The Annual Biography and Obituary for the Year ..., Količina 21

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Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1837

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Stran 337 - But in the East, from the oldest times, an immiscible character has been kept up; foreigners are not admitted into the general body and mass of the society of the nation; they continue strangers and sojourners as all their fathers were - Doris amara suam non intermiscuit undam...
Stran 248 - ... tender-hearted Doctor himself, with a lighted candle in his hand and a smile upon his countenance, which was still partially red, from the effects of my petulance. I sulked and sobbed, and he fondled and soothed, till I began VOL.
Stran 327 - When people understand that they must live together, except for a very few reasons known to the law, they learn to soften by mutual accommodation that yoke which they know they cannot shake off ; they become good husbands and good wives from the necessity of remaining husbands and wives, for necessity is a powerful master in teaching the duties which it imposes.
Stran 249 - Gibbon levelled walks through parks and gardens. Mauled as I had been by Johnson, Gibbon poured balm upon my bruises by condescending once or twice in the course of the evening to talk with me.
Stran 327 - For though in particular cases the repugnance of the law to dissolve the obligations of matrimonial co-habitation may operate with great severity upon individuals, yet it must be carefully remembered that the general happiness of the married life is secured by its indissolubility.
Stran 308 - Lectures were once useful ; but now, when all can read, and books are so numerous, lectures are unnecessary. If your attention fails, and you miss a part of the lecture, it is lost; you cannot go back as you do upon a book.
Stran 247 - ... his cheek. This infantile outrage was followed by summary justice, and I was locked up by my indignant father in an adjoining room, to undergo solitary imprisonment in the dark. Here I began to howl and scream most abominably, which was no bad step towards...
Stran 248 - Hey, presto, cockolorum!" cried the Doctor; and, lo! on uncovering the shillings, which had been dispersed, each beneath a separate hat, they were all found congregated under one. I was no politician at five years old, and therefore might not have wondered at the sudden revolution which brought England, France, and Spain all under one crown; but, as I was also no conjurer, it amazed me beyond measure.
Stran 161 - Nelson was once Britannia's god of war, And still should be so, but the tide is turn'd ; There's no more to be said of Trafalgar, 'Tis with our hero quietly inurn'd ; Because the army's grown more popular, At which the naval people are concern'd ; Besides, the prince is all for the land-service, Forgetting Duncan, Nelson, Howe, and Jervis.
Stran 349 - You forget," replied the artist, " that I have been thirty years learning to make that bust in ten days.

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