The Russo-Turkish war: including an account of the rise and decline of the Ottoman power, and the history of the Eastern question, Količina 1;Količina 289

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Stran 107 - An hour passed on — the Turk awoke; That bright dream was his last; He woke — to hear his sentries shriek, "To arms! they come! the Greek! the Greek!
Stran 108 - Strike — till the last armed foe expires; Strike — for your altars and your fires; Strike — for the green graves of your sires, God — and your native land!
Stran 99 - The principality of Servia shall continue to hold of the Sublime Porte, in conformity with the imperial hats which fix and determine its rights and immunities, placed henceforward under the collective guarantee of the contracting powers. In consequence the said principality shall preserve its independent and national administration, as well as full liberty of worship, of legislation, of commerce, and of navigation.
Stran 157 - They swept proudly past, glittering in the morning sun in all the pride and splendour of war. We could scarcely believe the evidence of our senses ! Surely that handful of men are not going to charge an army in position ? Alas ! it was but too true.
Stran 308 - WHEREAS we are happily at peace with all Sovereigns, Powers, and States: And whereas...
Stran 111 - The Boule must meet annually for not less than three, nor more than six months. No sitting is valid unless at least one-half of the members of the Assembly are present, and no bill can pass into law without an absolute majority of members. Every measure, before being adopted, must be discussed and voted, article by article, thrice, and on three separate days. But the Legislative Assembly has no power to alter the Constitution itself; particular provisions may be reviewed after the lapse of ten years,...
Stran 308 - ... numbers of our loyal subjects reside and carry on commerce, and possess property and establishments, and enjoy various rights and privileges within the dominions of each of the aforesaid Sovereigns...
Stran 58 - Minister — the head of the temporal Government, and the ' Sheik-ul-Islam,' the head of the Church. Both are appointed by the sovereign, the latter with the nominal concurrence of the
Stran 111 - It vests the whole legislative power in a single chamber of representatives, called the Boule, elected by manhood suffrage for the term of four years. The elections take place by ballot, and each candidate must be put in nomination by the requisition of at least one-thirtieth of the voters of an electoral district. The...
Stran 308 - ... with the advice of our privy council, to issue this our royal proclamation, hereby...

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