of their owners; that while from the public character of the work in which they are engaged the public has the power to prescribe rules for securing faithful and efficient service and equality between shippers and communities, yet in no proper sense is the public a general manager.
Stran 776 - All charges made for any service rendered or to be rendered in the transportation of passengers or property and for the transmission of messages by telegraph, telephone, or cable, as aforesaid, or in connection therewith, shall be just and reasonable; and every unjust and unreasonable charge for such service or any part thereof is prohibited and declared to be unlawful: Provided.
Stran 249 - The Commission shall, as soon as practicable, prescribe, for carriers subject to this Act, the classes of property for which depreciation charges may properly be included under operating expenses, and the percentages of depreciation which shall be charged with respect to each of such classes of property, classifying the carriers as it may deem proper for this purpose.
Stran 318 - Lumber is the product of the saw and planing mill not further manufactured than by sawing, resawing, and passing lengthwise through a standard planing machine, crosscut to length and matched.
Stran 217 - At stations where grain and hay must be inspected or graded, the consignee agreeing with the carrier in writing for file at the station, to accept the bulletining of the cars as due and adequate notice of arrival, the bulletins must be posted by 9:00 am of each day, showing the previous twenty-four (24) hours' receipts, and the free time (twenty-four hours) is to be calculated from the first 7:00 am thereafter.
Stran 536 - Act. (4) Whenever in any such investigation the Commission, after full hearing, finds that any such rate, fare, charge, classification, regulation, or practice causes any undue or unreasonable advantage, preference, or prejudice as between persons or localities in intrastate commerce on the one hand and interstate or foreign commerce...
Stran 271 - ... for that account equal to the sum of the amounts that would otherwise be chargeable for each of the various classes of property included in the account.
Stran 531 - ... as between persons or localities in intrastate commerce on the one hand and interstate commerce on the other hand...
Stran 146 - In establishing any such through route the Commission shall not (except as provided in section 3, and except where one of the carriers is a water line), require any carrier by railroad, without its consent, to embrace in such route substantially less than the entire length of its railroad...

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